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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
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Faces in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 require to be converted to .dds file. A .dds plug-in is availble here.

A face template

Tottori Generic Head

If you are looking to make a face without changing the nose/mouth models, (you probably are) see Tottori Generic Head for more info.

Applying faces

This guide will not remove the player's nose and might cause some issues

  • Find the player ID of the player you want to edit in pes-evo.
  • Save a .dds file with the face you created
  • Go to ...KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\4cc\GDB\face\ and create a folder with your player's team's name (a, b, d, cgl, ect.)
  • In that folder, make a folder and name it the player's name
  • Put the .dds file in that folder.
  • Go to ...KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\4cc\GDB\face\map.txt and add the line player=playerID,"filelocation" replacing playerID with the player's ID and filelocation with the folder you made
    • For example, if I was trying to make a face for cgl's Dramu player, I would put the face in ...KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\4cc\GDB\face\cgl\dramu
  • Run the game (note, you can also edit all the other .dds files such as skin (for tattos/skin color) and hair.