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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/Billboards

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2016 4chanlogo.png
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
This page details billboard mechanics in PES 2016. To view billboards see Billboards/Gallery.


This page will try to explain the most important details regarding PES16 billboard mechanics. The first section will explain the build-up of an billboard folder and the different Bill Bodies. The second section will explain how the general config file is built up. The third section will explain the 90system billboards and other leftovers. All the billboard stuff can be found in (dt30.cpk)\common\bg\model\bg\bill. Below tools several templates for billboard sets can be downloaded.

Billboard folder

A normal billboard folder will be in \common\bg\model\bg\bill and have its own name. So an example /4ccc/ billboard set will be in \common\bg\model\bg\bill\4ccc. This folder will contain several files and folders. These will be explained below under their own heading.


This file will contain all the textures in the texture folder that will appear on the billboards. Open this file and add lines for all the textures in the texture folder. The standard pes bill_texlist.xml looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <texture type="bill" path="model/bg/bill/pes/texture/" />
  <texture type="bill" path="model/bg/bill/pes/texture/" />
  <texture type="bill" path="model/bg/bill/pes/texture/" />
  <texture type="bill" path="model/bg/bill/pes/texture/" />

xx_df.xml, xx_dr.xml, xx_nf.xml, xx_nr.xml

These files contains the several settings regarding paths to certain files. The xx in the names refer to the name of the billboard folder, so in the case of 4ccc these files will be named 4ccc_df.xml, 4ccc_dr.xml, 4ccc_nf.xml and 4ccc_nr.xml.

The standard pes pes_nf.xml looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<bill path="model/bg/bill/billBody/bill_type_05/bill_nf.xml" />
	<systemad path="model/bg/bill/90systemAd/pes/systemAd_nf.xml" />
	<texlist path="model/bg/bill/pes/bill_texlist.xml"/>
	<animedata path="model/bg/bill/pes/bill_anime.json"/>

bill path

This refers to what billboard models the set will use. Different types have different amount of billboards for each side and some are meant for digital (LED) billboards, some for video (movie) billboards and others for normal plate (scroll) billboards. Some billboard types are only meant for specific stadiums. Change the number to BillBody type you want to use. The game uses the following types of billboards:

# Type Amount of back bills Amount of front bills Amount of left bills Amount of right bills Notes
01 Movie 20 8 12 12 -
02 LED 20 8 12 12 -
03 Scroll 20 8 12 12 Used for La Liga 2
05 LED 24 - 12 12 Used for Old Trafford
06 Scroll 24 - 12 12 -
07 Movie 44 - 22 22 -
08 LED 44 - 22 22 Used for Giuseppe Meazza
10 Movie 24 - 12 12 Used for Konami Stadium
11 LED 24 12 12 12 Used for Juventus Stadium
13 Movie 20 - 14 14 -
14 LED 20 - 14 14 Used for Saitama Stadium 2002
16 Movie 20 - 12 12 -
17 LED 20 - 12 12 -
19 Movie 18 - 12 12 -
20 LED 18 - 12 12 -
23 LED 22 - 14 14 -
25 Scroll 30 11 19 20 Used for Estadio do Morumbi
26 Scroll 29 - 21 21 Used for Estadio Urbano Caldeira
28 LED 24 - 14 14 Used for the CL and Super Cup
30 Scroll 26 - 14 15 Used for the EL
31 Scroll 18 - 10 10 Used for the South American cups
34 Scroll 20 - 11 11 Used for the ACL
38 Scroll 18 8 12 12 Used for the French NT

systemad path

Location of the 90systemAd bills, the ones on the ground next to the goals. This will be discussed under Other. If you do not have nor want these things, delete this line.

texlist path

Location of the bill_texlist.xml.

animedata path

Location of the bill_anime.json.xml.


This files contains all the data to determine what billboards will appear, where they will appear, how long they will appear and in what order they will appear. Use the bill_anime.json in the template under Tools for 4cc billboards.

Example of a typical bill_anime.json file, in this case for a LED rotating billboard set.

This is an example from a rotating set:

{"animeList" : [0], "texList" : ["left_00", "2left_00", "3left_00"], "idleTime" : 15.0000 }, // 0


["left_00", "2left_00", "3left_00"]: This is where you list your billboard files. In this case,, and are being called on. They will rotate in this sequence. Naturally a static billboard set would only call on a single file.

"idleTime" : 15.0000: The number indicates the length of time (in seconds) the game will wait before rotating to the next billboard in sequence.

0: This number indicates where the billboard slot is in the ground. Starting with 0, slots begin on the left of a given side of the pitch (left, right, back or front).

The billboards below "dir" : 0, are the billboards at the front, "dir" : 1, the back, "dir" : 2, the left and "dir" : 3, the right.

If you want individual static billboards in rotating sets, set "idleTime" in bill_anime.json to a very large number like 9999999999999.

texture (folder)

This folder will contain all billboards as .dds-textures. These are the same ones as listed in the bill_texlist.xml and bill_anime.json files. While the textures can be almost any size, PES will resize them correctly itself anyway, it is advised to use 512*64 DDS DXT1 No Alpha textures.

Config file

To have the game use your billboard set you will have to put it in the config.xml along with several parameters so the game knows when to use it. This file can be found in (dt30.cpk)\common\bg\model\bg\bill\config.

<condition stid="-1" compeid="-1" hometeamid="1" teamexclusion="0" language="-1" region="-1" title="-1" pattern="folder_name" />


stid: Determines which stadium will use the set.
compeid: Determines which competition will use the set.
hometeamid: Determines which team will use the set if they play at home.
teamexclusion: Unknown, leave set to 0 for team-specific sets, -1 otherwise.
language: Determines which language version of the game the set will be used in.
region: Likely applies to a regional version of the game for localisation purposes. Leave it set to -1 to disable the parameter.
title: Determines whether the set is used in the PES (0) or Winning Eleven (1) version of the game. -1 disables the parameter.
pattern: The name of the set.


<condition stid="-1" compeid="-1" hometeamid="782" teamexclusion="0" language="-1" region="-1" title="-1" pattern="4ccc" />

Team with ID 782 will use the set named "4ccc" at home matches.

<condition stid="-1" compeid="2" hometeamid="-1" teamexclusion="-1" language="-1" region="-1" title="-1" pattern="general1" />

Set named "general1" will be used in competition with ID "2".

<condition stid="-1" compeid="-1" hometeamid="-1" teamexclusion="-1" language="-1" region="-1" title="0" pattern="general1" />

Set named "general1" is global and will be used everywhere in PES (unless a stadium, team or competition-specific set takes precedence).


The higher the line an entry is in the config.xml, the higher the priority.



These are billboards on the ground next to the goals. First of all make sure the line regarding 90systemAd is in the xx_df.xml, xx_dr.xml, xx_nf.xml or xx_nr.xml. If you're using the 4cc template don't forget to change the texture names in the systemAd.mtl file.

hit_billboard.hkx (important)

All billboards have a skeleton animation file. These go in \common\render\model\bg\hit\bill\<billboard set name>\hit_billboard.hkx.

Notes and help

  • The 4chan cup general sets use the UCL set.
  • Although there are different billboard sizes possible, 512*64 will be used for the general sets.
  • When using the template, don't forget to rename every instance of 4cc_template to your billboard set's name.