Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

This PES version is not currently used by the 4cc.

This is the main page for everything related to PES18. On this page the links to several saves and aesthetic downloads can be found below as well as some general tips and reminders.

How to install PES18 correctly: Installation guide

Saves and Aesthetics

Please use the latest save as a base for making nightly exports to reduce your chance of accidentally rigging yourself.

2020 4chan Winter Cup

2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

2019 4chan Summer Cup

  • Fixed aesthetic exports:

2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup

  • Fixed aesthetic exports:

2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers

Micro Pack

This is a lightweight alpha version of the DLC with only the stuff needed to make PES run with the 4cc save.

Useful tools

4ccEditor - An editor for PES18, 17, and 16 EDIT files with several convenient features, including editing aesthetics settings, the ability to port teams between versions, and integrated AATF checks.

Alpha Editor for PES 2018

Minimum Hardware Requirements

In order to be able to run at all, PES18 requires a DirectX 11.0 compliant graphics card, one of the following:

Desktop Graphics

- AMD's Radeon HD 5*** series or newer.
- nVidia's GeForce GT/GTS/GTX 4** series or newer except for the GT 405.

Integrated Graphics

- AMD's series of integrated graphics starting with the HD6***, HD6***D, HD6***G series.
- Intel's series of integrated graphics starting with Intel's i3, i5, and i7-3*** series of processors, plus a fuckload of Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors which I won't bother listing here.

Laptop Dedicated Graphics

- AMD's Mobility Radeon HD 5*** series and Radeon HD6***M series or newer except for the 530v, 545v, 550v, 560v, 565v, 5145 and 5165.
- nVidia's GeForce 4**M series or newer.

How to Find Out Yourself

If you're still unsure, Windows offers a way to check yourself:
- Open the "Run..." window from the start menu or by pushing Windows + R at the same time.
- type "dxdiag" on the textbox, then run it.
- Check the tab to the right of System - Windows will list your API feature level on the right, like so:

Dxdiag showing dx11 compat.png

- If, like the screenshot, it lists 11.1 and\or 11.0, you will be able to run PES18. Congrats, you are still not free.