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Ft soc.png
Soc icon.png
Ranking: 27th

Manager: Sexcopter !!DmLjci16Djv
Key Players: Feet, Vocaroo, Haunter, Crush
Recent Form: L W L W X
Next Match: vs /mlp/ (Trip Cup)

/soc/ endured a difficult birth. After struggling to drop the stigma of being a breakaway board from the larger /b/, even the legitimacy of boards existence was in question. While one of the Original Sixteen competitors in the 4chan Cup, the board was for some time one of the weakest sides. Miserable 2011 Summer and 2012 Spring campaigns did nothing to raise appeal, but they have been dragged to success under manager Sexcopter !!DmLjci16Djv's guidance. The recent Autumn Babby Cup campaign was by far their most successful yet with vital goals from gold striker Feet. /soc/ are fast earning a reputation for being part of high-scoring games after eight and ten-goal thrillers against /gif/ and /vg/. If /soc/ can plug the gaps at the back then expect a formidable dark horse in the Winter Cup.
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Ft vg.png
Vg icon.png
Ranking: 27th

Manager: CancerousAnonymous !!aW26533QJ29
Key Players: New Thread, DesWOW, Emi, Gootecks
Recent Form: L L W W W
Next Match: vs /vp/ (Winter Cup Friendlies)

A relative newcomer to the 4chan Cup scene, /vg/ is an offshoot of older brother /v/ and the home of dead hours general and gaming discussion. Featuring a diverse array of talent (does your team have a double amputee playing center midfield?) /vg/ spent their early days under the guidance of Trofflesby !!fPFxZBomxK6 who led the team to wins against /b/ and /tg/. The incumbent CancerousAnonymous !!aW26533QJ29 took charge in late June and continued /vg/'s promising form with another two wins against /h/ and /s/, sending the team into the Autumn Babby Cup with four wins out of six matches. /vg/ had to prove their worth in the Babby Cup and stake their claim for a shot at the big time. The gold/silver duo of DesWOW and New Thread were integral to their advancement, scoring all but one of their fourteen goals in the tournament. Fourth place was more than enough to see them on their way to the Winter Cup, with an eyebrow-raising 6-4 quarter final victory against /soc/ being the highlight of their campaign. Victory in the unofficial Trip Cup cemented their credentials as an able team with much to look forward to come February.
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Ft tv.jpg
Tv icon.png
Ranking: 5th

Manager: Director nclpOLpceA
Key Players: Real Human Being, Pool Lil' White Guy, Crab Legs, Problem Child 2
Recent Form: L W L W W
Next Match: vs /trv/ (2013 4chan Winter Cup)

As one of the Original Sixteen, /tv/ are a member of the old guard of the 4chan Cup. The team took some time in getting into gear with a pair of unceremonious exits from the inaugural Summer and Winter Cups. /tv/ languished in 24th place in the rankings prior to last year's Summer Cup, though he outcome of their campaign was perhaps unfair as they managed a memorable win against /ck/ but were still relegated to Babby Cup level with three points. Long-serving manager Director nclpOLpceA was able to turn things around with a formidable nine-match unbeaten run from July to the Autumn Babby Cup quarter finals, finishing in third place overall. The partnership of Poor Lil' White Guy and Real Human Being became one of the most renowned strike partnerships across the boards, with the duo regularly scoring as a pair and putting defences to shame. With their great run of form, /tv/ secured a Pot 1 berth for the 2013 Winter Cup by a comfortable margin and will have to prove their worth against /wg/, /trv/ and /y/ in the group stage.

January (2)

Ft m.jpg
M icon.png
Ranking: 2nd

Manager: GoldTiger !!IdTmTK73Akq
Key Players: Gundam RX-78-2, Alteisen, Kamen Rider, Getter Robo
Recent Form: L X W W L
Next Match: vs /mlp/ (2013 4chan Winter Cup)

While late to the party, /m/ wasted no time in taking the 4chan Cup by storm and becoming one of its most reckoned teams. Mecha is a name now synonymous with goals - and lots of them. They are one of the highest-scoring sides, made all the more impressive by a late start. Only rivals /sp/ are ahead on goals scored in official tournaments. The quadrumvirate of attacking medal players sum up /m/'s style. The objective is to get the ball to gold striker Gundam, but this team is a special case. In Alteisen they have one of the Cup's greatest silver players and he isn't goal-shy, scoring seven goals on the run to winning the 2012 Spring Babby Cup. It was all looking rosy for the fledgling side, but a certain unmanaged board dashed hopes of a consecutive cup in the Summer. A thrashing of /toy/ to take third place again cemented credentials, but credentials couldn't set up the date with destiny versus /sp/ in the final. Based on past form one would have to say /m/ are favourites to advance to the knockout stage of the Winter Cup, but /a/ have already humbled them once before and the group's other two sides are very much unknown quantities. It's up to manager GoldTiger !!IdTmTK73Akq to navigate Group Hell and set a course for success once again.


Ft po.jpg
Po icon.png
Ranking: 41st

Manager: Crafty/po/ster !!LbVTjNXXan6
Key Players: Paper Plane, X-Acto, Tacky Glue, Chapsy
Recent Form: W X L W L
Next Match: vs TBC (2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies)

With no significant prior experience in any event, /po/ were an unwitting beneficiary of /adv/'s disqualification in the 2012 Spring Babby Cup. A play-off versus /an/ would decide which would advance to compete in the tournament proper to make up the numbers. Unfortunately for /po/, they were the recipients of a true baptism of fire, conceding the then-fastest goal in 4chan Cup history - a gift sent direct from the boot of Spacebat. They lost the two-legged match 6-3 on aggregate and played no further part in the competition. Their first taste of friendly action was barely any more enjoyable an experience as they were hammered 4-0 by /diy/. Autumn saw much-improved performances from the side and was also the staging ground for their first ever victory in an official match. Sadly the match has come to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Star players for /po/ include the razor sharp X-Acto and the gracefully gliding Paper Plane, their top scorer to date. /po/ is one of the slowest boards on 4chan, and support is on the thin side, when present at all. The worthiness of the team as an official competitor has even been brought into question. Nonetheless, this is a team with has a respectable record, new management, and visions of breaking the glass Babby ceiling come Spring.


