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Triforce POTW.png ▲ ▲ ▲ B icon.png /b/



Close that text document, retard, you're in the presence of one of the old guard.

Newfags can't triforce, but Triforce can score — he's done it 90 times in fact, making him one of the most prolific strikers in 4Chan Cup history, and that 100-goal club is only getting closer.

A mainstay of his board's roster for over a decade, Triforce has been up front and bashing in goals just about as long. Known for his aggressive playstyle and penchant for keeping /b/ in the game no matter what, he's always been joined by fellow striker #REKT up front for the side. But when it comes to testing those fucking newfag defenders, there's only one nigger for the job. Gold or Silver, he'll flex his goal-scoring skills and his triforce on you all the same.

Lurk for another decade and you might learn how to finally into triforce, but while you do that, Triforce will be making sure you and your team look like the dumbest motherfuckers for years to come.