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|manager=Grandpa Tetsujin
|manager=Grandpa Tetsujin
|owner=Haran Banjo
|owner=Haran Banjo
|irl='''[https://discord.gg/EUdppJW The /m/ Council]:'''<br>
|irl='''[https://discord.gg/fj5GRnT The /m/ Council]:'''<br>
* {{Anonymous| /m/agical /m/anager|!!Z4P8ydoW2NH}}<br>
* {{Anonymous| /m/agical /m/anager|!!Z4P8ydoW2NH}}<br>
* Manager<br>
* Manager<br>

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Ter velocivs - Haec manvs mea vi immensa candet
M logo.png
/m/ - Mecha
Founded January 2012
Manager Grandpa Tetsujin
Owner Haran Banjo
IRL manager The /m/ Council:
  • /m/agical /m/anager !!Z4P8ydoW2NH
  • Manager
  • Vilkenparadis !!BzNG+lakZUG
  • Tactical Manager
  • (DJ) Update Guy !!c3D5SlBbzsa
  • Board Relations
Team colors
HEX color FF8080
Char's Char
Ranking 7 (increase 27)
Highest rank 1 (August 22, 2016)
Lowest rank 51 (April 12, 2020)
Top scorer Alteisen (69)
Top assister Alteisen (41)
Captain Alteisen
Website /m/ - Mecha
Nickname Undefeated of the East
Home ground Orbital Ring Stadium
Historic performance
57 15 42 114 50%
251 214 +37
Biggest win
/pol/ Pol icon.png 0–5 M icon.png /m/
March 31, 2012
Biggest defeat
/adv/ Adv icon.png 6–1 M icon.png /m/
February 17, 2013
First match
/m/ M icon.png 2–0 Int icon.png /int/
February 1, 2012
Elite Cup
Appearances 12 (First in Summer 2012)
Best result 3rd Place, Summer 2012, Summer 2016
Babby Cup
Appearances 11 (First in Spring 2012)
Best result 1st Place, Spring 2012, Spring 2016
Team music
Anthem Chicks Dig Giant Robots
Victory Anthem Sure Promise

Goal horn Trombe
Alteisen Brace+ Horn Are You Kidding?
Shin Getter Robo Brace+ Horn Ima ga Sono Toki Da
Mazinger Z Brace+ Horn Theme of Z
Home kit Mhome-2016sbc.png
Away kit Maway-2016sbc.png
Third kit Mthird-2016sbc.png
Fourth kit Mfourth-2016sbc.png
Fifth kit Mninth-2016sc.png

The /m/ - Mecha team hails from the 4chan board of the same name. A third-founding team, the /m/ squad competed in and won the 2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup, the inaugural Babby Cup, and then placed third in their first elite cup, the 2012 4chan Summer Cup. Four years later /m/ would once again win the Spring Babby Cup. /m/ currently holds Seventh place in the Rankings, and will next compete in the 2020 4chan Summer Cup.

With a heart full of JUSTICE and a soul filled with VALOR, /m/ strives to bring the competition down with hard work and pure, unfiltered hot-bloodedness!


  • Friendlies Autumn 2020 stuffo added
  • 5/10/19 Fall Cup 2019 Aesthetics and Tactical Export added.
  • 16/05/19 Spring Cup 2019 Aesthetics, Tactical and Musical Export added.
  • 7/02/19 Winter Cup 2019 Aesthetics and Tactical Exports added.
  • 2/03/17 - Winter Cup exports added
  • 1/03/17 - Winter Friendly tactics export added
  • 07/30/16 - Summer aesthetic export (Basic edition) and tactics export added
  • 23/04/16 - Spring tactics and aesthetics exports added
  • 30/03/16 - Spring Signup Export added
  • 09/07/15 - Autumn Export and aesthetics added
  • 17/07/15 - Summer aesthetics added
  • 17/04/15 - Export and aesthetics added. Mini-roster updated.
  • 01/04/15 - Spring Export: (^:
  • 10/10/14 - Export and Roster updated for Autumn Babby Cup.
  • 27-28/5/14 - Tactics added for both friendlies.Kits and music added for the /c/ game and music added for the /n/ game.
  • 23/5/14 - Summer Friendlies export and roster added.
  • 28/3/14 - Spring Export added. Roster, cards, and play styles updated.
  • 07/02/14 - Winter Export added. Roster, cards and play styles updated.
  • 07-08/01/14 - Tactics added for the Friendlies
  • 02-03/01/14 - Cards and Play Styles updated for PES 14. Export added
  • 15-16/10/2013 - Roster and Cards Updated


vs. /e/ Anthem: puu.sh/mFzX8/c32a955be6.mp3 Goal Horn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MlyEFK3iSM



Main article: /m/ roster
No. Position Player
Space Battleship Yamato
Daitarn 3
Tekkaman Blade
Megas XLR*
Gundam RX-78-2
Shin Getter Robo
Alteisen Riese Captain
Mazinger Z
No. Position Player
Kamen Rider 1
King Gainer
Genesic GaoGaiGar
SDF-1 Macross
Iron Giant
M.D. Geist
Char's Zaku II

A * denotes a Permanent Player, someone so well regarded by the fanbase, they cannot be voted off the team.