Ft ic.jpg
Ic icon.png
Ranking: 40th

Manager: Dan
Key Players: Main Dude, Loomis, Your Art Is Shit, Baseball
Recent Form: W W L W L
Next Match: vs /co/ (April 12, 2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies)

/ic/ were founded in the early Spring of 2012, too late to compete at the inaugural Babby Cup. As such they would not compete at a tournament until the Autumn. On the plus side this meant plenty of practice, and /ic/ developed a respectable record in friendlies in that time. They defeated the likes of /f/, /diy/, /vp/ and /hr/ while pushing /a/ and Summer Cup finalists /int/ very close. It was in this time that /ic/ formed a reputation for always winning by a single goal; whether in friendlies or tests, the same scorelines kept manifesting themselves. Unfortunately Autumn was by no means a close-run affair, and the side suffered 4-0 and 6-0 hammerings at the hands of /v/ and /g/ respectively. The latter of the two was put down to /ic/'s defensive line being severely hampered by poor conditioning. They would not go winless however, managing to beat eventual promotees /h/ by nothing other than the familiar single goal margin. Gold player Main Dude is the side's top scorer, netting seven in seven in friendly matches. Other medal players include the talismanic Loomis, Baseball, and outspoken midfielder Your Art Is Shit. The 2013 Spring Babby Cup is /ic/'s next major competition, but not before their preparation friendlies versus /co/ and /tg/, both of which should provide a stern test.


Ft ck.jpg
Ck icon.png
Ranking: 17th

Manager: Tunamerchant !!+U8b1gCk0rk
Key Players: Nachos, Pink Himalayan Salt, Iron Chef, Perfect Coffee
Recent Form: L L L W W
Next Match: v TBD (2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup)

One of the cup's Original Sixteen, /ck/'s long history is one of steady decline. They stormed out of the blocks in the 2011 Summer Cup and made it as far as the finals, only to come second to winners /a/. They fared well once again in the 2012 Winter Cup but were knocked out of the losers bracket final by /sp/. Nachos quickly laid claim to being one of the 4chan Cup's star players, scoring the many of his team's goals in those early days. Following an uninspiring couple of friendly seasons, /ck/'s next tournament outing was much less successful. The side failed to advance beyond the group stage and narrowly escaped relegation to the Babby Cup. One positive to draw from the Summer season was the establishment of Masaokis and Pink Himalayan Salt as regular goalscorers. Tunamerchant !!+U8b1gCk0rk arrived on the scene towards the end of 2012 and made a number of squad changes, namely dropping bronze player Fridge Ketchup for Perfect Coffee. By the team's own high standards of the past, the 2013 Winter Cup was a miserable performance with a series of heavy losses, topped off by a crushing 7-2 defeat at the hands of /hm/. The Spring has brought further, extensive squad overhaul and things may be looking up after two strong performances against /vg/ and /v/ in recent friendlies. Momentum will be the key for a team looking to rebuild and rediscover past success. Their first challenge is to return to the top tier this Spring.


Ft mlp.jpg
Mlp icon.png
Ranking: 27th

Manager: NBD !WLix8e5EX6, Testerbro !3SfloA2uBI
Key Players: >rape, Best Pony, Alicorn Twilight, Tracy
Recent Form: W X W W W
Next Match: v TBD (2013 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies)

/mlp/ were left flat on the ground after failing to advance from the vicious Group H in the Winter Cup, but made the unlikeliest of bounce-backs to vault themselves to the top of the Babbies in Spring. The tournament saw /mlp/ sporting a curiously phallic default formation, but it paid dividends with relentless, penetrative attacks through the middle. >rape may have been in inconsistent form but still scored vital goals through the knockout stage. Other medal players Best Pony, Alicorn Twilight and Tracy all did their part, and as a collective unit the quartet scored 16 goals. The excellent goalkeeping performances of The Burdened and Derpy Hooves kept /mlp/ in the hunt when opponents exerted their own pressure. What the side enjoyed in fortuity also had to be faced in equal measure in adversity. While /tv/ may have been a relative breeze, the well-fancied /d/ had to be navigated early on, along with /x/, with only ten men for the majority of the match. The memory of Spring will live on, fondly remembered by some and returning as traumatic flashbacks for others. However, the real work now begins in earnest. /mlp/ have returned to the elite and will face a much greater challenge in Summer. Do you believe in magic?


Ft c.jpg
C icon.png
Ranking: 33rd

Manager: Interim-tan !!wpQ05LyJC9u , Simmie !FNmd1hrllU!!3BZPtLXChOs
Key Players: Konata Izumi, Yotsuba Koiwai, Miku Hatsune, Tomoko Kuroki
Recent Form: W W W L L
Next Match: v /fit/ (2013 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies)

A relatively new team which premiered in the 2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup, ‘’’/c/’’’ is a team whose history has been defined by much struggle and heartbreak. They debuted with a mediocre showing in the Autumn Friendlies, clinching two draws and a loss. Hindsight shows they would then serve as one of the most victimized teams of the Dragongate scandal, facing off in Group G against /an/, /cm/, and /y/, teams all controlled by Dragonfag personas; /c/ never had a chance. Now at their lowest point (and rank,) new blood and new hope arrived in the form of Interim-tan, who took the managerial reins and earned the team's first victory against /r9k/ in the 2013 Spring Friendlies. The momentum continued in the Spring Babby Cup with a decisive 4-1 victory over /b/, but Group G proved to be one of the most dramatic groups in the cup, with an impressive performance from /fa/, two unexpected wins from an unmanged /b/, and an equally unexpected poor showing from /co/. In the end, /c/ was once again left in the dust. After the reveal of the Dragongate scandal, karma would pay /c/ back with a good turn of fortune. With all former Dragonfag teams disqualified from the 2013 Summer Cup, /c/ was moved up in the ranks and given a new chance at life in the Summer Cup. The shackles of Dragonfag have been lifted and /c/, like so many teams, are now free with their destiny finally in their own hands. Will /c/ rise from the ashes and play their way to greatness? Time will tell.

