The logo competition for the 2021 4chan Winter Cup is now taking submissions.
The deadline is January 15th, 23:59 UTC. Logos will be placed in this gallery like has been done previously to facilitate discussion. This will be followed by a week long polling period to determine which logo will be used. Please make sure you submit both a qualifier version and a normal version. Please send all submissions to Potatotron. You must supply a high-res PNG file and the original multi-layer source file.
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This page houses a repository of billboards for the /vg/ League. For information on billboard mechanics consult Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/Billboards.

If you want a billboard to be used in an upcoming VGL, upload it to the wiki and drop it into this gallery.

Rules of thumb

  • If you can't read an billboard in the preview images below, it will be hard to read in the game as well.
  • Billboards should 'feel' like actual ads or at least common stadium fillers. Don't just copy&paste memes.
  • Billboards that fail to meet any of these criteria might get removed at any point.
  • If you update an adboard, add a note below so people watching this page get notified!

Updated adboards































No longer in use / To be removed

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