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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

This page contains a hasty guide to the even more hasty FPC setup for PES18

Enabling FPC

Just like PES16 before it, PES18 needs a little bit of convincing to make hiding players completely possible. These two CPK files will enable the system.

  • dt00_x64.cpk - Goes to the Data folder, overwrite the existing one. This is an exact copy of the original except with some uniform models altered to allow for hiding players
  • 4cc_04_fpc.cpk - Goes to the download folder like all the other DLC, this has the rest of the modified uniform pieces that can overwrite the PES originals as DLC instead. Remember to add to your DpFileList.

Settings to always use

PES18's FPC setup is much more restricted than PES17's when it comes to restoring hidden uniform pieces meaning some sacrifices and creative solutions were necessary. You should always have these settings on for your kit configs/players to avoid duplicate kit pieces. Eventually all other options will be made invisible but if you're going to be testing your setup right now this is a must.

  • Collar 105: Setting untucked shirt also restores the collar with the help of the tight shirt model which had all the bones except one which was added after tampering with the model's bone list in order to have the collar show properly. Because of this the collar needs to be always hidden so the one bundled with the untucked shirt won't clip into the default one
  • Pants 16: Similar to the collar/shirt combo, setting untucked shirt also restores a combined pants model because nothing else has the bones the pants need and with the default pants visible there will be clipping

Hiding your players

Use the following combination of kit config settings and player appearance settings to completely hide players

Kit configs:

  • Shirt 176
  • Collar 105
  • Winter collar 105
  • Pants 16

Player appearance:

  • Long sleeves
  • Tucked shirt
  • Short socks
  • Player gloves (hides the hands when a match is played in Winter)
  • Whatever boots your FBM is in, otherwise just a boots ID that doesn't exist
  • A GK gloves ID that doesn't exist

Hiding player hands when playing in summer matches:

  • Create a dds file named with a resolution of 4x4 pixels with opacity set to 0
  • Save it with DXT5 mipmaps
  • Place the file in your face folder

Game Render Settings:

  • Cloth Simulation OFF

Un-hiding your players

Player appearance:

  • Short sleeves
  • Untucked shirt
  • Standard/Long socks
  • No player gloves
  • Boots 0
  • GK gloves 0

Unhiding player hands when playing in summer matches:

  • Remove your transparent or arm_bsm.ftex

Current problems

None surprisingly but that's sure to change with time since everything is only slightly tested with familiar combinations. If you find any problems make some noise anywhere and it'll hopefully get fixed.