July (2)

Ft b.jpg
B icon.png
Ranking: 24th

Manager: Cosa Nostra !!Kxz8F2s8bxQ
Key Players: Triforce, James Holmes, 2edgy4me, GET
Recent Form: W W L L W
Next Match: v TBD (2013 4chan Summer Cup)

Whether you love them or hate them, you can't have 4chan without /b/, and the same holds true for the 4chan Cup. While most teams play in the hopes for glory, fame, respect, or the simple thrill of victory, /b/ merely plays for the lulz. They may win and they may lose, but the only thing that's certain is at the end of the day some other team's shit will get trolled once /b/ walks on the field. They are one of the Original Sixteen teams, though early on shown poor to mediocre performances which have left them stuck in the Babby Cups, but not without doing some trolling along the way. /b/ has been able to upset traditionally powerhouse teams such as /a/, /sp/, and /v/, demonstrating that playing against /b/ doesn't automatically mean an easy win. Manager Cosa Nostra would go on an extended hiatus after the 2012 Autumn Cup, and in the meanwhile /b/ more than any other team would prove the mantra of the Spring Babby Cup that 2013 was dead teams' year. The then-managerless /b/ would put their trolling into overdrive in Group G, winning two out of three of the group stage games, surviving relegation, and crushing the dreams of /co/ and /c/ in the process. Cosa Nostra returned at this point, only to be halted in the first knockout game against /soc/. Now for the first time in a year, /b/ finds themselves back in a major cup this Summer. Will /b/ finally avoid relegation? And even if not, what other teams' hopes shall be destroyed in their wake?


Ft wg.jpg
Wg icon.png
Ranking: 1st

Managers: Tom !Cp4RoxaNNs!!M9Lj4qN1xpl, StoneyDucky !!DYDlR77coGn
Key Players: Cunt Destroyer, Spacecat, Headphone Girl, Descartes
Recent Form: W W W W W
Next Match: v /e/ (2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies)

The Summer of 2012 saw the birth of a scrappy team known as /wg/. The following Autumn saw the birth of a dynasty. The team handily claimed the Autumn Babby Cup and then set their sights straight for the Winter Cup. Though that prize escaped them, and it would seem /wg/ vowed revenge for Summer 2013. With hopes as high as their expectations, they began their cup run by topping Group C with /soc/ presenting the most viable threat with a 3-3 draw. Careful, meticulous managing would be /wg/'s penultimate asset as one by one they toppled their opponents on the road to the cup. Their greatest weapon, however, came in the form of AMF Headphone Girl and star CF Cunt Destroyer. This duo cut through defenses like a scalpel, scoring 14 goals throughout the cup between the two of them. Honorable mentions also go to Spacecat, Descartes, and finally goalkeeper Dolla Dolla Bill Yall who saved /wg/ from /mu/'s vicious assault, including the final /mu/ score attempt in overtime, preventing the championship game from going into penalty kicks. Congratulations are in order to /wg/ for being the first team to win both a babby and major cup, but their story is far from over. There are over 50 other teams in the 4chan Cup looking to replace them at the top. Is /wg/ up to the challenge of defending their title? Good luck, and never be afraid to drop it.


Ft r9k.jpg
R9k icon.png /r9k/

Ranking: 32nd (pre-Autumn friendlies)

Managers: Ronery Robot !!PUUQhs84Yb3, El Negrito !!0FiEhZGyS/D
Key Players: ROBOT9001, >tfw no gf, Kissless Virgin, Sadfrog
Recent Form: L L L L W
Next Match: v /3/ (2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies)

You know that feel when you're runners-up for a Babby Cup and then have the worst losing streak in Cup history? You don't, for only /r9k/ knows that feel. This team was born for the 2012 Spring Babby Cup and at the time, atop of not having a gf, also had no manager. Despite this handicap, they were still able to defeat /mlp/ and >>autumn /s/ during the cup proper. Tr4pD00r would take over the team for the Autumn Babby Cup. Through circumstances which were as questionable as they were fortunate, /r9k/ dominated Group H, and continued in the knockout rounds by slapping down /cm/, /adv/ (in penalty kicks), and finally /tv/. /wg/ defeated them to claim the cup, and thus would begin a long, dark time for /r9k/. Through Winter and the following Spring the team would go through failed managers or be managerless and lose game upon game until the streak counted to 10 losses. It became so bad that in Spring a passionate Saudi /r9k/ fan offered to pay real-life cash for someone to take the reins. Though Commissioner Gracen Ivorinne said no to the plea, Arab Money remains a joke tied to the team to this day. After a Summer hiatus, manager duo Ronery Robot & El Nigrito have started running the team, and with them perhaps comes a light at the end of /r9k/'s tunnel. The losing streak finally ended with a 1-0 win against /g/ in the Autumn Friendlies. We shall see if there's more success in the team's future, but let /r9k/ stand as a lesson that there's always hope, even for the loneliest amongst us.


Ft tg.jpg
Tg icon.png /tg/

Ranking: 28th

Managers: The DM !!4ejBZS7hAn9
Key Players: Creed, Doomrider, Muscle Wizard, Crazy Hassan
Recent Form: X X L L L
Next Match: TBD

Do you feel you have insufficient amounts of dakka? Do you have aspirations of dying alone with your axe in a deep mine? Are you in need of cheap, refurbished camels and don't care about the mental state of their vendor? Then perhaps /tg/ is the team you should root for! This team is a solid fan-favorite since its founding in the 2012 4chan Winter Cup. While /tg/ has never claimed a cup of their own, their record still proves them to be a threatening force. They have secured their way into the knockout rounds in the 2012 Winter Cup, the following Summer Cup, and the 2013 4chan Winter Cup as well, securing themselves at the time “neuvo elite” status. Hopes were high for /tg/ for the next summer after claiming first in the unofficial Tottoric Up, but then a turn of events happened which seemed as unthinkable as they were heartbreaking; /tg/ underperformed in the group stages, walking away with two draws and a loss. The two meager points meant they were finally booted them off from their elite throne, as well as into the Autumn Babbies. The stakes are higher than ever for all teams in the 2013 Autumn Cup, where there's potential to not only remain in the Babbies, but also be set back further into the Spring qualifier rounds. Will /tg/ find redemption this season, or was Summer a herald of darker times for the team? All we know for sure is /tg/ will bring their best dice and fight their hardest, strengthened by the power of WAAAAAAAGH!


