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Mate what the fuck? I wrote that up for a good cause, and you just went back and deleted that shit. --Random Fan Editor

Do not edit official team pages without informing the team's management first. It's nice you want to contribute, but we don't want anyone to just start adding stuff because they feel like it without letting us know first.
MyOCIsAnAlicorn, Stop edit warring. Your changes to the roster page are unnecessary, and in many cases, the history you added is flat out wrong. Background pony (talk) 16:12, 20 February 2016 (UTC)
'flat out wrong'? m8, all info from that history post was drawn from elsewhere on the wiki ( , other match results, etc). What exactly am I supposed to do about that information being wrong? Other then that, I just intuit that you're the manager from the start because you're the first name on the manager's list. Not so bad, really.

as for the roster changes, shrug, that's fine, your team, do what you want

honestly seems pointless to want to add content at all. Why give people the option to edit if 'haha jokes m8 we're actually not in the business of accepting it'?

anyway, I spent enough time on this. tbh some people just want to contribute and are probably not the retards you think they might be. feels bad, man.

tbh not gonna bother coming back. good luck with the cup and all that stuff