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Wednesday 14th of January - Suicide

POTW suicide.jpg Suicide Adv icon.png
Build: 183cm, 82kg
Player Skills: C08, P09, P10, P13
Playing Style: Goal Poacher
When we featured /lit/ goalkeeper Exit Level, it was suggested that other goalies should kill themselves. While not a goalkeeper, there is one player within the 4CC who just may very well follow that advice! Suicide is a Center Forward for /adv/. Added to the team's roster for their 2nd incaration in 2012, Suicide was traditionally a winger who played quiet yet solid midfield with exception of a goal scored against /gif/ during Autumn 2012. Recently, teammate and former gold player s/adv/irgin received a humiliating promition to a CB, and Suicide took his place as CF and new gold for the team in time for the 2014 Autumn Babby Cup. With great flexibility and dexterity, Suicide proved he had the grit to tie the noose around his opponents' necks. He scored five goals in total, including a crushing hattrick vs. /tv/, putting him in a front runner position for the Golden Boot all the way up to the end of the group stages. /adv/ just barely failed to promote, but when they return for another chance next Spring, Suicide will tie his laces extra tight and consult for /adv/'s victory once more.


Thursday 5th of March - Doomrider

POTW Doomrider.jpg DOOMRIDER Tg icon.png
Build: 189cm, 108kg
Player Skills: C03, P08, P09, P13
Playing Style: Dummy Runner
Oh great Lord Slaanesh, send forth your servant, the Daemon Prince Doomrider! Let our enemies tremble in ruptured awe before his fearsome goals! So sayeth the newest 4CC champions, /tg/. Currently a gold player and one of /tg/'s trio of Second Strikers, Doomrider , along with his partner in crime, Creed, has been arguably the team's most popular striker. Starting with a goal in /tg/'s very first game way back in Winter 2012, they have since kept coming to the tune of 48 in total. Doomrider may have also secured his status as the most acrobatic striker in the 4CC. The Demon Prince now his two legendary bicycle kick goals to his name; the first being the award-winning goal of Autumn 2013 where he set up his own aerial shot vs. /sci/; the second is now the title-clenching kick which nabbed the championship from /h/. We've interviewed Doomrider about the secret of his success and he said, “I use a very strict health regimen which starts with a half-hour jog every morning at 6 A.M. Sharp. I then follow it up with a healthy breakfast of whole-wheat – Ha ha, just kidding! IT'S COCAAAAAIIIN!


Wednesday, 1st of April - Gaston

POTW Gaston.png Gaston Co icon.png
Build: 193cm, 124kg
Player Skills: C02, C07, P12, P15
Playing Style: Beastmaster
Gaston flexed his way onto the /co/ roster in time for the 1992 4chan Winter Cup. His extraordinary debut is still among the most memorable in 4cc history. During the semi-final game vs. the then-favorite to win the Cup, /3/, /co/ seemed in a dire situation with teammate El Barto removed via red card, and Darkwing Duck also out with a broken ankle. Through sheer force of manliness and aided by the blinding sparkle of his smile, Gaston bulldozed through the /3/ defense, scoring three goals in the last 16 minutes of regulation and clinching the game for his team 6-5. Not one to go down in after such a triumph, Gaston singlehanded carried /co/ through the championship game vs. /v/ to the tune of 3-1, and he hoisted /co/'s first trophy over his head. Since then it has become unimaginable to think of /co/ without Gaston! (Ignoring his brief, one-season transfer to /fit/ in 2003) The comics crew and their seven stars are a feared force indeed, with Gaston ever-present playing striker, midfielder, defender, or goalie, sometimes all at once! No one shoots like Gaston! No one bloots like Gaston! No one gores like Gaston! No one scores like Gaston!


Thursday, 7th of May - CRT

POTW CRT.jpg CRT Vr icon.png
Build: 186cm, 99kg
Player Skills: P07, P19
Playing Style: N/A
What's the best television set for your gaming needs? A 72" True-Color flatscreen with surround sound? Or perhaps a more conservatively tasteful 40" LCD on a wall-mount? As any /vr/ gamer will tell you, what you REALLY want is that piece of shit Magnavox CRT from 1990 if you want the true, pure way to display those pixels. Whether it's sitting down for some quality time with Crystalis, or demolishing the defense of your divegrass opponents, CRT has served /vr/ well. Historically playing several different positions including GK and DMF, he is now a silver-ranked Center Forward for the team. His first goal ever was during last year's 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup in 90+ minutes against /pol/, but that would be just a rumble compared to a thunderous performance so far in this year's Spring Babby. So far, CRT has scored 5 goals as well as granting 5 assists. He has undoubtedly been essential in making /vr/ one of the most successful teams of this cup, in addition to being the first team to secure their spot into the knockout rounds. As /vr/ strives to win a babby cup, CRT has reportedly been training by playing Nintendo World Cup and FIFA 94.