Ft toy.jpg
Toy icon.png /toy/

Ranking: 28th

Managers: DawgamusPrime !!nAmLxhuSwBT
Key Players: Woody, Madoka Titus, Optimus Prime, Matty
Recent Form: W W W W W
Next Match: vs /m/ (2014 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies)

The story of /toy/ more than most teams is a reflection of its manager. Tinker/toy/ founded /toy/ as a part of the Founding Babbies in Spring of 2012. Success came early, as /toy/ earned its place among the top 8 of the first Spring Babby Cup. The wins kept coming the following Summer Cup and /toy/ won a respectable 4th place spot, earning what would become nuevo elite status. As /toy/'s success grew, so did the popularity and prestige of Tinker/toy/. He was among the best of beloved active members of the 4chan Cup community, and the well wishes of scores of fans followed /toy/ to the 2013 Winter Cup. Like a runaway train, /toy/ plowed its way through to the championship match, only to be halted by /sp/ in what is agreed to be the best final match in cup history. The loss stung, but hopes were high for the next summer; Little did everyone know is that the cup's golden boy was beginning to tarnish. /toy/'s performance in the Group Stage of the next Summer Cup was suspiciously sub-par. Rumors began to circulate of trouble in Tinker/toy/'s private life. By the time of the third match against /c/ his intentions were clear, obviously sabotaging the team and dooming /toy/ to relegation just as he too disappeared, never to be seen again. /toy/ was broken, and hope was lost, but only for a short while. DawgamusPrime rushed in to salvage /toy/ in time for the Autumn Babby Cup. To make a long story short, he too has the midis touch which Tinker/toy/ once possessed, guiding /toy/ to claim its first Cup win ever, albeit not a major cup, but still a promising new start. /toy/ will triumphantly return this Winter, and with heads held high anew they will try to claim the major championship win which has eluded them for so long.



Ft o.jpg
O icon.png /o/

Ranking: 45th

Managers: Kraus !!8C90Wl9beRX
Key Players: LS1 Swap, Takumi, WAT Racing, Van Dweller
Recent Form: W L L D W
Next Match: vs TBD

Rev up those engines, because we're hungry for some goals! /o/ made it off the assembly line in time for the 2012 Winter Cup. While it saw little success, winning a tense game against /tv/ in penalty kicks earned the team a loyal following early on. A new manager known as Aut/o/ got behind the team's wheel for the following Summer cup. Aut/o/'s track record was mixed, including relegation from Summer, promotion from the Autumn Babby Cup, relegation once again from the 2013 Winter Cup, and finally a dominating 9-point performance in the 2013 Spring Babby Cup. This all earned /o/ the status as a yo-yo team. Throughout all this /o/ also had an electrifying goalhorn and quote possibly the most beloved anthem of the Cup, bringing in more fans and any team success made fans claim that it would finally be /o/'s year to win the championship. Unfortunately, Dragongate outed Aut/o/ as one of the many personas of Dragonfag. As a consquence, /o/ was instantly demoted to the 2013 Autumn Babby Qualifiers, and a year's worth of wins were rendered null & void. While /o/ got new, legitimate management, the bad news continued as /o/ failed to qualify for the Autumn Babby, and shall remain in the basement for another six months. But fret not, for every team in the 4chan Cup always gets another chance. We now enter a new year, and 2014 could very well, finally, be /o/'s year.


Ft h.jpg
H icon.png /h/

Ranking: 21st

Managers: Bittenfeld !!YN/c61bWcAz
Key Players: Titty Monster, Asuka Langley Soryu, Reika Kitami, Kneesocks
Recent Form: L W L W W
Next Match: vs /toy/ (February 14, 2014 4chan Winter Cup group stage)

It's like the goals are scoring on their own! /h/ has struggled long and hard to gain every inch of ground and bit of success it has earned. Things looked promising in their first cup in Autumn 2012 where they survived up to the Ro16, but that would mark a dark time where /h/ then only saw one win in a stretch of 10 games. Relegated from Winter 2013, and once again the following Spring, things looked bleak indeed. In the fallout of Dragongate /h/ were granted a spot in the 2013 Summer Cup. Manager Bittenfeld demonstrated drunken mastery to avoid relegation with five points, only to once again lose in the Ro16 to towering /mu/. With the coming of 2014 /h/ now suddenly look to be among the strongest of teams in the cup, winning the unofficial Weeabowl II (albeit under slightly rigged conditions) and walking away from the Winter friendlies season with two clean sheets. /h/ will now enter the 2014 Winter Cup as a favorite to win it all. Will /h/ live up to expectations, or will one of the other thirty-one teams cause an upset? The fun is in watching to find out, so GET HYPE!


Ft trv.jpg
Trv icon.png /trv/

Ranking: 1st

Managers: MauledByTheTigers !!jawkONBJmdi
Key Players: Superpornowat Farangbang , Couchsurfer Rapist, Karl Pilkington, Sex Tourist
Recent Form: X W W W W
Next Match: TBD

/trv/ is proof that while a reputation may precede you, if doesn't have to define you. Founding-and-current manager MauledByTheTigers earned a reputation early on as one more interested in making kits than managing, reinforced by the fact that he reportedly didn't have a copy of PES. Despite this /trv/ would earn another reputation as lucky after advancing from the 2012 Autumn Babby Cup, though that luck would not hold in Winter. In the following Spring Babby /trv/ made two astounding comebacks against /hr/ and then /ic/ earning them a new reputation as comeback kings, one which still remains to this day. From that point on the improvement in /trv/'s game was steady and noticeable. Sex Tourist, Superpornowat Farangbang, and Couchsurfer Rapist joined the ranks of the Cup's memorable strikers as /trv/ secured a quarter-final finish in Summer 2013. Now /trv/ swept past the 2014 Winter Cup with one draw and six wins and has earned itself the most prestigious of reputations: they are now the best. In the future it will be their job to try and defend their new title, but for now, /trv/ has earned a restful and relaxing vacation. See you next Summer.


