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POTW sadpanda.png Sad Panda H icon.png /h/
Build: 185cm, 82kg
Player Skills: S21
Playing Style: Offensive Goalkeeper
There's a question that's dogged both /h/ newfags and frustrated Cup strikers forever -- how the fuck do I get past this goddamn panda?

Known as the biggest and most reliable index for drawings of all sorts, exhentai, more popularly as the Sad Panda, was beloved among all /h/ for hosting all their favorite fetishes and art with decades' worth of material. Then, tragedy struck: a new sticky on /h/ told users to backup material on Sad Panda immediately due to new laws in the Netherlands. Users panickedly scrambled to backup everything they could, but -- there's only so much you can save in twelve hours. Though a backup eventually saved everything, the panic and dread that comes from losing the original and having to save so much could not dissipate so easily.

So how did this carry over to the pitch? For their final group stage match against /g/, Sad Panda became an AMF and a gold medal in honor of his many years of service, and just like that PES found a way to reward him.

With a free kick opportunity just outside of the box, the panda put it right into the back of the net, sending /h/ fans into a frenzy, with their lament momentarily forgotten, and the joy of a divegrass miracle filling their hearts. You'd be hard-pressed to write a better doujin plot than that.

But as /h/ fans blew their collective load for the Panda goal, so, it seems, did /h/ -- when the Panda let a heart-breaking goal past him in the last minute of eggsdra diem, /h/’s loss in the Round of 16 was sealed, capping off /h/’s emotional cup run. No matter how sad this made the panda, /h/ fans surely will still love him all the same.

Watch the Winter Cup, coming to a backup save near you soon, to see if /h/ can penetrate the field harder next time!