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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/Installation

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2016 4chanlogo.png
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016


Step 1. Downloading the base game

base game 1.04 patch
Download the base game from the first magnet link above. If the torrents are not working or dead, please let it know.

Step 2. Installing the game

After downloading the torrent just install the game from the .iso, there is no need to install the crack on the image.

Step 3. Downloading and installing the 1.04 update and crack

Copy everything from the archive to your PES16 folder and overwrite everything.

Step 4. Downloading and installing the DLC

All downloaded DLC go into the download folder in the main PES16 folder. If you don't have a download folder in your main PES16 folder, create one. Look for the newest and official DLC on the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 main page. Just copy and overwrite everything.

Step 5. Downloading and installing the save

Downloaded save files (EDIT00000000) go into My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save. If you don't have a save folder just run PES16 once and it should automatically generate it. Look for the newest and official save on the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 main page. COACH and TEXPORT files also go to and come from this folder.

Step 6. Settings and running the game

You might want to run Settings.exe in the main PES16 folder and set up several things to your own liking first. If you want to skip the ESTABLISHING COMMUNICATIONS before the main menu when you start PES16, go to the Online tab, uncheck Automatic and set the port to 0. After that run PES2016.exe and make sure the game says Version 1.04 and Data Pack 4CC.

Downgrading legal copies

Copy your main legal PES16 folder and paste it somewhere on your computer where you want to have your 4cc PES16 installation. Then only download the Crack folder in the second torrent (line 3.) from the pastebin of step 1, extract all contents to your new PES16 folder and overwrite everything. Then start following the instructions above from step 4.


If you need help installing, contact DescendingBear. Or you can always join the official 4chan cup IRC and ask for help there.

Help, the crack keeps getting deleted.

Stop using Windows Security Essentials or any other terrible antivirus and get a decent one. And yes, Windows Defender will keep deleting your files without informing you even if you've disabled it. No, they are not viruses. You can set up an exception: XP/Vista/7, 8/8.1/perhaps 10.