Tuesday, 19th of May - Brendan Fraser

POTW BrendenFraser.jpg Brendan Fraser Tv icon.png
Build: 183cm, 69kg
Player Skills: C03, P05, P10
Playing Style: Fox in the Box
"Mr. Fraser, what is it you desire most?"

"Looney Toons: Back in Action only made $20 million domestically on an $80 dollar budget. It nearly ruined me. I want revenge!"
"Then sign this contract. Play for /tv/ and you may get your vengeance on /co/."
And thus Brendan Fraser began his divegrass career, and his wrath was terrible. This silver Center Forward is a brand new addition to the team for the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup. Just as he can act the gambit from a romantic in The Quiet American to complaining about sugar pills in Brain Candy, he can also play all which the pitch demands from striker, to assisting, or sweeper. While teammates Real Human Being and For You each have scored one more goal than Fraser's 5 this cup, they have Brendan and his 6 assists to thank for it. He has exploded onto the scene as /tv'/s MVP. This Summer, /tv/ returns to their first elite cup in many moons, and expectations will be high for /tv/ and Brendan Fraser alike. Good luck!


Wednesday, 3rd of June - Rippletits

POTW Rippletits.jpg Rippletits Fit icon.png
Build: 182cm, 101kg
Player Skills: P07, P13, P19
Playing Style: Creative Playmaker
Mark Rippletoe, or better-known around /fit/ as simply Rippletits, is a veteran of the 4chan Cup dating all the way back to the days of the GSBB system. At one time he was captain for /fit/ but has since stepped down for newer players such as Scooby to get their time in the limelight. But Rippletits is far from done contributing to his team. He is now a silver-ranked LWF who, despite his guilty pleasure for curls, has not skipped leg day. Rippletits specializes in fighting hard for the ball, powerfully driving it up the pitch, and crossing it to his midfield teammates with surprising grace. As far as the record sheets are concerned, he is mostly a quiet player with a mere 4 career goals and a handful of assists each season. Yet still, his presence is always felt on the pitch, and he was certainly a key factor in /fit/ having their most successful season since the team's fall from elite status in Summer 2013. /fit/ and Rippletits will move onto the next Summer Cup to make sure there isn't a repeat of that episode.

Tuesday, 30th of June - Slavshit

POTW Slavshit.jpg Slavshit K icon.png
Build: 189cm, 68kg
Player Skills: C05, P15, P18
Playing Style: Build Up
Another longstanding 4CC veteran, Slavshit has loyally played /k/'s defensive line for nearly innumerable seasons now. Like the cheap, near-disposable guns of his namesake, he's seemingly everywhere on /k/'s rear line. For the 2015 Spring Babby Cup the /k/ommandos decided to go with a more defensive strategy than normal by granting Slavshit silver status. His new, rigorous training regiment focused on specializing on long, low punts in the hopes of delivering the ball straight from the rear line all the way up /k/'s strikers. He is also notorious for sticking to his marked opponents like Bulgarian gypsy. At 18th place, /k/ just barely missed advancement to the 2015 4chan Summer Cup. When they try again in Autumn, Slavshit's continued silver status is in question, but without question he will still return as a starter because, as stated, Slavshit is everywhere!


Friday, 24th of July - Sadfrog

POTW Sadfrog.jpg Sadfrog R9k icon.png
Build: 179cm, 72kg
Player Skills: P07, P09, P12
Playing Style: Prolific Winger
Sadfrog... his name was Pepe and he was usually happy, then he got to 4chan, and it went downhill from there.” Thus said then-commissioner Germanbro during /hr/'s inaugural game against /r9k/. Sadfrog's position as a silver LWF has been set for several years now, with a mixed strategy of crossing to his fellow strikers, or scoring himself when the opportunity presents itself. While occasionally scoring in the past, Sadfrog's performance noticably picked up with /r9k/'s game against /3/ in the 2014 Spring Babby Cup. Starting with that game, Sadfrog has scored in seven out of the past eleven games. 11 career goals currently ties him as /r9k/'s 2nd most prolific scorer. Thanks to him, his team beat /x/ and /out/ in the 2015, but Group D ended up being so tight those two wins still only put /r9k/ 4th in the group. While he waits for his next cup, Sadfrog will return to fight his endless crusade against the FUCKING NORMIES. REEEEEEEEEE!


