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Assist {{{1}}}'{{{3}}}'{{{5}}}'{{{7}}}'{{{9}}}'{{{11}}}'{{{13}}}'{{{15}}}'{{{17}}}'{{{19}}}'{{{21}}}'

This template can be used to mark up an assist when displayed in the {{Scoreboard}} template.

It is not intended for use in article prose: only in tables and templates.



An optional parameter, shows what time the assist was made.
Another optional parameter, shows a note about the assist.

Up to five assists can be specified, as follows:



If there is no note, just leave the parameter in question blank. The pipe character must still be entered if further assists are added afterwards. If another assist is added after an assist with a note, only a single pipe is needed. However, between assists without notes, double piping "||" is necessary for the template to display all of the assists.


  • {{assist}} → Assist
  • {{assist|67}} → Assist 67'
  • {{assist|44|note}} → Assist 44' (note)
  • {{assist|5||20||90+2|note}} → Assist 5'20'90+2' (note)
  • {{assist|14||54|note|87}} → Assist 14'54' (note)87'

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