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Potential Spring 2016 Rule Changes

After a long unannounced (we're very sorry about that) discussion on potential rule changes for the 2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup at the official IRC channel, it is basically still a mess on what the 4CCC should decide on. To streamline all these ideas and testing there is now a dedicated wiki page for it. This page can be found here: Spring 2016 Rule Changes

So if you think you know what you're doing, please visit the page and add your own idea and proposals. Do keep in mind you (or someone else) will also have to test, so no proposals with no test data and just ideas. You can still add your own before you have any test data though. The deadline for this is also not yet known.

Passworded Aesthetics Exports for the 2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup

There is one rule change that is already definite for the upcoming cup(s). This is that you will be able to upload a password-protected aesthetic export to your team's page or the Mid Cup Aesthetics page, and then send the password of it to the official 4cc exports email. Do not email the actual export, but only the password, this is to check if a manager of the team has uploaded the aesthetics to the wiki. You will be able to use this if you have some aesthetics that you really want to keep a surprise for the actual stream and not want to get leaked early.