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Hello managers.

This is a quick reminder that the second deadline for aesthetics will be on May 6th, 23:59:59 UTC, 24 hours after the Tactical Export deadline.
Here's also a couple of important remarks:


Please remember to avoid keeping placeholders even for faces which are expected to get a face through mid cup updates.
Just choose any of the face and hair presets in edit mode for each of those players, they will get overwritten by any blenders that get made for them later.


Any team without portraits will get memed on. You can submit them as mid cup content, so you have almost two weeks for something that takes a couple hours at most.
You can find instructions on how to format them in the Portraits section of the AET page.

Fixed exports from the Qualifiers

Here are the exports from all the teams which have played in the spring qualifiers, with all the fixes some of them needed.
Please download your own and, if you're going to submit new stuff for the spring cup, add your stuff to it and upload it.
If you're not going to submit any new aesthetics you don't need to reupload this export, since it's already integrated in the DLC.

Exports for teams which have competed in Spring Fetus 17

Thank you for reading.