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Sign-ups for the 2020 4chan Autumn Babby Cup are now open for one week, until 11:59:59pm UTC on September 25th.

Please read the rules posted on the page and follow the instructions given in terms of signing your team up and providing POI for your team in order to get approval to play.

Other information such as cup dates, format, rule changes, etc. will be announced as soon as possible after sign-ups close.

As of the posting of this announcement, the following teams eligible to play in the 2020 Autumn Cup currently have valid POI:
Aco icon.png /aco/, An icon.png /an/, F icon.png /f/, Fa icon.png /fa/, Fit icon.png /fit/, G icon.png /g/, Int icon.png /int/, Jp icon.png /jp/, K icon.png /k/, Mlp icon.png /mlp/, Pol icon.png /pol/, V icon.png /v/, Vp icon.png /vp/, W icon.png /w/, Wsg icon.png /wsg/

As of this post, the following teams currently have valid POI but is 6 months old; it is not required to be updated for this cup but can be if desired:
A icon.png /a/, Asp icon.png /asp/, B icon.png /b/, D icon.png /d/, Gd icon.png /gd/, N icon.png /n/, P icon.png /p/, S4s icon.png /s4s/, Sci icon.png /sci/, Trv icon.png /trv/, Tv icon.png /tv/, Y icon.png /y/

As of this post, the following teams do not currently have valid POI and are required to provide new POI before being approved to play:
Bant icon.png /bant/, Co icon.png /co/, H icon.png /h/, Mu icon.png /mu/, O icon.png /o/, R9k icon.png /r9k/, Tg icon.png /tg/, Vr icon.png /vr/, Wg icon.png /wg/

Updates on sign-ups and POI will be added as they occur on the spreadsheet linked here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G1q19uhYVAegMn9bCSZdaPW0qeNTHxv2kclEJu1Zq9o/edit?usp=sharing