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Here's a few new things to keep in mind before submitting your export.

News for all teams

Fixed exports

In the following mega folders you can find your team's export, with all the fixed and added contents included. Their IDs have also been removed and replaced with the recommended ID placeholder XXX, as a reminder that the export compiler takes care of replacing the IDs inside every export with the proper team ID.
Please download your team's export and use it as a base for submitting your new contents. This will prevent the aesthetics team from having to fix stuff that was already fixed in previous cups.

New rules

The Aesthetics section in the Rules page has been updated with details about how the aesthetic deadline works and some other minor clarifications, there's nothing particularly new but please take a look. You can see all the changes here.
Something actually new: The AET page has also been updated, to make the distinction between optional and required elements more visible. Please note that, starting from today, team logos must be included in your export.

News for teams which missed Summer 20

Because of the new PES patch used in Summer, keep the following in mind:

  • You need set the gloves ID on your gks to a number between 1 and 10. Gloves ID 0 will give them normal hands.
  • Any custom gloves in your export now need to have four digits in their folder name (Instead of gXXX it's now gXXXX, so you can use the same IDs for boots and gloves on each of your players).
  • The boots and gloves IDs reserved for each team have changed in Summer, please check them here and update your folders accordingly.

News for aesthetics makers

New way to set custom kits and gk kits

Starting from this cup, we now have a sider script which allows using on any custom model the texture from whichever kit you choose in the prematch menu, instead of having to submit a new one before every match. This goes not only for outfielder kits (u0XXXp1, u0XXXp2, u0XXXp3, etc) but also for gk kits, which means that a team can now have multiple gk kits (named as u0XXXg1, u0XXXg2, u0XXXg3, etc).

To use one of these textures on your model, simply:

  • Set the filename for its Base texture to dummy_kit.dds (for the outfielder kit) or dummy_gk_kit.dds (for the gk kit)
  • Set its path to /Assets/pes16/model/character/common/000/sourceimages/ (the 000 will be replaced with your team ID by the compiler)
  • Create a Common folder in your export and put a random texture in it, then name it dummy_kit.dds or dummy_gk_kit.dds depending on what you're using (it'll get replaced with the kit 1 main texture during compilation, which allows people to see the models even if they aren't running sider)

The gk kit used depends on which team is chosen on prematch. If for example kit 5 is chosen, both outfielder kit 5 and gk kit 5 will be used.
This means that if you're using this trick you'll need to have as many gk kits as outfielder kits. If you want to use the same gk kit on multiple outfielder kits, simply duplicate the texture and give it another filename.
Also, you can still have only one gk kit config, which will be used no matter what kit is chosen.

You can grab the new script here if you want to test this stuff on your PES. Copy it to the PES19\sider\modules folder and add the line lua.module = "fbmkitrewrite.lua" to the sider.ini file (if the line wasn't there already).

New blender starter pack

Lastly, here's another new starter pack for blender. This is version 3.3, getting it is very recommended if you were using the one from Summer (3.0).
Latest changes:
- 3.3

  • Updated the included plugin for MMD PMX files to 0.7.0

- 3.2

  • Updated the included plugin for PES FMDL files to 0.5.2

- 3.1

  • Updated the included plugin for PES FMDL files to 0.5.1
  • Added a Text Editor panel to display the Export Summary after exporting an FMDL file
  • Set the Backface Culling and Textured Solid settings enabled by default
  • Changed the default viewport shading type to Solid view, most of the models made nowadays use regular shading
  • Changed the Alt-Z shortcut's behavior back to switch between Texture and Solid view modes, the textures autoimported by the FMDL plugin are now visible on Texture and Solid view mode
  • Changed the Shift-Z shortcut's behavior to switch between Material and Solid view modes instead of Texture and Solid

Get it here.
It comes with a short guide on how to set it up.