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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
This is still a work in progress.
Please be patient.

This page will for now serve as an all-in-one how-to for making aesthetics for PES18. This means both head models and FBMs despite the page name implying only faces. In the future everything will (hopefully) be a bit more organized but for now the priority is getting the info in one place.


First of all you'll need a bunch of tools.

  • PES18 mesh tools - Move to AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons and remember to enable in Blender's user preferences
  • PES18 Base Models - UPDATED 08:04, 5 June 2019 (UTC) - Base model pack for blender, used when exporting models
  • AET - Learn how to use the Aesthetics Compiler to get your models into PES


Now with templates.

Both should be simple enough to use. Edit the included texture file to have the image(s) you want on your head and you're done, the aesthetics compiler does the rest

Porting Heads

A quick rundown, using player 70201 as an example

  • PES18 models have strict tri limits, for heads this is around 17k. If you go over that your model will not show up in PES. You've been warned
  • Open two fresh blender windows
  • Import hair_high.fmdl into one, have your own head model in the other
  • Copy-paste your head model into the the other window and position and scale around the imported hair
  • Delete all possible vertex groups in your head model
  • Join your head model to the mesh_id 0 mesh of the hair you imported
  • Delete the imported bits of the mesh_id 0 mesh in edit mode, leaving only your own head model
  • Paint your head model fully to sk_head, or get fancy with the other 4 vertex groups. Remember to Normalize All
  • Select mesh_id 0 in the top right corner and go to the Textures tab
  • Go through all the individual textures and change the player ID in their path to what your model should have, /Assets/pes16/model/character/face/real/70201/sourceimages/ for example
  • If you need to separate UV islands keep in mind that using edge split might inflate your tri count over the highest limit, making your model invisible in PES
  • Go back to the Scene tab, change your export path so the original FMDL won't get overwritten when exporting and finally export your model
  • All done. You can test your model using the AET Compiler linked at the top of this page

Common Problems

The model I made is invisible:

  • There's two usual causes. Either your model has too many triangles (>17k for heads, >4.6k for FBMs) or your model doesn't have an FPKD file included with the FPK file you made. For the triangle limit the only solution is simplifying the model so it fits under the limits. For the FPKD problem, using the AET Compiler linked at the top of this page will resolve it since it gives every head FPK a generic FPKD to go with.