An unofficial /m/ team also exists, acting as a backup to the main side. They took to the field for the first time in the Weeabowl. Various other teams exist.

M group.png
The /m/ Starting XI for the 2014 4chan Winter Cup.
Top Row (From Left to Right): Kamen Rider V3, Gunbuster, Shin Getter Robo, Iron Giant, Big O, Ultra Seven.
Bottom Row (From Left to Right): Alteisen Riese (Captain), Ideon, RX-93 "Nu" Gundam, Fire Valkyrie, Mazinkaiser.


We'll go into the space over our future. We're looking for the place under the shining star.


/m/ has played in a number of Stadiums. From the team's inceptions to Spring 2014, the team has played in Axis Stadium. Following the events of the 2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup, /m/ was ousted and was forced to play in the Dropped Colony Impact Crater. The team remained there until the end of the 2015 4chan Winter Cup. /m/ returned to Axis City for spring and played in Nu Axis Stadium before being shot into space to play in the Orbital Ring Stadium

/m/ also shares a stadium with /u/, built for their team in the Tag Team Cup, named Zwei Wing Stadium. Why does this exist? Because Nana willed it

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f4kwwowuub6xqat/m+stadium.zip

Managerial History

GoldTiger !!IdTmTK73Akq (Spring 2012-28 Jul 2013)
Hailing from the land of Giant Robots, GoldTiger was one of the first original managers in the 4chan Cup. During his first cup run in the inagural Spring Babby Cup, he led /m/ to a 6-1-0 record and a cup win, in the process blowing out future powerhouses /pol/ and /d/. After just one cup, GoldTiger led /m/ to a second place ranking and made them a favorite for the Summer Cup title. After a slip-up in the Semi-Finals, GoldTiger led /m/ to a third place finish over rival /toy/. The good time soon ended as /m/ was relegated in humiliating fashion in the Winter Cup. Despite this failure, /m/ forgave GoldTiger and kept him on as manager. During /m/'s run in the Spring Babby Cup, GoldTiger was struck ill and hospitalized, which kept /m/ from advancing. Everyone's thoughts turned to seeing him recover and he made his return 2 weeks later. /m/ managed to get promoted to Summer through the Dragongate scandal but due to his increasing workload, GoldTiger retired before the 2013 Summer Cup.

Gardiananon !!9Nu9xXnbN4i (17 May 2013-25 May 2013)
During GoldTiger's medical abscence Gardian editor Gardiananon stepped up as the interim General Manager in the case GoldTiger was out for longer than expected. While his reign lasted only a week, his quick thinking aslo led to the creation of the:

/m/ Council (19 May 2013-Present)
The /m/ Council is the current governing body of the /m/ team. The original members were then Interim GM Gardiananon, /m/ tester KBTKaiser !!IahjqTlHZTX, former /c/ manager and (then) head of aesthetics Trofflesby !!fPFxZBomxK6, and resident karate bugman Update Guy !zn6obdUsOA. GoldTiger was added to the Council following his return. Through the Council, the /m/ squad has seen many ups and downs through the cup. Councilmen have included:

  • Gardiananon !!9Nu9xXnbN4i: Founder. Disappeared not long after the 2013 Summer Cup. Presumed ded. Made an appearance to the Council following the 2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup Victory.
  • KBTKaiser !!IahjqTlHZTX: Founding Member. Tester turned head of Tactics division. Retired following death of his computer during the 2014 Winter Cup
  • Trofflesby !!fPFxZBomxK6: Founding Member. Former /c/ manager turned head of Aesthetics division. Presumed retired following the creation of the /m/ faces for the 2014 Autumn Babby Cup.
  • Update Guy !zn6obdUsOA: Founding Member. /m/ fan turned councilman turned livemanaging puppet for Kaiser and later testers. Served as board relations between the Council and /m/ as well as the /vg/ thread. Retired from live managing following the 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup.
  • GoldTiger !!IdTmTK73Akq: See his entry above
  • Corin Nander: Tester. Removed following death of his interent
  • GMG !!Z4P8ydoW2NH: Member of Aesthetics Division. Currently active as a co-manager under the name /m/agical /m/anager and as the new head of the /m/ Council following Shadowborg's retirement.
  • Nepgear: Former /g/ manager. Acted as tester/co-manager. Retired.
  • Sexcopter: Former /soc/ manager. Helped lead /m/ out of the babbies following the Spring Colony drop of 2014. Retired shortly afterwards.
  • Kingspark: Tester. Put in stasis following his disappearance.
  • BlenderAnon: Head of Aesthetics Division.
  • Archie.M.vist: Tester. Discord Admin. Creator of Rigdio. Retired from the Council following his promotion to >>>>>merit in order to improve and expand Rigdio.
  • Vilkenparadis !!BzNG+lakZUG: Member of the tactics division since the 2018 Summer Cup. Following Shadowborg's retirement, he was tabbed to fill the role of co-manager due to his success in the /vg/ League.

