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This is a somewhat extensive update on the state of Autumn, apologies for not getting this all written out sooner.

The rules related to PES will be the same as Summer. The Rules page will receive an update before the first deadline and more changes will follow after Autumn. You can read a draft of some of the updates here

The signup process will be the same as the one used in the Spring Babby Cup, which was first detailed here. The summary of it is that every team potentially competing in Autumn (the proper tournament AND/OR the qualifier) is expected to have an export which passes AATF properly labelled on their wiki page no matter what and this export will be treated as their sign up. Any Autumn/Fetus team that does not have an export up by this date will not compete. For Fetus bound teams this export will serve as their export for the competition.

For the second deadline ANY team may submit a new export, which does not have to in any way similar to the first other than it passes AATF. If a team does not then their first export will be used.

September 30th 1st Deadline

October 1st Fetus Draw (if needed)

October 7th-9th Fetus (if needed)

October 21st 2nd Deadline

October 22nd or 23rd: Babby Draw

October 28th: Babby Begins

November 13th: Babbies End

If you have any questions please reach out to me (Lear).