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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

This page will contain the most common questions/problems and their answers/solutions regarding almost everything Pro Evolution Soccer 2016-related. It will be filled as soon as the most common questions are gathered.

PES16 only has 1 preset.

You will have to enable multiple presets by switching Switch Preset Tactics to ON below Support Settings.

What are my player IDs?

The beta DLC gives all teams players with their IDs in a specific range. All players have a five digit ID. The first three digits xxxxx of the player ID is dependant on the team ID. So if you are 4ccc icon.png /4ccc/ for example, all your player IDs will be in the 781xx range. The last two digits xxxxx depend on the slot of the player. If you go to the Player menu in Edit in PES16, the first player at the top of the list will be xxx01, the second xxx02, etc.. So for example the player at the bottom of the list of 4ccc icon.png /4ccc/ will be 78123.

I can't give my players long names

This can be done by editing the Edit file directly. See Tools#Edit file.

I can't change the name and abbreviation of my team

This can be done by editing the Edit file directly. See Tools#Edit file.

Edit hairs make standard skin colors show up on the head

Use this to fix it.

LODs do not show up for some players

Because PES16 no longer uses separate LOD models when the game quality is set to High, some custom face models might lack LOD models to save space and work making them.

My image editing program fails to open DDS files from PES

A lot of DDS files from PES are compressed with zlib. So before these files can be edited, you will need to download one of the zlib/unzlib tools on that page. Then you can unzlib the file and if done correctly, your image editing program should now be able to open it. When you save the DDS file afterwards there is no need to recompress the file again with zlib. PES will accept both zlibbed and unzlibbed files.