Update Guy !!Iu7w9XSvmty (29 July 2013-30 July 2013)
After GoldTiger's retirement, /m/ councilman Update Guy took on the Interim GM role while /m/ sorted out who will take over as manager for the Summer Cup.

Shadowborg !!DlpsjSSrTdf (Autumn 2014-Summer 2018)
De facto head of the /m/ council starting in Spring 2015, and officially after Spring 2016. Like GoldTiger he won a Spring Babby and finished third the following summer. At his retirement he had been in charge of /m/'s tactics for three years, making him /m/'s longest serving tactician.


Legendary 4-5-1 formation. 10-1-1 +18 GD

Since inception, /m/ has been one of the brightest teams of the 4chan Cup. Having been deemed not worthy to participate in the 2012 4chan Winter Cup by BasedNickLeddy, the mecha imageboard has worked with great fervor to develop the perfect team. Despite some heated debate and rigged polls on the roster, logo, kits, and tactics, the team has melded together into an unstoppable unit. On PES2012 version 1.01 and 1.03, the team has managed an exception 10-1-1 record with an unheard of +18 goal differential. Lead by Gundam's 15 goals in 12 games (pre-1.06), and Alteisen's clutch intangibles, the only blemish on the record was a 1-3 loss to Winter Cup Champions /k/. The loss was not without controversy, however, as the questionable red card to bronze player Kamen Rider in the 10th minute was a deciding factor in the game.

2012 Spring Babby Cup

/m/ drew into Group C which included /soc/, /int/ and /y/. Most men felt their confidence boost in their luck of the draw and dubbed their group "Easy". Then they set out to proving it. In their first official tournament game, they shut down /soc/ 2-1 only allowing them to score in the final minutes. Their second match against /int/ saw many question the team as /int/ took an early lead but behind Alteisen and Gundam /m/ managed to secure their spot in the knockout rounds. Having accomplished this most of the starting 11 were given the next match against /y/ off. Gundam and Alteisen played on and ended up tying /y/, securing first place in their group and ending /y/'s chances of advancing on. The first match of the knockout saw what many thought would be the Babby Cup Finals as /m/ took on /pol/. Gundam and Alteisen, having been quiet during the knockout stages exploded during this game and Gundam began his run for the scoring title. /m/ blanked /pol/ 5-0, shocking everyone in attendance. This power performance continued on into the semi-final match against /d/ where Gundam netted his first hat trick of the tournament. Combined with a /d/ own goal, /m/ advanced to finals against surprise challenger /3/. /m/ would jump to a 2-0 lead early in the game but before the whistle could be blown for halftime, /3/ would score two to equalize. Most of the second half would be a very defensive game but /m/ would take the lead on a Gundam free kick following a /3/ antiblue card. Gundam would score one more time to acquire a second hat trick. /3/ would try to stage a late comeback with a goal that ended up being ruled offsides. Time would expire before /3/ got another chance and /m/ proved true to their word by winning the inaugural Babby Cup. Gundam was named Player of the Tournament as well as co-top scorer, sharing that title with /d/'s Haigure and /cgl/'s Dramu.

2012 Summer Cup

When the drawing for the Summer Cup was first released, Group B was the obvious group of death. With /m/, /a/, /pol/, and /g/, the group was certain to provide many surprises. The first game proved once again that /m/ is /pol/'s kryptonite with a 5-2 drubbing. The second game against /a/ was much anticipated. After a game-tying goal by Alteisen in the 76th minute, anime was saved by Yamakan only 2 minutes later. Things looked bleak for /m/ with a loss or draw against /g/ possibly knocking them out of the tournament. But those thoughts of dismay was deemed unnecessary was as Gundam quickly took the lead in the opening minutes. With a 5-0 win, /m/ secured the top place in the group and a bye in the knockout stages was in sight. Unfortunately, after a relatively strong finish against /tg/, /m/'s defense fell short against the might of Putin in the semis, scoring only two actual goals against /int/ as Putin walked all over Shinji with four goals the whole game, securing his golden boot. /m/'s dreams of a Summer Cup victory destroyed, the following 4-0 victory over /toy/ for third was the biggest comfort they could have hoped for.

2013 Winter Cup

For the second consecutive cup, /m/ had drawn into a group of death. This time it was with /a/, /mlp/ and /adv/ and it showed that the group was set up for the possibility of big name teams getting relegated. /m/ continued its trend of winning the first match of the tournament by beating /mlp/ 2-1. Next was the much anticipated rematch with /a/ that saw /a/ take the early 2-0 lead only for Strike Freedom to shock the Original Champs by tying the game with only minutes to go. /a/ would escape with the win with a last minute goal for Tsubasa, prompting the team to fire him from his ownership position minutes after the game. Things once again looked dark for /m/ as after 2 games they sat 3rd in the group and needed a big win over dark horse /adv/ to secure a spot in the knockouts. Things went from bad to worse as /adv/ handed /m/ its worse loss in franchise history causing /m/ to fall to last in the group and relegated to the Babbies.

