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This Manager News has been created to let you know that the Aesthetic ATF for Winter 2016 is done. You can find the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/136qLSeNmIHfa7U2mIYFAN-dN1P27MJt56yFSGe1QFJM/edit?usp=sharing

All fixes that need to be done in the save/edit(00000000) belong on the Save Fixes page (check the top of the page for the link) below the aesthetic section. All other fixes belong on the Mid Cup Aesthetics page and NOT on your team's page.

All teams in red are those that need to upload a proper aesthetic export, teams in yellow can upload an archive (please still make sure the archive is sorted nicely). Teams that are green had really nothing broken found in them, you can still upload stuff if you want if you had forgotten something.

Because the new export for 2016 was not really announced, I'm quite lax with smaller mistakes in exports (like using the 2015 export), so mostly only the bigger issues are listed (that I could find for now). Because most stuff will be auto-compiled now and save me a lot of time, I will use that extra time to fix smaller mistakes (like typos in kit config files). So most issues that need to be fixed are missing files that I really need from you (the manager). None of the files were tested in PES itself, so it is still possible that files that are deemed correct for now will still be removed later (for example Blenders that are insanely large and/or annoying).

The deadline for all these fixes in exports is again on Sunday -> Monday (14 -> 15) night UTC and NOT the normal deadline for save fixes.