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| 50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties || 4  
| 50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties || 4  
| TPB || 4
| Censored Porn || 2   
| Censored Porn || 2   
| Legal Loli || 2   
| Legal Loli || 2   
| TPB || 2
| Yellow Fever || 2   
| Yellow Fever || 2   

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T logo.png
/t/ - Torrents
Founded July 2014
IRL manager Managerless
Team colors
HEX color CB2D30
Pirated Red
Ranking 57 (steady)
Highest rank 27 (March 24, 2015)
Lowest rank 60 (April 17, 2016)
Top scorer >uTorrent (20)
Top assister Limewire (13)
Captain TPB
Website /t/ - Torrents
Nickname pira/t/es
Home ground The Pirate's Bay
Historic performance
9 11 19 39 23.08%
66 96 -30
Biggest win
/t/ T icon.png 4–1 Adv icon.png /adv/
May 20th, 2017
Biggest defeat
/t/ T icon.png 0–5 Co icon.png /co/
August 5, 2018
First match
/b/ B icon.png 0–1 T icon.png /t/
October 18, 2014
Elite Cup
Appearances 2 (First in 2015 4chan Winter Cup)
Best result 20th, 2015 4chan Winter Cup
Babby Cup
Appearances 5 (First in 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup)
Best result 5th, 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup
Team music
Anthem Don't Copy That Floppy
Victory Anthem Alexandr Pistoletov - Pirates of the Caribbean

Goal horn Alestorm - You Are A Pirate
>uTorrent goalhorn Probably going to be a different Keygen song every match
Mixtapes goalhorn Enjoy this
Home kit Thome-2017sbcq.png
Away kit Taway-2016abc.png

Welcome to the page of Athletic Football Club /t/, one of the oldest boards in this competition.

Team Download


No. Position Player
Ethical Pirate
Bollywood Kino
Welcome To My Klub
50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties
TPB Captain
No. Position Player
B Movie Kino
>a thread died for this
Fucked to Death
>Download a Car
Mystery Magnets
Virtual Winality

Cup History

2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup - Setting Sail For The Winter Cup

Following some drama involving management and the 4chan Cup Committee's decision on whether /t/ would get in, /fit/'s goalkeepers failed the mandatory pre-cup drug tests. Due to this, /fit/ was disqualified and /t/ took their spot in Group G in this cup. Since /t/ didn't have any official friendlies to play before the cup, no one knew what to expect from them, and /b/ really, really didn't like /t/ after the pirates won 1-0 in their debut match. /t/'s offense was efficient with 5 shots in the match, and all of them being on target. What was more shocking was that they accomplished this while their manager was unavailable for the match. The /t/yrants were not done with their surprising run yet, and their next victim was /k/, the 2012 4chan Winter Cup champions. Though the /k/ommandos started strong, their tactics had them play very slow football, while the younger /t/ side was full of energy for all 90+ minutes and with time, /t/ won 2-1 while having double the shots that /k/ did.

After that display, an infamous match took place between /t/ and /d/. At first, the pira/t/es seemed to be getting destroyed by the /d/eviants, but /t/ was able to come back to draw 2-2 with their manager being absent once again. What made this infamous was that /d/ took 3 times the shots that /t/ did, but Bukkake made 10 saves to keep /t/ safe, all in the second half. This led to some arguments among fans as to whether goalkeepers should have their stats watered down for the next cup. Nevertheless, /t/ got a vital point from this match that confirmed their entry into the 2015 4chan Winter Cup after /b/ won 2-0 against /d/. /t/ sailed away to the Round of 16 battered and bruised after a 4-0 loss to /3/ that brought the team back down to Earth. Soon enough, the newcomers were forced to walk the plank against /sci/: Limewire's late goal forced the match to go into extra time, and eventually the penalty kicks came. Despite having double the shots that /sci/ did, /t/ could not avoid penalty kicks and lost their composure during the penalty shoot-out where /sci/ won 3-2.