2013 Spring Babby Cup

After returning to where it all started, /m/ looked to regain composure and return to Summer. The campaign started with another shutout victory over /vg/. However /m/ faced /an/ in its second match. /an/ still proved that they could shut down /m/ completely as they won 3-0. Once again /m/ faced a do or die match again with the number one team in the group /cgl/. On the day of the match, manager GoldTiger was absent and with no back-up in sight /m/ headed into their final match blindly. Even though they played valiantly, /m/ ended up drawing /cgl/ 2-2 meaning /m/ was to stay in the Babbies. A few days after this news news was broken that GoldTiger was in the hospital at the time of the /m/-/cgl/ game. /m/ decided to use the 6 months to rebuild the team from the ground up and hit autumn new and improved but before then the Dragongate scandal broke out. When all was said and done, /m/ advanced into Summer as Dragonfag controlled teams were automatically relegated. /m/ was also awarded 2 wins that were reversed decisions of matches played against Dragonfag teams.

2013 Summer Cup

/m/'s players just before their fateful match against /sp/.

/m/ entered the Summer Cup with an air of uncertainty. Dragongate had promoted them back to major cup tier but long time manager GoldTiger resigned about a month before, leaving /m/ in the hands of the relatively inexperienced /m/ Council. The team entered another proverbial "Group of Death" with former champs /sp/, major cup competitor /jp/ and dark horse /g/. /jp/ manager Doogie boasted that if /m/ topped the group with 9 points, he'd vacate his manager position. With their heavily criticized tactics, /m/ began the long trip back to the top starting with /g/. While not the 5-0 blowout from last year, /m/ fought hard and escaped with a 1-0 win on a slow-rolling goal from Alteisen Riese. With 3 points /m/ then traveled out to face champions /sp/. It was there that the entire team awoke, locking down the goats while Shin Getter Robo and Nu Gundam set each other up for the 2 goals that /m/ won with. With six points down and only a win over /jp/ to go, /m/ faced an interesting predicament; They could beat /jp/ and retire Doogie or throw the match and relegate /sp/. It didn't take much thought as the Council decided to overpower /jp/ in a 4-2 victory, sweeping the group. /m/ headed into the round of 16 against the masters of trollball /b/. While the Council to fight fire with fire with an equally random formation, they spent the entire match playing catch-up ball. /m/ went down fighting to the last seconds but in the end /b/ emerged victorious 4-3. Even with this loss, /m/en everywhere stood happy as their team now looks towards Winter for another shot at glory.

2014 Winter Cup

With a slow start to 2014, /m/ looked to get the gears moving in a group consisting of a highly unpredictable /s/, a weakened /mlp/ and newcomer /asp/ who filled the spot of /pol/ in the group. /m/ entered their first game against /s/ playing an extremely wide formation. It work for the first half but following a mysterious halftime attack, /m/ was left struggling as rookie keeper Cherno Alpha allowed /s/ to score 3 goals and shut /m/ out. During the off week, /m/ made changes in preparation for /mlp/ knowing that a loss for either side meant instant relegation. The game against /mlp/ went better offense wise as /m/ finally found attacks only to be stopped by Jackie Chan Tulpa. Even with a re-imagined defense, /m/'s formation was still too wide allowing /mlp/ to blank /m/ 3-0 and send them to relegation, the earliest in team history. Defeated, /m/ managers reused the /mlp/ tactics with a slight tweak against group leader /asp/ and found, to their surprise, that /m/ began scoring. The team suddenly came to life and managed to shut out /asp/ 2-0, granting the team a moral victory as they begin working on a new formation for Spring.

2014 Spring Babby Cup

When asked about information on the Cup, /m/ management handed us a flash drive, this was all that was on it.

2014 Autumn Babby Cup

/m/'s custom faces for PES 2014 that took way too long to get done.

After somehow not being sacked, the >/m/ council looked to fix the mess they made with /m/. Despite starting off with more aggressive tactics, and having more than double the shots that /sci/ did, /m/ lost 2-1 in their first group stage match. /o/ would not be so fortunate, and ended up losing 5-2 to /m/, who stayed strong with their offensive tactics. In the match that followed, conditions worked against /m/ and strongly favored /lgbt/'s midfield. /lgbt/ dominated and won 2-1 against a shy /m/ side that could only manage to take two shots in the match.

With these mixed results, /m/ needed to win against /soc/ in the final match, and also depended on /sci/ defeating /lgbt/. The PES gods smiled upon /m/ this time: /lgbt/ crumbled against /sci/ in a 4-1 loss, and /m/ didn't waste this opportunity. /soc/ had fallen apart since the Sexcopter days and with their leaky defense they lost 4-2 to /m/.

The days of humiliation were behind /m/ at this point as they qualified for the 2015 4chan Winter Cup. Unfortunately, the celebrations did not last too long since /m/ would be eliminated from this Babby Cup by /g/ in the Round of 16.

