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The Rules for the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup have been made public. This cup will be played in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

Several new and updated rules are as follows (not a complete list):

  • No global card limit, only a player specific limit.
  • Goalkeepers now have 77 flat stats.
  • Managers are now expected to send exports with all formations and sliders set up for each game to a specific email address before a specific deadline. The players in these exports will have to match those in the first export. Anything that is off can result in disqualification.

For all new and updated rules please read the Rules page.

Everyone involved in managing a team is also advised to read the various articles on PES15 mechanics and aesthetics via the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 page. At the time of writing, not all pages are fully done. Once all pages are done there will be a new and separate news announcement.