Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, usually shortened to PES15, was the game used by the 4chan Cup starting with the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup. It is no longer in use by the 4chan Cup.

PES15 remained in service for only three seasons. The final official Cup using PES15 was the 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup, after which the 4chan Cup progressed on to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.

Saves, Aesthetics and Stuff


2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup (this is the current one)



Spring + Summer Aesthetics:

2015 4chan Summer Cup


2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup

Post-cup Aesthetics:

Things you must NOT do when working with the official 4cc edit.bin

Still doing one of the things below can result in your team's export not being accepted because it might break other teams too.

Create custom players

When working with the official 4cc edit.bin your team already has 23 players, there is no need to make any new players via the 'Create Player' function.

Remove players

If you still accidentally delete a player, quit the game without saving the edit.bin and start over.

Transfer players from/to other teams

When working with official 4cc edit.bin you need to work with the 23 players your team has, transferring players is not allowed. If you still want a certain player of an other team please ask someone to get the player's face from the PES15 files and have him set it up for your player(s).

Base copy players from other teams

Base copying is allowed, but when the face of the player you base copied is changed (only in the cases when the original face is a real face aka a blender), your player's face will change too. So watch out when base copying players from other teams. For example, if you base copy Ronaldo and his original face is changed to a pony model, all your players with Ronaldo's face will also become a pony.