2015 4chan Winter Cup

After making another promotion to the main cup, /m/ once again entered the dreaded Winter Cup where the team has always performed poorly. It showed well in the first game where the defense was confused by keks and grills while #Fortune received Godly luck and /m/ were politely thumped by [s4s] 3-0. Reeling from the first match, the team traveled out to the Racist Barn for a do or die match against /mlp/. Defying all odds and the ponies' power in 90+ goals, rookie player Yukine Chris connected with fellow rookie GaoKing Striker and equalized the game in the dying minutes, still giving them a chance to advance. This would require a miracle but it had happened once before in Autumn. However that notion was quashed when [s4s] and /mlp/ tied, forcing /m/ into relegation with opponent /x/. Throwing all caution to the wind and entering full despair, everything was thrown at the wall against /x/ only to be denied by NOPE. /x/ would pick up it's only victory 1-0 and /m/ tumbled back down into Spring winless.

2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup

/m/'s players lined up for the anthem before facing /vr/.

Coming off their crushing defeat in Winter, /m/ underwent a special training camp in Utrecht and returned to Spring with new blenders and new strategies. After an aesthetics-free 5-1 blowout against /co/, the team felt optimistic about their chances in the group stage, especially as /pol/ and /t/ draw. A 3-2 win against /t/ placed /m/ at top of the group after both the first and second games, but it was not to last; a >/m/ council fuckup led to an embarrassing 2-0 defeat against /gif/. With a draw against /pol/, /m/ was left reliant on /t/ to make their return to Summer. Fortunately, the pirates plundered /gif/'s ample supply of booty, and /m/ advanced to the Round of 16. Unfortunately, they drew 12-point mustard ray /vr/, the cup favourite. After a close game, /m/ emerged victorious 2-1; their first knockout stage victory since the glory days of Summer 2012. Despite firing on all cylinders against /tv/, /m/ lost 2-1 in the quarterfinals.

2015 4chan Summer Cup

Coming back to a major cup yet again, /m/ had some tough competition already lined up in the group stage. This season started off with a 3-1 loss to /ck/ where possession once again proved to be a negative stat. Despite /m/'s 61% possession, /ck/ took more shots and was a considerably more efficient side. /cm/ was seen as something of a minnow in this cup due to their new management, but /m/ struggled against them and could only manage to get a 1-1 draw. With just one point out of two matches, things weren't looking good for /m/ because their next opponent was /hr/, a side that still had some reputation left due to reaching the previous year's Summer Cup final. In a close match, neither team got the result they wanted in the end. The 2-2 draw between them ended up relegating both /hr/ and /m/ after /cm/ got an upset victory over /ck/ in the last match of the group.

2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

It was time to rebuild once again for /m/, and this cup got off to a poor start with a 0-1 loss to /r9k/. Over the next two matches, the team seemed to avoid the colony drop with two wins in a row. Unfortunately, /m/ had to face an old enemy next, and it would be none other than /an/. Whoever won this match would get second place in the group, and the year ended in disaster for /m/, as /an/ routed /m/ in a 6-2 blowout. During 2016's Winter season, /m/ had to hope they could figure out the ways of PES 2016 in time for the next babby cup.

2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup

The /m/ squad poses with the cup trophy after their first place finish over /vr/.

The Babbies were now back to having 4 teams per group, but now there was also the possibility of being relegated to the babby qualifiers. In the first match against /wg/, Char's Zaku II proved to be a tremendous player with a hat trick that got /m/ to look strong in a 5-3 win. He also scored a hat trick against /gif/, but in a ridiculous match, it wasn't enough as /gif/ won 5-4. After that fixture, every team in the group had 3 points, and the two spots for the Summer Cup were still up for grabs. Though /h/ initially had first place in their hands with an early 1-0 lead, Shin Getter Robo's double got /m/ a vital 2-1 win, and with that /h/ was sent to the babby qualifiers while /m/ qualified for the 2016 4chan Summer Cup.

In the Round of 16, /m/ were placed against /biz/, one of the teams responsible for relegating their longtime friend and Tag Team Cup 2 ally /tg/. Much as /tg/ had avenged /m/ in the 2015 4chan Winter Cup, the /m/en of destiny took to the field with fervor for the sake of their fallen friend. With music honouring Mizutani Yuuko, the recently-passed voice actress of Excellen Browning, the /m/ side raced to victory in a 6-2 bloodbath, including one owngoal from /biz/ defender 80s Guy. For the first time since their 2012 glory days, /m/ had advanced beyond the Round of 16, and would face /soc/ in the quarterfinals.

The match against /soc/ was the darkest hour of /m/'s 2016 run, with them being down 1-3 with only two minutes of play remaining in the game. Two early goals had both been denied by laser-eyed offside calls, and all hope seemed lost. A single 89' goal from Shin Getter Robo seemed only good to restore the club's honour, knowing that their loss came only from the two offside calls. But before /m/ fans could leave, dejected, Shin Getter Robo rallied and put in another goal at the 90+' mark, tying the game and ensuring extra time. Neither team saw success in extra time, sending the game to a penalty shoot-out (the second time such a thing had happened to /soc/ in the knockouts, as their previous game against /wg/ also ended in penalties). The PES gods smiled upon /m/ however, when not only did Godmars successfully save one /soc/ shot, /soc/ player Snapchat's ball ricocheted off the crossbar entirely, securing the game for /m/ before the first five shots of penalties. It was a white-knuckle match, but /m/ had earned their right to advance further, facing /v/ in the semifinal match.

