The logo competition for the 2021 4chan World Cup is no longer taking submissions, but you may still submit changes and/or improvements for the next two weeks.
The final deadline will be May 19th, 23:59 UTC. Logo submissions are located in this gallery. After this “improvement phase” there will be a one week voting period.

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I'm just some random cunt who somehow ended up in /admin/ and then /merit/ and then /admin/ again. I lurk, and break the wiki occasionally. Formally, I'm a wiki and IRC admin and server manager, however I do other random bits and bobs around the place, I used to assemble the nightly team exports and deadline exports. /f/ is my home board.
Feel free to catch me on IRC, skype (f4rhanakodlmg) (rarely used), discord (f4r#2361) (sure bet) or via email I can't guarantee I'll answer you quickly, there's a good chance I'm asleep/at work, however email is forwarded directly to my personal account so I can promise you I will see it.
I also run buttbot and spengbab on IRC, buttbot has quite a few public commands. You can type !commands in the channel to get a list, or see below for an extended table. Spengbab is just a markov chain bot.
If you want a script added to buttbot, let me know. It runs eggdrop v1.6.21, Tcl v8.5, and supports python scripts too. Just want to do a simple random-reply script such as batman/bender/hitler/madden/bane/gametip/fact? Here's a template: User:F4r/Script template
User:F4r/ a script I made to pull basic info from the hitbox JSON API and use it on the wiki. Checks if the channel is live (and in hostmode or not) and gets the viewcount, and puts those values on the AutoOn and AutoVC templates. No longer relevant since >youtube.

Buttbot commands

Command Description
!8ball <your question here> Ask the magic 8-ball a question, and be dismayed by its answers.
!seen <nickname> Will look up a nickname and tell you how long ago the bot saw anything from them (including joins/parts/quits). Can be a little iffy sometimes.
!addquote <some quote here> Will add the text to the quote database. Restricted to trusted persons only due to abuse. You need an account set up on the bot.
!lastquote Returns the last quote added.
!randquote Returns a random quote.
!findquote <some text here> Searches the quote database and retuns what it finds.
!quote <number> Retuns a specific quote.
!batman A random Batman quote.
!bender A random Bender quote.
!hitler A random Hitler quote.
!madden A random Madden quote.
!bane A random Bane quote.
!gametip A random game "tip".
!fact A random fact.
!murphyslaw Returns one of Murphy's laws. Also triggered by mentioning the words "murphys law" or similar.
!uptime Returns the current system uptime of buttbot.
!roll <dice notation> Dice notation is xdy where x is the number of dice and y is the number of sides. Eg 1d20 will roll one 20-sided dice, 20d6 will roll twenty dice with 6 sides each. Limited to 100,000 dice and sides per roll. Supports modifiers too.
!countdown Time remaining until whatever is coming up next (deadlines, cups, whatever).
!tweet <tweet> Makes the bot tweet. [1]. Restricted to trusted individuals.
!rigbux <command> Commands are help, balance, transfer <nickname> <amount>. To prevent abuse, you don't get any money when you first join. If f4r is around, you'll $100 when you first join. If not, bug him. Other than that, the only way to make more Rigbux are by giving people a good reason to give you more.
!rank <nickname> Returns the users' rank in the channel stats. Also see here for mIRCstats (ironically, not logged with mIRC). Neither is 100% complete, however mIRCstats covers a much longer logging period than the chanstats script.
!stats <nickname> Returns the users' channel stats.
!top10 <option> Returns the top ten users ranked for a given option. Valid options are lines, words, actions, kicks, bans, joins, parts, splits, quits, nicks. Also has a !top20 for users ranked 11-20.
!tstats Returns the total channel stats.
!define <term> Returns the definition for the term you give it. Powered by UrbanDictionary.
!decide <option1> <option2> <etc> Picks a random option (minimum of two needed). Encase multi-word options in "". Example: !decide "play some vidya" wank drink "go to bed"
!teamrank <team> Returns the current rank and points for any of the 60 teams listed on the Rankings page. Slashes around the board name are optional.
!mal <anime> Returns a brief summary of that anime from myanimelist.
!mml <manga> As above, but for manga.
!uno Play a game of Uno. Limited to the #games channel only, to avoid clogging the main channel. Type !unocmds to get the full list of game commands.
!testdraw Does a test draw for the upcoming cup.
!utc Returns the current UTC date and time.
!team A random 4cc team. Only includes teams listed on the front page.
!springteam A random spring team.
!summerteam A random summer team.
!fapto Returns something for you to jerk it to.
!fapfantasy Returns something you probably don't want to jerk it to.