Ft adv.jpg
Adv icon.png /adv/

Ranking: 26th

Managers: Clrs !!V44yYJo0I/a
Key Players: 5inchdick, S/adv/irgin, Friendzoned, Cheating GF
Recent Form: L D W L L

Being one of the Original Sixteen, /adv/ has been a quiet yet reliable team for the entirety of the 4chan Cup. By now names like 5inchdick and S/adv/irgin are recognized by nearly all Cup spectators because of their long road traveled. They were slow to find their footing early on, ranking 8th in the inaugural 2012 Summer Cup and failing to qualify for the first Spring Babby. Things changed by Autumn 2012 with progression to the Round of 16, and improved further in the 2013 Winter Cup. It was there that /adv/ were grouped in the famous Group Hell. After hard-fought but bitter losses to /a/ and /mlp/, /adv/ were considered dead-on-arrival in their third game against /m/. What happened next, to many, was the most celebrated upset not only in team history, but in all of 4chan Cup history. /adv/ humiliated /m/ with a 6-1 blowout, confounding absolutely everyone present, relegating /m/ and /mlp/, and themselves surviving all the way to the Quarter Finals. Since then, /adv/ has been a quintessential yo-yo team, being relegated and then promoted from every cup thereafter. This Spring /adv/ is pitted against a slew of classic foes in Group E, and as it stands currently the only ones they'll help is themselves to another shot at an Elite cup.


Ft pol.jpg
Pol icon.png /pol/

Ranking: 21st

Managers: KHS_Rowan !!YF6PybmnSBn, AWyattMann !!Y4mYkGKi2iw
Key Players: Stormfront, Doom Paul, Hitler, Jews
Recent Form: W W W W W

/pol/ marched into the 4chan Cup in Spring 2012 as part of the Founding Babbies with a clear mission to rid the Cup of degeneracy and restore honor and glory to the world of virtual divegrass. The Reich would demonstrate their wrath early on against /mlp/ with a 4-2 win against horsefucker scum. Success would continue for /pol/ as they reached the knockout rounds for the both the Spring Babby Cup, and the following summer. Then in Winter 2013 /pol/ demonstrated that while its right hand is always closed in vengeance, its left is open with compassion, where the glorious leaders of /pol/ allowed /sp/ to beat them in the Quarter Finals just so /pol/ could remove /cm/'s degeneracy in the 3rd place match. But much like the Blitzkrieg, /pol/ would be quick out the gate but fade in the stretch in Summer 2013 when Jew saboteurs systematically clubbed the kneecaps of /pol/'s starting line, as well as paid off the refs, so /pol/ saw its first relegation into the Babbies. Our saviors once again played for 3rd place in Autumn against /hr/, known publicists and supporters of the Führer, and allowed them to take the 3rd place title in a grade gesture of solidarity with their allies in the media. Victory was assured the next winter until Grand Leader Rowan [THIS SECTION IS REDACTED]. Now this Spring, /pol/ had no room for compassion in their battle-plan. They heeded no advice, burned all the books, shredded their paper trail, and ousted lewdness all by themselves, and looked damn good while doing it. Congratulations /pol/. First the Babby Cup, then Summer, and then... The World.


Ft mu.png /mu/ – Music Mu icon.png
Ranking: 7th
Key Players: Jeff Mangum, MC Ride, Talentless Hack, The Deak
Recent Form: W W W W W
In pre-modern warfare it wasn't the side that won the most battles, but rather the side that won the last battle who won the war. The war of the Elites is over, and the old solider /mu/ stands as the lone victor, but at what cost? Before there was a threat of relegation as a member of the Original Sixteen, /mu/ would find itself in the loser's bracket of the first two 4chan Cups. There's an old adage that there's no such thing as an atheist in the foxhole, demonstrated by a then-unmanaged /mu/ accepting Jesus Christ to survive relegation into the first Babby Cup only through number of goals scored. /mu/ would continue to make it into the knockouts for the next three major cups but never claim a trophy, Including an especially stinging loss in Summer 2013 in the championship game. All the while, familiar fellow elites like /fit/ and /int/ would begin to fall around them. Summer 2014 has probably been the most unorthodox cup yet. While giants like /sp/ and /a/ fell into relegation, /mu/ embraced the strangeness to create a winning team. Their arsenal included an unusual, open formation, Talentless Hack the Golden Boot silver player, and a soundtrack by a band you probably haven't heard of; they're pretty new. Most important is their legendary goalkeeping which carried them all the way to the final, and would deny several deadly and precise shots from /hr/ long enough for /mu/ to finally claim a star of their own. So congratulations to /mu/! The Cup trophy is yours, but the struggle to remain Elite resumes next Winter. Fight on, soldier.


