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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, or PES14, was the game used by the 4chan Cup starting with the 2014 4chan Winter Cup, having replaced Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. It is no longer in use by the 4chan Cup.

PES14 remained in use for five seasons, longer than every version besides PES 2017. Its last official tournament was the 2015 Winter Cup, after which it was supplanted by Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 in time for the 2015 Spring Babbies.

Saves, Aesthetics and Stuff

Winter 2015

Game: See Autumn 2014.
Aesthetics:!SRdzmbrD!NFIb8Mn_iiDmc9UCjP5BgdY0TY1h1mtGnxUDuMDHqG0 ; put this all in C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download, rename the pes14_win_dat folder in your 4cc folder to anything else and make sure your 4cc.ini looks something like . If you want to use 4ccx.exe, copy 4cc.ini and rename it to 4ccx.ini .

Autumn 2014


Summer 2014


Summer 2014 Friendlies


Spring 2014


Winter 2014

Global Aesthetics:

Exporting and importing teams

For this you need to use the official/real pes2014.exe with the mini-image. Go to the edit menu and select export function, pick the team you want to export and a saveslot for it. After this your export will be saved in \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\save.

To import a team, dump the team export file in \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\save, go to the edit menu in PES14 and select import. Now make sure to overwrite the team it is supposed to overwrite, so a /mlp/-export.bin will overwrite /mlp/ in game and not /a/ for example, and you're done.

Importing From PES 2013

Luckily, for people who can't run PES, Based Goldora has provided us with an import feature for his Pro-Evo Editing Studio, which allows you to import players from PES 2013, >FEEFUR, and even any PES since PES 2008. This will provide you with all the stats and cards (wherever possible), names, heights and, most importantly, Fame Multipliers from your PES 2013 team. Of course, due to changes in cards and stats, some things will have to be doublechecked and done by hand.

  • Open PES
  • Open the OF, this is the EDIT.bin.
  • It will then give you the option to open OF2, do this and select PES 2013 (or 2012 and 2011 if you want).
  • Go to the PES 2013 Icon, which should now be clickable.
  • Now use the search-box to search for your player. I recommend starting with your keeper and going down the team list like that, because PEES is a bit "odd" at times.
  • When you have found the player, click the little red toolbox and select "Copy PES2013 player".
  • When you have done this, click on the Barcelona Badge to take you to teams and find your team.
  • Go to formation and double click the player you wish to overwrite.
  • Click the little red toolbox again and select "Paste from PES2013 OF2".
  • Make sure the player conforms to cup regulations and has the cards you want him to have.
  • Now click the little accept button. I cannot stress how important this is and how much time I lost by not doing this. This will save everything about the player, including their name.
  • Repeat until you have your whole team imported.

Save after every other player you import, PEES can be a little unstable at times.