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The 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup signups have opened 8 hours ago at the time of writing this post. Managers can sign up their team on this page: 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Signups. Only the teams listed below the competitors section on the 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup page are eligible to enter and allowed to sign up. The signups will be open until an hour before the draw on 3 October 2015. While an exact time is not yet known for the draw, it can be assumed that it will start at normal cup time (1700 UTC).

Extra News

Updated signup and export rules

As promised in the last Managers News post the rules on the Rules Page have been updated for the cup preparation (IV.1.) regarding signups and missing deadlines. Managers are obviously advised to read these new and updated rules.

Aesthetics Exports

As promised as well in the last Managers News post the Aesthetics Exports template has been updated to be in line with the new aesthetics rules. Managers are again advised to read up on it and make sure they will use the new and updated template for Autumn.