Coming to the battlefield with tactics >heavily based upon /u/'s second-place run in Winter, /v/ had only once this cup given up more than one goal to its opponent; but if /soc/ had been anguish for /m/'s fans, the game against /v/ was pure catharsis. Barring one characteristically fast goal from /v/ striker Sanic, prompting an over-eager declaration of "/m/ sucks" from the commentary booth, the /m/ offense utterly dominated /v/, scoring five goals against the previously undefeated /v/irgins, four of them coming from team captain Alteisen Riese and one at the 87' mark as Char's Zaku came to laugh. The stage was set for /m/'s second Spring Babby finals, against /vr/, another team which had successfully defeated their semifinal opponent 5-1, and a board which has long had friendly relations with /m/.

The two sides took to the pitch with a joint anthem: one, a former Babby champion hoping to regain its former glory, and another an underdog which hadn't even seen an Elite Cup since 2014. With pleasantries exchanged on both boards' threads, the two friends took to the field for the Spring Babby Cup. The /m/ offense opened with two goals before 20', and /vr/ answered with one of its own at 21'. While /vr/ had a few opportunities, the /m/ defense would hold, retaining possession and scoring one more goal at 73' to draw the curtain on /vr/'s chance for Babby gold. Four years after its rise in 2012, /m/ again held a Spring Babby title, being the first team in Cup history to hold the same title (Babby or no) more than once.

This was not the end for /m/'s firsts in 2016. As is tradition, the 4CCC had prepared one final obstacle for the victor, and this would prove particularly hard to bear. /m/ took the field against the unbearable might of full-scale rigging, desperate to bear their hopes across one last stretch of pitch. While the rigged army, as expected, brought their full force to bear against /m/ and brought forth an early goal, the /m/ offense rallied and did the unthinkable: with a calculated, forbearing pass to Char's Zaku II, /m/ equalized the game against the final boss. While /m/ would see a 4-2 defeat, their forebears could stand proud: /m/ had been the first team in any official event to not only score goals against the final boss, they were also the first to equalize a game against the final boss, however briefly.

2016 4chan Summer Cup

/m/ and /v/'s players about to step into the pitch for their third place playoff

Following /m/'s glorious run to the top of the previous Babby Cup, there was also an increasing amount of people wanting to watch a colony drop occur. The Mecha team appeared to be on their way to a disastrous return to a major cup as they were going down 2-0 to /s4s/ at the Unchecked Dubs Stadium. Alteisen Riese put the team on his back towards the end of the match, and managed to rescue a point as the match ended up being a 2-2 draw. /biz/ were vicious underdogs against /m/, and their match ended up being a typical PES 2016 goalfest. Char's Zaku II and Alteisen Riese's doubles along with Shin Getter Robo's goal were enough for /m/ to get a 5-3 win. Up next was time for something of a heartbreaking match. Whoever lost between /tv/ and /m/ would be relegated, and /m/ showed no mercy to the Big Guys in a 2-1 win that wound up being enough to place /m/ at the top of Group G.

The knockout stages brought back some dark memories to /m/ fans. In the round of 16, they had to face /an/, a team that got famous wins over /m/ in the past. The wild /an/imals took an early 2-0 lead, but some late choking led to extra time. At the late stages of the game, /an/ was exhausted and fell to a 5-3 loss, with Char's Zaku II and Shin Getter Robo scoring the last two goals. After getting over that hurdle, /m/ had to face another dark memory from their past. /adv/ relegated /m/ in the insane Group H of the 2013 4chan Winter Cup, and now it was time for /m/ to get revenge in the quarterfinals of this cup. This ended up being even more intense than the match with /an/, and after another goalfest, /m/ came out on top with a 6-4 win. Char's Zaku II's late double helped the team breathe peacefully for a bit as they avoided going into extra time again.

With those great victories, it was looking like a dream run for /m/. However, the semifinals brought some heartbreak for /m/ fans, and many of the other viewers. 2580 viewers watched /mlp/ get a 2-1 win over /m/ with a 90+++++ goal. Only a few fans left after that, and the ones who stayed found some consolation with /m/'s 4-3 win over /v/ in the third place playoff.

2017 4chan Winter Cup

With the team entering the Winter Cup, a new set of fears arose. Historically, /m/ has always been relegated here, from the shocking 6-1 dismantling at the hands of /adv/ to the winless 2015 campaign. But after 2 promising cups. surely lightning couldn't strike twice could it?

