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Nukedhi.jpg Nuclear Gandhi Vst icon.png /vst/
The devastating, precise strikes on your goal aren't the result of a programming error, oh no.

This is Nuclear Gandhi, hailing from one of the most iconic strategy games, and just because he's not /vst/'s Captain -or even a striker for that matter- doesn't mean he won't put up 3 goals while still also lending his support to other /vst/ players with attentive passing and clever decision-making. With enough long-range shooting capability to make the average late-game military blush, Gandhi is a threat at any point in the match.

The players challenging must Gandhi fear and respect him. One little act of aggression and it's all-but-certain destruction for your defenses. Even if you manage to pressure him and shut him down in the midfield, he'll still support /vst/'s two Silvers well enough to make them plenty dangerous threats on their own.

So go ahead and prepare all your tactics and plans all you want, but this Indian leader will out-science you, out-strategize you, and most importantly, out-nuke you.

You'll wish it was just an urban legend when you play /vst/ and an angry Nuclear Gandhi.