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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

PES16 (and before) has a file, Country.bin, that allows one to add some custom nationalities. The space for new entries is limited however, so it is not possible to add a new nationality for every single player in the cup (the max limit is 512). This means that before a new entry can be added, the new possible addition has to meet several criteria (new criteria might still be added in the future). So please wait before your nationality is accepted before adding it yourself and changing all your players to it to prevent future issues. You can request new nationalities using the Discussion page and you'll be given the decimal ID that you can enter in RigIt as well as the entry for the country.bin.

A single entry in Country.bin is 1348 bytes long. The first 6 bytes have their own specific meaning, everything beyond from the 8th byte is just the name of the country in different languages, except for block 2C4-2C6, that is the abbreviation of the country and also used for the flag filename.

  • The first 10 bits are not known/important.
  • The next 9 bits is the country ID bitshifted in the second and third bytes. 4567 89xx xxxx x123 is how the country ID is stored (if you have an ID that is 123456789 if it were not really binary). The 7 x bits are unknown/unimportant.
  • The next 8 bits are also not known/important.
  • The fifth and sixth bytes determine the continent of the country. The exact bytes can be taken from other countries of the same continent.

Do keep in mind that this is still PES and not everything might always work as you expect it.

Custom Nationalities

Decimal ID Country.bin entry (first 6 bytes) Country Abbreviation
400 00 40 06 00 03 05 Offside OFF
401 00 44 06 00 03 05 Equestria EQU
402 00 48 06 00 03 05 Gensokyo GEN