Friday, 7th of August - Youd Be Suprise

POTW Youdbesurprise.jpg Youd Be Suprise S4s icon.png
Build: 180cm, 80kg
Player Skills: P11, P12
Playing Style: Build Up
A non-starter Center Back becoming featured player? Youd Be Suprise! While off the field, Youd Be Suprise is a spoiler tag and metaphorical box of chocolates for /s4s/, promising untold wonders behind every hidden image. But during game time, he normally warms the bench cheering on his team with ebin may mays :^). Should one of his fellow Center Backs be too low on keks, he'll sub in and bring a special brand of controlled passing and dank defense. He proved to be a pivotal player in his team's recent game vs. /mu/ when /mu/ striker MC Ride had a clear shot at the net. You'd think it would have been a goal, but youd be suprise! YBS slipped in and blocked the shot with his calf just enough to send it wide, ultimately preventing an /s4s/ loss and making sure both teams walked away from the game with 1 point. Youd be suprise shows that you shouldn't be surprised when even a benchwarmer makes a vital difference.

Tuesday, 18th of August - Best Pony

POTW Bestpony.jpg Best Pony Mlp icon.png
Build: 178cm, 97kg
Player Skills: P07, P09 P11, P12, P20
Playing Style: N/A
Who is the Best Pony? Nobody cared until she put on the mask . . . and hat. Though her face is hidden, there are some facts about Best Pony which are certain. First, she is a gold Second Striker and team captain of /mlp/. Second, she has tallied 22 career Cup goals. Third, that really is a very nice hat! Her teammate, >rape is the undisputed goal leader of /mlp/, but behind every strong man there's a strong pony too. Best Pony is one of the greatest assists in the 4chan Cup. This is all due to a specialization that results in graceful, feather-touch passes perfect for that final blow into the net. However on the road to becoming Summer Cup champions, Best Pony was a deadly striker in her own right. She scored 7 goals this cup, the most notable of them being a hat trick vs. /asp/. /mlp/ now gets to show off a star on their logo thanks to her heroic efforts, and as a result the rest of the 4CC will redouble their efforts to beat the cup's most hated team. Know for certain that despite this, or because of this, Best Pony will always fight to keep /mlp/ the best team.


Friday, 25th of September - Perfect Coffee

POTW PerfectCoffee.jpg Perfect Coffee Ck icon.png
Build: 186cm, 80kg
Player Skills: C03, P07
Playing Style: Hole Player
In /ck/'s triumvirate, Nachos serves up a hearty meal, and Pink Himalayan Salt adds zest. And with what does one wash it down? Why, with a cup of Perfect Coffee!. This silver-ranked AMF has played for /ck/ for more seasons than many cup viewers even remember. Since he literally has caffeine for blood, he comes equipped with the Speeding Bullet card to zip down the field a moment's notice. His position makes him a well-rounded player who can, and has, contributed to his team in multiple ways. He has been known to assist his fellow strikers, with three assists so far in 2015 alone. But should he find the opportunity, Perfect Coffee is a perfectly capable scorer too with a career total of 13 goals. /ck/ will take a respite as the babby teams battle it out. In the meantime, Perfect Coffee will percolate until his next chance to play.


Monday, 9th of November - Bert is a Titan

POTW BertIsATitan.jpg Bert Is A Titan A icon.png
Build: 189cm, 70kg
Player Skills: C07, P11, P14
Playing Style: Box-to-Box
Oh holy Christ, Bert is playing something resembling well, and he actually scored a decisive, game-winning goal. It's a goddamn Christmas miracle!

Wednesday, 18th of November - Spurdo Spärde

POTW SpurdoSparde.jpg Spurdo Spärde Int icon.png
Build: 179cm, 67kg
Player Skills: C03, P07, P12, P19
Playing Style: N/A
Putin was the very first 4CC player to be featured back in 2012. Nearly 3 years to the day after the fact, a new /int/ star earned the right to shine on the front page. Spurdo Spärde is a SS and fugger-in-chief for /int/. His gold ranking is a recent promotion, where the past saw him in other positions – most recently as a silver CMF where he demonstrated an inkling of potential via a goal each against /fit/ and /d/ during the 2014 Summer Friendlies. /int/ management may be wishing they had unlocked the true potential of Spurdo sooner, because in this Autumn Babby he showed off his deadly one-two punch (or kick) of being both striker and precision passer. Thanks to a critical goal against /jp/, and a devastating 5-goal blitz on /co/, Spurdo helped to finally drag his team out from the Babby league. Another goal vs. hated rival /pol/ would also secure their spot in the championship game. And through it all, Spurdo tied for 2nd in assists for the entire tournament with six, securing his status as /int/'s MVP for this tournament. He was asked how he felt about going so far this cup only to lose to /out/ in the final. He smiled and said, “fuggg :DDD”