Ft x.jpg /x/ – Paranormal X icon.png
Ranking: 4th
Key Players: Pyramid Head, /x/-tan, The Grey, Cthulhu
Recent Form: D W W L L
/x/ first put on their rainbow socks as one of the Original Sixteen teams. Since then, for better or worse, they have spooked their way all throughout the 4chan Cup. Their early performances were generally above average, including a semi-final finish in Summer 2012. Dragongate would demonstrate that cheating was the first way to decisively beat /x/, relegating them to their first Babby Cup for Spring 2013. At that point /x/ received a major overhaul to their roster, beaming aboard strikers such as Pyramid Head and /x/-tan, some of the most familiar and feared faces of the Cup. This new blood, (some of it even their own!) brought them an incredible 4th place finish. For the next cup, /x/ was without a manager, but death only served to make them stronger with a win over /c/ and tie with /toy/ which brought them to the round of sixteen versus /a/. With a Mugi slow roller, Bert's triple spaghetti, and the Tomogoal, they firmly established the second way to beat /x/ is to be so silly that shit can't get spooky; further demonstrated by /mlp/ forcing spaghetti down Pyramid Head's shorts at the same stage in Winter 2014. They would get their revenge against the ponies in this past Summer Cup by killing them with an early penalty, and they would also go on to spook a seemingly unstoppable /u/ out of the Quarter Finals. With another 4th place finish, but in a major cup this time, /x/ have achieved their best performance to date. They've earned a break until next Winter, but Autumn Babby teams beware, for just because /x/ isn't playing, doesn't mean t̶̖̙̟͔͎ͫ͐̄h͏ẹ̛̪͇̑y͕̹̤̻͔̮̔͒͗͗͗ aͧ͒̌̓͊̐͏͚̤͔͈̼̞̞̼ͅr̨̞͙͎ͭ̊̄̋͜ę̙̫͈͓̝̣͒͒́̾͟n̗̟͎̗̔̂̇͗͒͟͟'̾͋̄͘͏̸͉̬͖̘t͓͎̻̳̹̑̆̋͌ͤ̓ͨ w͉͙͕̪̫̏ͥ̄ͬͣ̊̂ͧ̄ͬ̊̈́͞a̮͖͍͎̪̓͂̇̈́͒̀͞͝ţ̵̧̻̤̦͔͔̪͙̰͓̟̗̮͎̯̖͚̖̝͗ͬ̄̈ͧ͂ͦ̐̀̎ͯ͌̀͗̃͝c̢̡̢̫̗̞̗̯͇̠̍ͧͭ̊ͥͨ͊̔̒͑͌ͮͫ͒ͪ͢͠h̷ͭ́̿̂ͭ́̈́̈́͟͏͚͎̬̱͕͡i̴̻̗̻̟̘̙̗̠̥̘̠̝̋ͫ̈̽̔ͦ͆̉͐͌̃̇ͮ̐̋̂ͥ͂ͤ͜ͅͅn͆͑ͪ͂̓̒̋̿͜͢͏͈̝̯̗̙͙̬̫̭̦͔̦͈̻͘͞ͅͅg̴̨̰̘̬̱̝̟͂̃ͭ̈̏̓̃ͬ̓̓ͥ̈̌̾̕͜.̓ͮͤ͗̓̍͋͜͡͏̪̺̯̫̙͎͕͈̬̘͘͞.̡̳̭̪̯͚̦̫͖͎̬̬̖̐̾ͣ͒̀.ͨ̏̐ͫ̇͗̍͆̾͢҉̵҉̲͓̮̻̮͉̣̲̭̘̭̫̣̠ͅ


Ft int.jpg /int/ – International Int icon.png
Ranking: 50th
Key Players: >argentina >white, Putin, Polandball, Spurdo Spärde
Recent Form: L D W X L
… And Putin said “Let there be divegrass,” and there was divegrass. Putin saw that the divegrass was good. Thus is the the genesis of /int/. An original team of the 4chan Cup, /int/'s story is that of roller-coastering success, but constant hope. They would be slow to find their footing with only three of their first 12 games resulting in wins, but would suddenly rocket to success as runners-up of the 2012 Summer Cup. Team captain Putin was so pleased with this outcome, he ordered that the rest of team would NOT be sent to the gulag and be given a whole half portion of rations. (They received a quarter portion.) Two more strong knockout finishes would follow for the next two major cups, but Putin's starvation diet would be /int/'s undoing with the coming of the Winter 2014 season. With a loss of all games in the group stage, /int/ saw their first relegation and would be among the first of the long-time Elite teams to lose such status. Humbled once more in Spring by failing to advance to Summer, the team has been soul-searching for what truly matters. The answer is obvious: to beat arch rivals /pol/ in their own hosted cup and to return to the Major cups where /int/ belongs. Fresh management hopes to do just that, and asks its fans to bring the hype while /int/ brings the dope Serbian beats.


Ft e.jpg /e/ – Ecchi E icon.png
Ranking: 14th
Key Players: Yoko Littner, K-Kisekae II, Rias Gremory, ENF
Recent Form: L W W W L
In the early months of 2013 new 4chan boards such as /vr/, /lgbt/, and /asp/ were birthed. These communities were quick to form teams in hopes of playing in the 4chan Cup and would collectively be called the Provisionals, now known as the Fifth Founding teams. But amongst these new faces one classic, established board decided to join as well: the girls of /e/cchi. Now that the total number of 4CC teams totaled more than 48, /e/ and the rest of the provisionals would spar against each other in a qualifier round just to get into the 2013 Autumn Babby. With a win and two draws, /e/ scraped by into the eighth and final spot, but quickly gaining a fanbase with their spunky play and a popular goalhorn. Though they failed to advance further in the group stage, /e/ established themselves as a high hurdle for any team. While all eyes were the fiery wreck of /m/ for Spring 2014's Group A, /e/ finally emerged victorious to see their first knockout rounds and elite cup. Once again /e/ were an afterthought during the Summer of Fallen Giants, especially for scoring zero goals in the infamous Group ZZZ. Finally, this Autumn, /e/ were ready to dress down and play for keeps. Squeaking by the group stage, it seemed /e/ would bow out in the round of sixteen as /e/'s management was absent. But then /e/ found their groovin' magic as they heaved their chest all the way to the championship match. Though /b/ trolled /e/ out of the Babby trophy, /e/'s performance is something to be proud of. In the future, /e/ must consider their history of mixed success and also the 2nd Place Babby curse, but perhaps the stars will continue to favor /e/ as they play their way towards another trophy this Winter.



Ft lit.jpg /lit/ – Literature Lit icon.png
Ranking: 4th
Key Players: DFW, Lolita Wanted It, MC Homerotic, Niggardly Jew
Recent Form: W W W L L
/lit/ penned their application into the 4chan Cup as part of the Founding Babbies. From the get-go in Spring 2012, /lit/ had a difficult time finding any success, playing the role of the Cup's nerds and being the recipients of metaphorical wedgies and swirlies from more physical teams. After a year of struggle it seemed /lit/ finally found their footing as they topped their group and reached the quarter finals, finally being halted by /tv/. Their optimism was never higher going into the 2013 Summer Cup, but hopes were swiftly dashed. A crushing 0–7 defeat to /v/ would herald their worst cup performance yet, as well as relegation back to the babbies. The following Autumn and Spring cups would not fare any better, and /lit/ by this point was sadly seen by other teams as merely fodder instead of a hurdle. The status quo changed with the coming of Summer 2014. Giants like /a/, /sp/, and /wg/ fell, but that was only the first half of a story which continued in Autumn where new, unexpected talent arose. Intellectualism was in resurgence, and /lit/, along with long-time rivals /sci/ stormed decisively into the knockouts and back into an elite cup. In this past Winter Cup, others still expected little from /lit/, but the bookworms were ready to show those in doubt just what plebs they were! With upsets over /vg/ and /wsg/, lit continued to shed its old aura with commanding wins over /wg/ and /asp/. The end result was a 4th place finish—respectable in its own right, but also /lit/'s finest cup performance ever. They have demonstrated that success can come not just from a sports page, or a magazine, but a goddamn book.


