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2020 Autumn Rule Tweak / Hot Take Zone

Back in the earliest days of the 4cc I found the stream and watched some divegrass. I said to myself: "wow this is shit" and left.

Many years later I came back and found to my surprise that it was no longer shit and started watching. Eventually I decided to start managing and made a team of my own.

I love science but tend to be better in more subjective pursuits. I have a degree in Engineering, but I'm not using it properly.
In my spare time I'm an amateur game dev, formally attached to a branch of Space Station 13 but now off doing my own thing.
I take self depreciative humor to unsafe levels but I've been told by less bias sources I'm not a huge asshole.
I'm a horrible procrastinator and without hard deadlines I never get anything done. If you want something from me, be prepared to remind me about it constantly for months.
I divegrass because it's a fun distraction. I do not want to take it too seriously, but I do want to win.

Teams I manage

Teams I managed

The Dank Meme Squad (actual)

The Dank Meme Squad (theoretical)

Other teams I root for

Teams I seek vengeance against

Records I maintain

Theb Utt, Theb Elt for losing

Rulesets I Made

Standard Heights System (high effort, high variety single tier height system)

Simplified Standard Heights System (Easier to understand, but less variety)

Tournaments Ideas

/trash/ League, survival in the face of sabotage

Hot Take Zone

  • Every board deserves a team, even horrible ones (maybe especially horrible ones)
  • If you don't have an EEEEE player on your team your team is barely a team at all
  • The ideal number of goals in a game is 5
  • Possession Long is not a meme
  • Act Neutral Good but think Chaotic Neutral