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This is the front page of Player of the Week's archive, a near-annual (formerly weekly but not since like 2014) piece featuring a player of the moment. New articles come whenever they are written by the community. Feel free to submit a piece, contact User:F4r. This page contains all articles from the current year. Here are links to all articles from past years:


Friday, 30th of March

POTW Bepsi.jpg Bepsi N icon.png /n/
Build: 185cm, 80kg
Player Skills: S04, S07, S08, S10, S12, S24
Playing Style: Target Man
Divegrass can be an exhausting activity -- and when the need to just kick back from drills and practices, well, kicks in? Forget protein shakes, forget energy drinks, and forget all the rest of that gay shit -- what you really need is a fresh can of Bepsi! An /n/ mainstay, Bepsi has been on the team since Winter 2015: first as a starting CMF, and then working its way up the field -- in fact, it's now /n/'s gold striker! Aided by a peppy goalhorn and a propensity to score in the most opportune moments, this unlicensed-copyright-in-a-can has wriggled its way into the hearts of /n/ fans and ordinary viewers alike. Even if it's not the most prolific, it's certainly the most memorable -- so if you're feeling like celebrating /n/'s run to the Third Place Trophy with them, why not stop by your local WacDonalds and get a Bepsi with your fries?

Just be careful they don't give you a Cole instead.