Ft co.jpg /co/ – Comics & Cartoons Co icon.png
Ranking: 22nd
Key Players: Doom, /co/lette, The Flash, Hope Corgi
Recent Form: W W W W L
Once upon a time there was a city. But this was no ordinary city. This was one encased in metal and glass, and it floated high above the 4chan Isles. It was said this city was love. This was /co/. In addition to cartoons and comics, the citizens of /co/ also loved divegrass, so in Winter 2012 they sent a chosen few to descend to Earth and represent the city as their team in the 4chan Cup. /co/ established themselves as a generally average team who hit their first snafu in the 2013 4chan Winter Cup where they saw their first relegation to the babbies. Thanks to Dragongate, /co/ was allowed straight back into the elite level and capitalized on their chance by topping their group, only to lose to /mlp/ in the RO16. 2014 proved to be a difficult year for /co/ when they were relegated once again in Winter and they remained in the babbies for an entire year. Even when their performance is lackluster, /co/ is likable team to many Cup spectators, and failures from past & present strikers such as Tucker and The Flash were as heartbreaking to watch as they were lulzy. /co/'s incredible rebound this spring was a joy and inspiration to watch. The fact that the champion game went to penalties proves that while /tv/ may have won the game, /co/ were not truly beaten. As /co/ moves up to the Summer Cup, just remember that your city smiles down upon you.


Ft vp.jpg /vp/ – Pokémon Vp icon.png
Ranking: 36th
Key Players: Miror B., Bravest Bird, MissingNo., Trumpets
Recent Form: W L D W L
/vp/ captured the hearts of fans when they first set out to become divegrass masters along with 17 of the other Founding Babbies. The team's early history has been mostly negated by two key events: The first being Dragongate, and other the by fact that former manger Preston also managed /fa/ during the 2012 Autumn Babby Cup. As a result, /vp/ has among the highest number of voided matches in the 4chan Cup, and for all intents and purposes their true, untainted history does not begin until the 2013 Summer Friendlies. However, this fact doesn't negate the spirited fanbase they had acquired, but their faiths were shaken when the rebooted team failed to advance from the first (and only) Fetus Cup. They were at their lowest point ever, and only continued to disappoint for a whole year until they finally shocked spectators by rocketing to the quarter finals of Autumn 2014. A relegation would follow, and it would seem /vp/ have upgraded themselves to yo-yo team status. It would also seem that with each time they are beaten down, they pick themselves up and play even better. The 2015 Spring Babby featured /vp/'s most convincingly solid playing in years. The willingness to fight massive odds from both the team and their fans is a touching inspiration. As they move onto the 2015 Summer Cup it is hoped they will inspire us once more by at last joining the elite 16 of the 4chan Cup.


Ft g.jpg /g/ – Technology G icon.png
Ranking: 2nd
Key Players: Install Gentoo, No Time For Love, Audiophiles, Failed /g/ Project
Recent Form: D W W W L
As the titans /tg/, /tv/, and /b/ all fell to /g/ in the Summer knockout rounds, fans were astonished at the results. Their rationale? “It was only /g/.” But up until that point there was sound reasoning behind such underestimation. Of all the Original Sixteen teams, few would disagree that no team has endured more struggle than /g/. Hard times would fall on the team during the inaugural cup which would kick off a 10-game winless streak and their first descent into the Babbies. Dragongate briefly allowed /g/ back into an elite cup, only to once again see relegation. Things changed somewhat in Autumn 2013 when the team received a big roster and tactical overhall and they finally punched their own ticket to the following Winter. From that point on /g/ upgraded themselves from a punching bag to one of the cup's most reliable yo-yo teams. But this Summer, something truly changed about them. /g/ pulled together as a team to have one of the most ironclad midfields of any team in the cup. Seemingly anyone at all was suddenly capable of scoring a goal. And when all that failed, Golden Glove winner Richard Stallman was there as a veritable firewall against any opponents' attacks. In the end /mlp/ may have hoisted the cup, and they were a stampede through the knockouts, but it wasn't until they met /g/ that they actually started to sweat, and /g/ should take pride in that. After this performance, there's likely few left who consider this team to be “only" /g/.


Ft s4s.jpg [s4s] – Shit 4chan Says S4s icon.png
Ranking: 18th
Key Players: Patrick Bateman, [s4s]-Tan, Topkek, Nice Grill
Recent Form: W L D W L
Unwrap your favorite flavor of Topkek and sit back for some nice divegrass as /s4s/ takes to the pitch! A Fifth Founding team, /s4s/ was probably among the most eager new boards to play in the 4chan Cup, as they were founded May 17, 2013 – just six weeks after their own board's creation. Regulations prevented their official play until that summer, but the team still made a noteworthy entrance into the league by dominating 6 out of 7 games in the unofficial DrBorisG Friendlies. Their solid official record began by climbing out from the Fetus Cup. They failed to promote from Autumn 2013, but that would prove to be a mere temporary setback. /s4s/ topped Group B in Spring 2014, and that would begin a great year for the team. With a respective 9th and 5th place finish in the following two elite cups, /s4s/ always seemed a viable contender to hoist the trophy over their heads. Unfortunately for them, in this past Summer Cup they faced /gd/ in their final group stage game. Just like /sp/ before them, /s4s/ saw relegation thanks to two quick /gd/ goals in the final minutes of the game. The consensus agrees they got PES'd. This Autumn /s4s/ seeks the climb back into the elite ranks. Win or lose, /s4s/ is the most polite team in the Cup. They have few enemies and good will follows this fun, unifying team wherever they play. And last but not least, check 'em.


