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This is the front page of Player of the Week's archive, a near-weekly piece featuring a player of the moment. New articles come whenever they are written. Feel free to submit a piece, contact User:F4r. This page contains all articles from the current year. Here are links to all articles from past years:


Friday, 3rd of March

POTW Smogonsword.jpg Smogonsword Vp icon.png
Build: 189cm, 80kg
Player Skills: P21
Playing Style: Offensive Goalkeeper
On their way to a Third Place Trophy, /vp/ would pick up two victories in benuldies -- better known as classic PES coin-flipping at its finest, and a point of argument for critics eager to dismiss /vp/'s run as a fluke. In retrospect, however -- /jp/ and /sp/ never really had a chance. At least, not when /vp/ had a true master of the coinflip on their side: Smogonsword! Though he started out as a midfielder and then a centerback for the team, management soon realized that his 150 / 150 mixed offenses didn't flourish well in those positions, and so eventually Smogonsword would change to Shield Forme and become the reliable alternative whenever main goalkeeper Gotta Catch 'Em All felt under the weather. One of the last lines of defense in /vp/'s deep defensive lines this Winter, Smogonsword would go on to rack up nine saves of his own -- along with Gotta Catch 'Em All's seventeen, the duo's defense would add up to the most saves per team this Cup in support of a spot on the podium. As the living embodiment of "skillful" play himself, we can be sure /vp/ will stay in the Cup's Ubers tier as long as his mighty King's Shield guards the net.

Or who knows? Personally, I'd say the odds are fifty-fifty.