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Back in the earliest days of the 4cc I found the stream and watched some divegrass. I said to myself: "wow this is shit" and left.

Many years later I came back and found to my surprise that it was no longer shit and started watching. Eventually I decided to start managing and made a team of my own. That team was actually /agdg/, /gd/ came later. Fun was had for a time.

A couple years after that I retired due to lack of interest and talent, having found both success and failure along the way.

Teams I Managed

Things Left Unrealized


Incoming !!LIKZcxsmOAv

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  • Discord: Incoming#0888

Moral Disclaimer

The 4chan Cup is one of the most wholesome things that happens on 4chan.
For any future cyberarcheologists that stumble upon this page know that my participation in the cup did not imply any sort of endorsement of 4chan as a whole, or any specific board(s), many of which I found detestable, flawed, or just plain weird.