/m/'s first match came against /vg/, a team they had outscored 4-0 in their other 2 meetings. However fate seemed to forsake the mechs as their offense was stifled and Grigori ran amok, netting 2 goals for the Generals. Even with the admittance from Commissioner Boris of rigging, it would amount to nothing as /m/ left suffering their first cup shutout since the 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup. With things looking bleak, /m/ needed a win against a medal down /r9k/ to keep their hopes alive. Their prayers were answered as Alteisen managed to strike twice, finally seeming to jumpstart the team. Chad Thundercock made the game interesting by pulling him team to within 1, but that missing offense brought by >tfw no gf proved to be the difference as /m/ kept themselves alive in the group but with a hitch. Their future hanged on the outcome of /vg/'s game with /r9k/ and fans breathed a sigh of relief when the game finished a patrician 0-0. All /m/ needed was a draw against /w/ to secure their spots in the knockouts. /m/ pounded away at the /w/ defense and Shin Getter finally got on past the keeper to give /m/ the lead. They would try to extend the lead only to be denied by Dual Screens. Things looks to be set when the defense finally caved and /m/ conceded a goal in the game's final minutes, with enough time for the resurging /w/ offense to shock /m/ and send them tumbling back to the babbies again. /m/ held firm through the final white-knuckle minutes to secure their spot in the knockouts, becoming the first /m/ team to NOT compete in the Spring Babby Cup.

Their round of 16 opponents would be the previous Winter Cup champs, /fit/ who finally woke up against /out/. The Council decided the best offense was a good defense and tried to hold back the /fit/ onslaught. Despite an early L O N D O N goal, the defense held but the offense shot itself in the foot, choking shot after shot. Things finally began to crumble with 10 minutes left as Scooby rocketed one past Godmars to put /fit/ up 2. At this point /m/ decided to forego the defensive measures and go for all out attack in hopes of storming back to force extra time. In the end, it bit the team in the ass as L O N D O N would sink his second goal 5 minutes later to seal away the game for good. /m/'s quest for glory ended as /fit/ would go on to capture their second straight Winter Cup title.

2017 4chan Summer Cup

Godmars celebrating the win over /d/ with his teammates.

This season was a tough one for /m/. Although the team survived the group stage, some viewers felt that there was a considerable degree of luck involved with that. The first opponent for /m/ was /sci/, who were still in high spirits after dooming /mlp/ to the 0 point mustard race in the previous Babby Cup. As the match started, Dan "Game Master" Kuroto was sent off in just 4 minutes. Despite being down to 10 players, /m/ was able to get a 3-3 draw to start the cup. /vp/ proceeded to dominate /m/ in the next match, but only managed to get a 2-0 win. With only one point in two matches, /m/ desperately needed a win, and a combination of other results going their way. Fortunately, /m/ managed to get a 2-1 win over /tg/, but that left the team on a -1 goal difference. In order to advance, they had to hope /vp/ lost to /sci/...and a 90+ goal from Shinichi Mochizuki made that happen.

At the round of 16, an infamous match took place. Before that, Boris had to fix mess with PES for about 20 minutes until the match finally began. Once /d/ vs /m/ began, practically nothing happened (aside from some /d/ shots) for 120+ in-game minutes as both teams drew 0-0, taking the game to penalty kicks. /m/ won via penalty kicks 7-6, after not taking a single shot on target prior to the shootout. On the cup's final fixture, /m/ was eliminated by /toy/ in the quarterfinals, leaving the mecha team in 8th place.

2018 4chan Winter Cup

With newfound hope over beating their Winter Curse, /m/ looked to prove that it wasn't just a fluke. Their first test was an FLGS brother in /co/. Apparently still angry over their last meeting, /co/ ran wild, with /m/ only managing an offense in the dying minutes of the game to avoid getting shut out 4-1. Following that embarrassing loss, their next opponent was /d/, the team /m/ stole a win from in Summer. No one could say nothing happened as both sides came out firing in the first half. /m/ kept pace but it was still not enough as Tentacles sunk a late 90+ to add insult to injury as /m/ was relegated. Luck would finally turn for the squad as Mazinger netted 2 goals to help lift /m/ over /wsg/ and keep them out of the Spoon race. However, the damage had been done.

2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup

It was becoming a recurring nightmare, /m/ finds itself back in the mega babbies where their track record has been spotty at best. Game one did nothing to quell many /m/en's fears as the former Summer Cup Champions /mu/ finally broke through /m/'s defenses to force a late game draw. The defense would continue to haunt /m/ as their next opponent, /asp/ took an early lead in their game, however the offense began to wake up just enough to scrape out a win in the final moments of the game. Following a week off for training, the /m/ management thought they had a solid plan to control their own destiny against a /cm/ squad with no manager or plans in place. After an early goal the defense once again caved, allowing 3 straight /cm/ goals to take a comfortable lead. Mazinger would be the team's saving grace, putting in 2 second half goals of his own to force the draw. /m/ was still in a good position, needing only a win or draw against /gif/, a team that had always had /m/'s number. The tides were turned however as /m/ staged the comeback behind Gundam and Shin Getter to top the group.

