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CK-FT-2022.PNG /ck/ - Cooking Ck icon.png
Best finish: 2nd, 2011 4chan Summer Cup
Previous Result: 5th, 2022 4chan Spring Babby Cup
Recent Form: L W W W W
Runners-up in the 2011 4chan Summer Cup, /ck/ has yet to taste success in their near 11-year history. The tale of this team is one of tragedy from the very beginning. Whether it be untimely own goals, 90+ goals, or an unholy combination of the two on par with the average /ck/ poster's dinner, /ck/ has suffered bitter defeat again and again. Yet, their manager and fans do not look crestfallen when they take the field. How could they be? The bombastic Moliendo Cafe and watching a half-time show of cooking that's (probably) worse than your own is sure to lift the spirits of anyone watching - or at least ruin their appetite.

Again and again, /ck/ shows up as strong competitors in Babby and Elite alike, pressing onward for promotion time and time again in the Babby Cups. In the Elites, /ck/ has a pair of (slightly dusty) Third-Place Trophies to show for their years of work slaving away behind the grill, first in the 2012 4chan Winter Cup and later the 2015 4chan Winter Cup.

Even with these years of good results, the question looms large. Will all those cups spent grinding away ever make the perfect cup run for this beloved and beleaguered /ck/ side? A team can only be this unlucky for so long, right?

Regardless of heartbreak, /ck/ continues to push on towards that first star they were so close to in 2011 to this very day.

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