Ft out.jpg /out/ – Outdoors Out icon.png
Ranking: 20th
Key Players: Smokey The Bear, Want Some Chips?, Gransfors Bruks, Mora Batoning
Recent Form: L W W W W

/lgbt/ was seen as the destined champion of the 2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup. /s4s/ exploded out of the gate. /wsg/ shot into the elite cups and stayed there for a year. These are just some examples of how the Fifth Founding teams all tasted some degree of success – all of them save for one. /out/'s history is shorter than that of most teams, but it's also been among the saddest. Though things began with promise with two friendly wins against /tv/ & /vr/, /out/ stumbled upon their first hurdle by failing to qualify for the 2013 Autumn Babby. Spring 2014 introduced the Megababby structure which nixed the qualifier round and allowed /out/ to play. To make a long story short, the following three Babby cups would be an exercise in despair for the team, with respective rankings of 38th, 26th, and finally the team hit literal rock-bottom with a dead-ass last finish in Spring 2015. The changes that /out/ underwent for this recent cup are frankly baffling – like a lowly bagworm's chrysalis into a beautiful moth. They have suddenly found the balance required to be a terrible threat anywhere on the pitch. Smokey the Bear & Want Some Chips? transformed into co-beneficial duo akin to Woody & Madoka Titus back in their prime. To go from last place in one tournament to hoisting the trophy in the next one unquestionably sets a 4chan Cup record for the greatest reversal of fortune ever by a single team. The 4CCC offers its most sincere congratulations to /out/ and is excited to see them move onto their first elite cup this Winter. May their hot streak be one fire that Smokey allows to stay alight.




Ft fit.jpg /fit/ – Fitness Fit icon.png
Ranking: 2nd
Key Players: Zyzz, Scooby, London, Rich Piana
Recent Form: W W W W W

/fit/ is an Original Sixteen team which entered the cup while flexing hard and never relaxing its stance. With a popular goalhorn and a record which consistently earned them a place in the knockouts, by Winter 2013 they were among the few remaining prestigious & unrelegated Elite teams. But even in that cup, despite the respectable 8th place finish, the trained eye could already see cracks forming in /fit/'s frame. The honored manager, /fit/zlsperger grew weary of management and retired; the results were immediate and drastic. A 24th place finished in Summer 2013 meant both their first relegation to the Babbies, as well as being among the first of the hailed Elites from the aforementioned Winter Cup to be knocked from their pedestal. /fit/ would flail through the proceeding two babby cups – as well as a procession of new managers – and finally faced circumstances which forced them to sit out of Autumn 2014. Barring a promotion and subsequent relegation, it wasn't until the 2015 Autumn Babby that things finally seemed to truly turn back around for /fit/. /biz/, /gif/, and /x/ each suffered 4 commanding goals from /fit/'s offense. It felt like the great, elite /fit/ of old had returned at last. A decisive RO16 win vs. /wsg/ whipped fans into a further frenzy until /an/ ceased their run. /fit/'s path to the trophy in this recent Winter Cup proved a harder struggle than their earlier Autumn Babby run, but as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” /fit/ has not only returned to their former glory, but has surpassed it. Veteran 4CC fans & spectators are sure to welcome this return of an Old Guard favorite. We would also like to remind them that as they continue to train in the leg-intensive sport of virtual divegrass, that they shouldn't skip arm day.



V ft sc2016.png /v/ – Video Games V icon.png
Ranking: 3rd
Key Players: BUT FIRST, SANIC, Todd Howard, Christopher Robin
Recent Form: W W W L L

In this Featured Team article, I will be explaining exactly what /v/ does to git gud at divegrass -- but first, we need to talk about cup history! /v/, an Original Sixteen team, was one of the cup's early bottom-feeders, finishing dead last in the 2012 4chan Winter Cup and being one of the first (alongside /b/) of the Original Sixteen to see a Babby Cup. It was then that /v/'s fortunes began to take a turn for the better as new management revitalized the team and sent them back into the Elites, though it was the year to follow that truly kicked off /v/'s reversal of fortune: the following Winter, they mustard raced their group; that Summer, /v/ became the lone team in the Top 4 guiltless of deafening accusations of height abuse, a finish that also included a victory over horsefucking degeneracy. At the top, however, the only way seemed to be down -- though they scraped by into Summer the next year, disaster struck as fellow vidya board /vg/ sent them crashing into the Babbies where they would remain for a year and a half. This Spring, however, /v/ decided to take a page out of a certain other successful team's book, to the ire of many -- but results speak for themselves, with a 4th place finish in both Spring and the Summer to follow. Now, with /v/ revitalized once more, the question remains: can /v/ prove that they can git gud on their own, or will both stars and QPUs fall out of alignment for them? Fasten your seatbelts and this Winter we'll find out, for the ride truly never ends.




Jp ft wc2017.jpg /jp/ – Otaku Culture Jp icon.png
Ranking: 5th
Key Players: Get out of /jp/, Autism, sage, Japanese Bird
Recent Form: D L W W L

Ah, /jp/. Though they were one of the Second Founding teams and an early survivor in the fight to stay a True Elite, old-time followers of the cup will mostly remember /jp/ only for the now-infamous "money-making scam" e-mail that first brought the Cup to the attention of moot. Worse -- when finally their Elite status was revoked, they were then but mere backdrop to /m/'s trademark ARROGANCE: off of the /jp/ manager's dare, /m/ had decided to crush /jp/ instead of throwing to relegate then-cup winners /sp/. And thus did /jp/ become a perpetual Babby fixture: a dry spell broken only once by a scoreless Winter run soon to be forgotten as the team was relegated back into obscurity. It follows, then, that the team's awakening this past Autumn was, understandably -- a shock: what otherworldly force had galvanized this team of NEETs to pick up their play? Would Winter prove their revival a fluke? As it turned out, their return to the Elites would prove unquestionably triumphant: contributing to the relegation of cup champions /mlp/, and upsetting fellow returning powerhouse /toy/ in their quest for back-to-back cup victories. Though upstart /vp/ would eventually halt their run, they would only prevail in a tense penalty shoot-out. Without a doubt, /jp/'s meteoric rise to form is a welcome sight to behold, and as the days trickle down to Summer, be warned: this is one team that won't be taking it easy on yours.