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User:F4r/Script template

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# Random response script template - PLEASE READ ALL THE COMMENTS or your script might not work, or
# it might conflict with other scripts on the bot.
# Fill in any misc info here, such as the name of your script, date you made it, your nick, etc etc.
# After you install this script the syntax is !command (change this!!).
# Based off of batman quotes by fraguk
#  Original:     IRC - channel #FragUK
#      Visit Website @

# Change !command to whatever you want the trigger command to be, eg !word. Also rename pub_command to
# something related to the name of your script. Personally, I treat it exactly like !command, eg if you
# change !command to !word, change pub_command to pub_word
bind pub - !command pub_command

# change pub_command to whatever you just put up there
proc pub_command {nick mask hand channel args} {
# also below, eg if your !command was !word, below should read "global word"
   global command
# the line below has two $command's to replace with your word
   puthelp "PRIVMSG $channel :[lindex $command [rand [llength $command]]]" }

# change command to your word
set command {
"Your responses go here"
"They have to be encased within quote marks"
"If you want to use quote marks in your responses"
"You have to escape them, for example"
"He said \"lol benis\"."
"Make sense?"

# The putlog is just what it sounds like, it puts something in the bot log when the script is loaded.
# You can put pretty much whatever you want here, but it's very helpful if you make it something
# related to the name of your script.
putlog "Loaded <script name>"