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See also: Appendix:Rules

This is an outline of the requirements for entering any of the cups. On the most basic level, your team will need:

  • A 23-player roster
  • A selection of 2 silver and 2 gold players
  • An Export of the above team
  • A team Logo
  • A team Icon
  • A readable, precise wiki page with all of the above

There are a number of other fine alterations which it is highly recommended you make.

The 4chan cup will not accept teams that

  • Are not a board on 4chan
  • Are considered 'boards' on 4chan but cannot be freely posted on (such as /vip/), or are not listed on the 4chan home page (such as /qa/ or /trash/)
  • Are less than six months old

Before You Start


If you also wish to "test" your team against others in your own time, you will also require:

Team wiki page

Your team's main wiki page is their central hub. This is useful for both yourself and other people who wish to find out more about your team. It should include the team summary template, a link to the team's roster page, and a link to a download of your team's latest export, along with any other files such as custom kits or faces. You may also wish to add details of your team's history, its records and if you wish, you may also include a mini-roster on your main page. Here is /out/'s, which is a nice example. Starters are green and in the left column, whilst the team's substitutes are in the right column.

No. Position Player
Knife Thread
Gransfors Bruks
Mora Batoning
Smokey The Bear Captain
Want Some Chips?
No. Position Player
Lord B-P
Everyday Carry
Patch Thread
River Shitting
Alpha Goose
Bug Out Bag
Alex Wolfslam
Cairn Kicker
Leave No Trace
Hammocks > Tents


Your team's roster should be on the wiki, and most importantly easy to read. Your roster should be on a separate page to your board's main page (with a name such as /trv/ Roster, for example) to keep it neat and tidy.

Your roster should take the form of two tables with multiple columns, the first table being for the team's default starting eleven, and the second for the team's substitutes. The most important columns are the player's Name and Number, then their Position, Height, Weight, Footedness, Shoes and Skillcards, as these all affect their abilities. Additionally, you may wish to have a short player biography, and a picture of the player. You may also set a player to be team Captain.

As mentioned above, the team must pick four "medal" players:

TWO GOLDS = 99 Overall Player
TWO SILVERS = 88 Overall Player

Goalkeepers cannot be gold or silver. These players do not necessarily need to be starters, though due to their superior skills and stamina, they most often are.

The best way to highlight these players in the roster is to either colour their name text in the appropriate colour, or to have the background of their entry shaded as such. For added clarity, you may also wish to list them at the top of the roster.

The starting lineup is to be arranged as such: Goalkeepers (GK), Defenders (SWP, CB, LB, RB), Midfielders (DMF, CMF, LMF, RMF, AMF), Forwards (LWF, RWF, SS, CF). You may also wish to arrange your substitutes table in this order.

If you do not arrange your lineup as such, your Defenders will be default CB, Midfielders default CMF, Forwards default CF. In addition, players may only have one selected position.


All players must only have one assigned position and be in their position's area. (see image)


Here is an example of a team's tactics done using the template:

Gd icon.png /gd/
Formation: '
Gd tactics 01.png
Tactics used.

   Player Support
   Support Range
   Position Switch
   Front Line Pressure
   Defensive Line
   Defensive Compactness
   Shifting to Attack
   Attack/Defence Level
|team= gd
|file= Gd_tactics_01.png
|tactics= Tactics used.
|player_support= 0
|support_range= 0
|position_switch= 0
|Front Line Pressure= 0
|pressing = 0
|defensive_line= 0
|Defensive Compactness=0
|Shifting to Attack= 0
|Attack/Defence Level= 0

As you can see, this allows you to type in the numbers and players you want, and should match the preset default in your PES Editor export. You may have up to four of these presets. The formation is shown as a screenshot from PES Editor; though if you wish you may screenshot the entire thing from PES or PES Editor, just keep it neat. Also bear in mind if you have arrows or have set players defensive/attacking mentality in PES Editor, these would not be displayed in a PES in-game screenshot


As mentioned above, each team requires an export, which includes each player and the team's tactics and formation. This should be put in a .zip or .rar folder, and linked on your team's page, preferably in a "Downloads" section along with any custom kits or faces; optionally can also be on the Exports page.


To really give your team some character, there are several ways of making your team unique.

/tg/'s Logo

The logo must be uploaded in the .png format under the name Board_logo.png
Example: tg_logo.png


/tv/'s Icon

The board must have a 50x50 pixel icon. It does not have to exactly the same as the logo, but a well-made effort would be appreciated. It must be a PNG file uploaded under the file name Board_icon.png
Using a border is not recommended anymore, almost no teams have one on their icon now.
Example: tv_icon.png


Custom kits really make a team stand out. These should be correctly configured for instant use in PES. Ideally, your team should have a Home Kit, and Away Kit, a Goalkeeper's Kit, and an Away Goalkeeper's kit. These should be uploaded in a .zip or .rar and a link included in your team's "Downloads" section.


You may also give players on your team custom faces. These should be uploaded in a .zip or .rar and a link included in your team's "Downloads" section. For a tutorial on how to create faces, see PES2016/Faces


Played at the start of each match, and at the end if your team is victorious. Not too long. Anything goes. Literally.


Played when your team scores. Again, anything goes. If you feel a player deserves their own goalhorn, make this clear, but exercise moderation; teams that do generally only have one or at most two players with a special goalhorn.

General Advice

If you are finding this all rather overwhelming, there is one thing you can do: ask someone. The /vg/ thread is full of knowledgeable types more than willing to lend a hand to help make a team great. Most people involved also use Skype or IRC as a more permanent form of communication.


An example of a good layout for your team's wiki page is the following:

  • An introduction and overview of the team
  • Roster section, with a mini-roster and a link to the team's roster page
  • Tactics section, where the teams preset tactics in the template, with a screenshot of the formation
  • A Match History section, some use the "match history" table for a brief summary and link to a more detailed seperate page
  • A Downloads section, where there are links to the team's PES Editor Export and any custom Kits or Faces

You may also wish to include a group picture of the team, trivia, kit history, or anything else that viewers may be interested in.

One big tip with the wiki code too, if you find yourself struggling: "borrow" anything you can. Whilst the author may be biased, good examples of team wiki pages are /trv/, /m/ and /sp/. Have a look at their "edit" pages to see how they get those nice result tables you like working, or whatever else catches your eye.