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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Similarly to Faces this page will for now be just a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to make billboards work and making it prettier is a low priority. Good luck


Things you'll most likely want to have

  • FtexTool OR textools - Needed for converting the billboard textures
  • GzsTool - Needed for packing/unpacking FPK and FPKD
  • FoxTool - Needed for decompiling/compiling Fox2 files
  • A functional hex editor (HxD is the cup standard) OR MTLTools - Needed for editing the texture paths in the FMDLs

Making Billboard Sets

  • First of all extract all of dt30 and then Asset/model/bg/common.cpk and common_ext.cpk
  • Go to common.cpk\common\bg\model\bg\bill\config and add your own conditions into config.xml as usual. The rest of this guide will use pattern a
  • The folders next to config are actually useless so you can skip making ones for your new conditions/patterns
  • Copy an existing billboard set from common.cpk\Asset\model\bg\common\bill or common_ext.cpk\Asset\model\bg\common\bill. I'll be using "uel" here
  • Extract both FKP and FPKD using GzsTool
  • From the extracted uel.fpkd, find uel.fox2 and decompile it using FoxTool
  • In the resulting XML change all filepaths that mention uel to have your pattern name instead, for example a
  • Re-compile the XML with FoxTool and copy the resulting uel.fox2 back to your extracted FPKD
  • Rename uel.fox2 to be a.fox2, the folder it's in to be a and the extracted FPKD to be a_fpkd
  • Also rename the extracted FPK to be a_fpk
  • Go to a_fpk\Assets\pes16\model\bg\common\bill\uel\scenes and either hex edit or MTLTool every FMDL's texture path so it has a instead of uel
    • For MTLTool first run mtl.exe, then change the relevant filepath in entries.txt and finally run build.exe
  • Change the uel in a_fpk\Assets\pes16\model\bg\common\bill\uel\scenes to be a
  • Rename uel.fpk.xml to a.fpk.xml and uel.fpkd.xml to a.fpkd.xml
  • Open a.fpk.xml and change Name to a.fpk and all the filepaths to have a instead of uel. The actual model names can stay as uel
  • Open a.fpkd.xml and change Name to a.fpkd, the single filepath to have a instead of uel and the name of the fox2 to a.fox2
  • Rebuild both FPK and FPKD using GzsTool
  • Move the rebuilt files to common_ext.cpk\Asset\model\bg\common\bill\a\#Win\
  • Edit the textures from the uel pattern to what you'd like to have. Don't add or remove any
  • Move the edited textures to common_ext.cpk\Asset\model\bg\common\bill\a\sourceimages\#windx11\
  • Rebuild common_ext.cpk since that's the one we modified
  • Move the fresh CPK to Asset\model\bg\ in a separate build setup and build your final CPK from that
  • Test it out in PES and ideally it won't crash