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Rigged Wiki:News/Winter 18 PES Version and Rules Update

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In the last months it was made apparent that moving all aesthetics to PES 18 would be a difficult task due to the internal working of PES changing and some of what we are capable of on 17 was not easily doable on 18. Because of this the 4CCC asked in a viewer poll their opinions on moving to the new version of PES with or without aesthetics. The results of that poll showed a clear desire from viewers to only move to PES 18 if all aesthetic capabilities were retained. Because at the current time that is not possible it has been decided that for the upcoming Winter Cup PES 17 will be used.

The ruleset used for Winter is still undecided and the date for that decision for that will be made when the dates for Winter are finalized. An estimate as to when that decision will be made is early to mid January.

The Rules page is to be updated with the various minor and quality of life fixes that are currently on this page.