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Base DLC

This Manager News post has been created to inform you that the Base/Gamma DLC for PES16 (and Winter 2016) is now available. You can download it here: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. This DLC should create a proper save for you to work with when it is correctly installed. The Press Any Button startup screen of PES16 should say Data Pack 4CC if you have installed the DLC correctly.


Something else important is that the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/Installation page has been updated for 1.03.00. So please make sure to update to 1.03.00. The Press Any Button startup screen of PES16 should say Version 1.03.00 if you have installed the update correctly.

Wiki PES16 guides

With the release of the base DLC, the wiki pages regarding PES16 will also be updated very soon. So if any page or info you are looking for is missing right now, don't worry, it will probably be added very soon.

Winter 2016 rules

The Rules page has not yet been updated for PES16. The moment it has the final rules for the 2016 4chan Winter Cup there will be another Manager News post. It might take a bit longer before the rules are updated because some rules changes that might be necessary to not have a terrible AI will have to be tested thoroughly first.

If you still have any questions left regarding PES16, don't be afraid to Contact any 4ccc member.