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Grievances with the 4cc, and the problems with it

This is me stating what I feel is wrong with this entire community. I am not trying to say "fuck you to this user", I am saying this as reasons to why I feel everything has become garbage, or a place that has become less and less "invested" in the ideas. I am open to people being critical on this, especially as we are just TWO WEEKS from the Summer Cup and still don't know a god damn rule set to use, even when there has been three options explored.

Complaint 1-Discord

Discord itself is a blessing and a curse to this community. It's helped streamline commentary, communication, discussion of rules, and even fan interaction. However, it has given us a curse of people who just laze around and do shit like the comfy cabal and the numerous off-topic discord servers. People who are guilty of this should know, even myself. However these people are still involved and do the bare minimum for their teams should be called out to a large extent. Im looking specifically at people like the /an/ manager who start shit in discords but also make their team such garbage that people in general do not like them at all. Othertimes you have peoples ego's become so large that they take over the team instead. Look at Karth and /toy/. He bragged so much in the discords and STILL acts like he is on a high horse with the team with crap like /fgoalter/. Is it smart to do these actions when your presumed fanbase can see them? Of course not. I'll admit to fucking up with the atrocious amount of discord posts within both the 4cc and VGL servers, but when you have people like ramen and karth shitting up the discord, you would figure it doesn't even mention such a thing. If anything, Lock the fucking discords unless there is A.)Rule discussions about the cup, B.)A cup ongoing or C.)The idea of cullings or new teams. Discord itself is a service that overall has made the cup stray away from the site itself, even when moderation has become even more insane as well, which brings me to

Complaint 2-Moderation

The cup itself focuses on 4chan. We go around polling our boards, trying to grow a fanbase, even if your board is so small like /gd/ and /i/. The issue now comes with mods. You remember Autumn 17 very well for the mods flipping out across the site due to cup threads, throwing massive bans to people who responded to the mod. It got so bad that the /co/ thread was moved to /sp/ and the homegrown /sp/ thread was purged. This shit still happens where a cup thread is dead on arrival and bans are everywhere for people who mention the cup at all. This is very relevant on boards like /vp/ and /a/, one of which has been seeing such a decrease in a fanbase not only from repeated shit performances but also bare bones success. Moderation has made it clear: The cup is not welcome here. Sure, we are permitted to just three boards, but two of those boards are cancerous shitholes and the other is /sp/. The main general on /vg/ also has such garbage quality that we all joke about it. Its gotten so bad we have faggots talking about horse races and their irrelevant horse anime, even when it's fucking dead. Imagine being a first timer in the cup in 2019. You see that shit in the general where people spam horse porn and spam nonsense that is barely related to the cup. Does that leave a good impression of the cup at all? No! It makes the cup look so bad that it deserves to be purged from the site. Nobody should invest in this shit, especially when people have to make it an obligation, from aesthetics to modding the game to make it work, to just getting something simple like adboards to work. Now to the next point

Complaint 3-The General Community

The community of the cup is HORRENDOUS! You have got the absolute worst of 4channel here, ranging from horsefuckers to /sp/ fags to the absolute scum that is /trash/ furries. There are so many people that the moment you spew an opinion people call you a plant of a team. If you hate someone in the community there's someone writing hatefuck ERP on you. There are subdivisions of subdivisions, ranging from people in the offtopic discord, to the eternal circlejerk known as /ag/. There are people who want to backstab you, or people that want to remind you that there is a stereotype to your character. It doesn't help that the new group of people, especially from 2017 onwards has been especially terrible with these cliques. I can recall ramen specifically talking about despising adding new members to /ag/, simply because they were "shit" in his eyes. Granted he sees everything as shit, but when you play shit constantly whats the fucking difference? Theres people who will simply hate you because you like a certain sport and people hate it. Do I give a fuck if you hate me posting a sport at all? NO! The 4cc is really a terrible community also because there's always someone who will shit on you, or will stab your back and act as if they're great. Look at the fellow redditor giovani1906, who basically was a parasite who advocated for the shitheap known as PES18. It's created such a toxic nature that it has made the community also die because their laptops cannot handle the specs. Its created such a schism that we know that there is no possible way to move on without going backwards. It's basically given the cup a limited lifetime now, and given how konami is killing features that help the cup, we could see the death of the cup soon.

Complaint 4-Other Invitationals

Look specifically at the VGL. I see this as the shining example of an invitational, but it has one catch: it's based upon /vg/ generals, which means cancer like VN's and Gacha and non games. Sure it's ironic for the former /jp/ manager to criticize visual novels, but the truth is I never got the appeals, similarly to how other invitationals have sprung up over the years, like the /pol/eague and FAGS, but also the /ag/League. Simply put: theres too much shit now. Some stay on the same PES for 2+ years but spice it up. Others move to said trashpile in PES18 to test a new ruleset (WHICH WE HAVEN'T HEARD SHIT ON WHICH IS BEING USED!). What you get is a competition for people to watch their shit over the main event of the 4cc. Its used as a way to get bragging rights, likewise for people like Rabbi Schlomo who want to push the /pol/eague down peoples throats even when we all want /pol/ off the god damn website. Theres the FAG's which are /mlp/ reserved and to be frank nobody wants to see a league for the horsefuckers because they're garbage themselves who probably still live with their parents in the basement. Oh too harsh then too bad. Cry me a river. In general, we have too much divegrass now, and we get people using their talents on that instead of the 4cc. The only exception is the VGL, because that is used to determine a roster and still is very fun. Now this brings me to my last complaint

Complaint 5-Manager Circlejerking

I guess this should go under community, but this is a different issue. Managers are used as peoples fucktoys in a way, or some use it as a way to get on a high horse. Despite what /4ccg/ says, i didn't become a manager to gain fame. I wanted to manage my board and I do care. The issue is that I can't handle PES18. However people are up their asses so far that they write fan fictions as stated before, but also endless posts like "I want to cuddle half in his bedsheets". It becomes creepy when you say this shit. It deters people from wanting to join a community because you have faggots who say this shit endlessly. This is why people would rather be in the discord because you don't see this shit. Oh wait you do because some people still do that within the dicksword

End Statement

While I may not be an expert of the 4cc, I can say that the cup itself is garbage and should have ended years ago. The further we go, the more we devolve into shit like "USE THIS PES", or "USE THIS PES BECAUSE IT ISNT GARBAGE!". We will get continued garbage until there is a change at everything wrong with this community. I can care less that I talked shit about people here because i'm not involved in this place.

Oh, and one last thing:/hoc/ rules this shit

Comment from one rebel to another

Reform from within nigga, don't throw a canadafag tantrum then later try and patch shit up MarcoZ (talk) 16:25, 6 July 2019 (UTC) Also most of the circlejerk stuff doesn't really concern the 4ccc, if you want a protip, withdraw yourself, you don't need circlejerks to participate, and you don't even need to be able to run PES

It's only a fucking clown fiesta dude, never forget that.

Real talk here for a moment I think half has some very solid points to make but they just come out as nonsense due to actions surrounding the words. Do what everyone's told you to do and take a break AxAndy (talk) 17:25, 6 July 2019 (UTC)