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The 2015 4chan Summer Cup signups are now open. Managers can sign up their team on this page: 2015 4chan Summer Cup Signups. Besides the 32 already qualified teams for Summer, the top 5 that did not promote from the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup can also sign up as backup in the case one or more teams fail to sign up. The signups will be open until an hour before the draw on 11 July 2015.

Extra News


The rules for the 2015 4chan Summer Cup will be the same as for the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup with one minor change to the green height bracket. Instead of a -6 stat nerf, players 190cm and up will now have a variable nerf: -5 for golds, -4 for silvers, -3 for all others. In other words, gold goes from 99 to 94, silver goes from 88 to 84, and all others go from 77 to 74 but only if they are 190cm or taller. If you are not yet familiar with the PES15 rules, please read Appendix:Rules. If you have any questions left you can always ask any 4CCC member for more info and/or clarification.


This cup will be the first cup to have 2 weeks between the first export deadline and the start of the cup. This is done because previously the Aesthetics Helper practically only had one day to fix everything aesthetics related in the official save which has never been enough. Therefore there is now an extra week. For more information on all the important dates for this cup, please check the Upcoming Events section on the wiki main page.

Aesthetics Exports

Not much has changed compared to the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup, the only difference is that the custom skin color folder has been removed from it because these are no longer possible in PES15. It is mandatory for all teams to list all their team colors. Keep in mind that the team's manager is always responsible for his team's export and only he is allowed to add/upload aesthetics for his team.