Heading into the Round of 16, /m/ found themselves squaring off against a new foe in /lit/. A chance at a 3rd babby was met with immediate resistance with 2 quick goals from the Greeks. /m/ would stabilize and finally try to mount a comeback with a Shin Getter goal. The Greeks were not having any of it as they completed their hat trick with 20 minutes left to go. /m/ was treat to a geometric goal courtesy of Ramiel but it was too little too late as /lit/ snags the win.

2018 4chan Summer Cup

With a brief offseason to fix issues plaguing the offense and defense, the atmosphere around Axis was one of fear repeating the same mistakes as Spring. Those notions were shut down as /m/ stormed out to get revenge on /co/ for their last meeting. In fact, /co/ never found the goal as /m/ would provide their fans with the rarest win of all, a clean sheet victory. /m/ would then send their fans into a frenzy on their very next game, racking up 5 goals against /t/ and securing a spot in the Winter Cup. Feeling cocky, the team looked to go all in and secure a 9 point master race against an already promoted /n/. Both sides came out firing, with goals and goal horn overrides. However, Bepsi was the difference as /n/ topped the group, sending /m/ on the road.

/m/'s first knockout opponent was another new challenger in /gd/. Both team's defenses locked down only allowing 1 goal apiece. For 120 minutes, those were the only goals allowed, sending the game into penalties. While close from the start, Ideon and Yamato faltered, allowed /gd/ to advance 5-4 in penalties.

/m/ in the press

"...Maybe this leaves me as the guy who had some success but couldn't adapt. Maybe it's true. Doesn't really matter, though. While I'm annoyed at how we performed in later cups, I've had fun, and I've always maintained - and still do - that that's the most important part of this. Maybe not for the whole time, but I hope I was able to deliver some entertainment with /m/'s matches, for both /m/ fans and everyone. And so if there's one thing I'd like to leave you with, it's that. Play entertaining football. Take risks, sometimes they'll work and sometimes they'll backfire, but it's all good fun. It feels so great when it works, it's worth it...
That's it, then. Good-bye. Maybe I'll see you all again someday... in the sea of stars, right?"

GoldTiger !!IdTmTK73Akq

Excerpts from GoldTiger's retirement announcement.

"I for one greet such enthusiasm. /m/ definitely deserve to go on already, because of all that heart."
GermanBro !!i9X8R/z42Rt

"It's over."
GermanBro !!i9X8R/z42Rt
"I don't think it ever began."

In response to /m/ opening their Summer Cup campaign by destroying /pol/ 5-2.

"Wow, I can't fucking wait for /m/ to win. AGAIN.
Jesus Christ those a arrogant fucks think they're so fucking tough by picking on unprepared teams, what a load of shit.
What's the point of having a friendly if we know what the result will be anyways
Fucking /m/ ruining the cup, they should be out."


"Kregg, I'm personally putting /co/'s upcoming loss on your shoulders now."
DrBorisG !!uWmnP2zIyZF

Right before /co/ lost its opening game to /m/.

"This is like some elaborate ballet of bullshit!
Good! Good [Dusty] should be! I'm extremely disappointed! Everyone here should be disappointed! /co/ should be disappointed in itself! How could you let something like this happen? YOU GOT BEAT BY /m/!
There's nothing you can say. There is absolutely nothing you can have in response to this match other than extreme sadness and disappointment. Anyone who came here to see /co/ should be leaving with their heads hanging and curses under their breath for everything that happened."

Kregg "The Egg" Phillips

His meltdown following /co/'s 5-1 loss to /m/.

The Gardian

The Gardian is your Dai-ly Gard. Originally founded by GoldTiger, the helm was taken up by a few gentlemen who would later go on to form the /m/ Council. A third team took to producing the paper in Summer of 2013 before it was taken over by a fourth team who tries to produce at least one issue a cup.


A logo.png
/a/ - The /a/utis/m/ Derby
In the dark ages of a time long forgotten, /m/ was merely a small group of threads on /a/ discussing their favourite giant robots. As time passed, they soon grew dissatisfied with /a/ rule and declared themselves an independent board where robots could be discussed freely without fear of slice-of-life waifuposting or flavour-of-the-month bullshit. /m/ cherishes their independence and still holds a heavy grudge against /a/, especially on the pitch. Further enmity between the boards is sown with /a/'s preference for new, current shows while /m/ basks in their nostalgia for older periods, especially the 1980s and 1990s.
Toy logo.png
/toy/ - /toy/ti/m/e Derby
Toy sales fund mecha shows, and mecha shows promote toy sales. This is the circle of life for /m/ and /toy/, two boards noted for their very close "friendship" in more or less everything they do together. On the pitch, this translates to one of the friendliest rivalries in the cup, even if the fans are more concerned about arguing about who would win in a fight between Char Aznable and Megatron.
Sp logo.png
/sp/ - Arrogance Derby
While few can say there's much in common between the /sp/artans and /m/echanics, they are united by the overwhelming arrogance of their fans. While the rivalry has settled down as /m/ fans start to accept their team's fall from grace and /sp/ fans continue to sack every manager who fails to advance, expect their old fires to be re-ignited if they ever come face-to-face with the /sp/artans again.





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