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Sign-ups Open: March 25th
Sign-ups Close: April 1st, 23:59:59 UTC

If Qualifiers, dates will be:
Qualifiers Aesthetics Export Deadline: April 14th, 23:59:59 UTC
Qualifiers Tactical Export Deadline: April 15th, 23:59:59 UTC
Qualifiers Draw: April 16th
Qualifiers Weekend: April 21-23
Babby Aesthetics Export Deadline: April 28th, 23:59:59 UTC
Babby Tactical Export Deadline: April 29th, 23:59:59 UTC
Babby Draw: April 30th
First Weekend: May 5-7
Second Weekend: May 12-14
Knockout Weekend: May 20-21

If Megababby, dates will be:
Aesthetics Export Deadline: April 14th, 23:59:59 UTC
Tactical Export Deadline: April 15th, 23:59:59 UTC
Babby Draw: April 16th
First Weekend: April 21-23
Second Weekend: April 28-30
Third Weekend: May 5-7
Last Day of Groups + Knockout Draw: May 12th
Knockouts: May 13-14

Whether Qualifiers or Megababby will be used for the 2023 4chan Spring Babby Cup will depend on the amount of teams accepted after sign-ups close. The format and which set of dates that will be used will be announced shortly afterward.

Proof of Interest:
As of the posting of this announcement, the following teams that are eligible to play in Spring must refresh their proof of interest before sign-ups close on April 1st:
C icon.png /c/, F icon.png /f/, Fit icon.png /fit/, Jp icon.png /jp/, K icon.png /k/, N icon.png /n/, P icon.png /p/, R9k icon.png /r9k/, Tg icon.png /tg/, Toy icon.png /toy/, Vt icon.png /vt/, X icon.png /x/

Proof of interest must be dated from September 2022 onward in order to be considered. If a team isn't listed above, they currently have valid proof of interest and will be able to play in Spring. These teams are free to submit newer proof of interest if they would like to, however.

Additionally, reminder that Fit icon.png /fit/ is currently without a manager or caretaker and will need to find at least one along with updated proof of interest in order to be able to play in Spring.

Patch and Rule Change:
Spring 2023 will be switching back to using PES 2019 with the additional use of the AI Patch Ladies' Night v1.2 which can be downloaded HERE. If you have not done so already, download it, unzip it, and overwrite the 4cc_60_midcup.cpk that should already be in the download folder of your PES19 directory.

There will be no rule changes for Spring with one exception: since PES 2021 is no longer being used for the time being, the rule concerning "all formations that constitute 3 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 3 strikers (i.e., 3-4-3, 3-2-2-3, 3-3-1-3, and 3-1-3-3)" being banned will be annulled, meaning any such formation will be legal to run again.