The draw for the 2015 Winter Cup group stage sent /t/ into a tough group: the /t/yrants joined Group H, which had /e/ (runner-up of the 2014 Autumn Babby Cup), /gd/ (a rising team famous for relegating /sp/), and /u/ (2014 Summer Cup quarterfinalists). In a hard-fought match, /t/ made their debut in a major 4chan cup with a 3-2 win over /gd/. Though /t/ started strong in the cup, their offense became shy in the next match against /e/, where /t/ could only manage to have two shots in a 2-1 loss. Bukkake had another strong performance here with 9 saves, but /e/'s aggression was just too much for the pirates.

These results meant that /t/ only needed to draw against /u/ to get past the group stage and become a nuevo elite team. Unfortunately, the pira/t/es fell apart here, and Bukkake couldn't work her magic this time in a 4-1 loss. This relegated /t/ to the 2015 Spring Babby Cup.

In said cup, /t/ had to rescue a 3-3 draw against /pol/ in their first group stage match. The defense needed serious improvements to be of any use in the PES 2015 era of the cup. Without any goals to fight back, /t/ lost 3-0 to /co/ and was already in a desperate situation. /m/ showed no mercy against /t/'s leaky defense: despite fighting back, the pirates lost 3-2, and were mathematically unable to get promoted to the Summer Cup.

This poor form left /t/ in Pot 5 for the next cup. At first, this didn't matter much since the Babby Cup Qualifiers were removed after the 2013 Autumn Babby Cup. However, in a strange turn of events, the qualifiers were brought back for the 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup, and /t/ was arbitrarily sent to them, along with /adv/, /out/, and /diy/. Though some fans figured this only involved low tier teams with little to no fans and thus, didn't care about how teams were picked, others weren't happy about the teams being chosen since it would naturally lead to the "Why X and not Y?" argument, as well as suspicions of bias.

With all that being said, the fact remained that /t/ had to prove that they deserved to play in the Autumn Babby Cup, and they proceeded to embarrass themselves like never before. The qualifiers quickly became a nightmare for /t/ with /out/ dominating the pira/t/es in a 4-1 win. Afterwards, /t/ kept sinking without any signs of life as they lost 2-0 to /diy/. Due to the two defeats, it was looking like /t/ might not even get to play in the Autumn Babby Cup without a combination of results going their way. Against /adv/, /t/ played their hearts out and came back from being down 3-1 to draw 3-3 at one point, but a late 5-Inch Dick goal sealed /t/'s fate.

Some viewers pointed out that this was, in fact, one of the worst falls from grace in the history of the 4chan cup. In one year, /t/ went from being an elite team to losing all matches in the revived Babby Cup Qualifiers.

2016 - Full Laughingstock Mode

In the new world of PES 2016, /t/ were left to rot in the Fetus, with no fans, no wins in a year, and nobody putting even slight faith into the team. A fetus draw consisting of "resurgent" /trv/, ass-backwards /y/, and newfags /p/ seemingly gave at least some sign of hope for /t/. However, two straight 4-3 losses and an inability to manage a win in their final match kept /t/ aborted in unsurprising fashion.

The 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers would be believed by many to be another disappointment for the copiers of the floppy. A 3-1 loss to /co/ surely seemed to remedy that belief, putting them in last place of the 4-team group after 1 game. Then, /t/ would face another fetus favorite in the form of /po/. This time, /t/ seemed to get a grip on things and ended up with a 3-3 draw, but still without that one win that had eluded them in nearly 2 years. The final game of the qualifiers was set. All /t/ needed was to do was win against /y/, and win by at least 2 goals. It seemed that the stage was set for a predictable hold by Yaranaika and his yaoi fanclub, and the pira/t/es needed to come alive and achieve a miracle to flip the script. A lone goal by uTorrent put /t/ in the most dangerous lead after the first half, but the second half was even more so. After nearly two years of incessant, nonstop bullying from every other team in the cup, /t/ decided it was time to wake up. And wake up they did, pulling off a 5-3 victory over the despaired /y/. It was not only their first win in nearly 2 years, but it was also the win that mattered enough for /t/ to advance over /co/ and return to their first Babby since the Spring of 2015.

The 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup itself, however, was an entirely different story. /t/'s group draw included two of the best teams in the Babby and a newly revived /g/, dooming them before a ball was kicked. It didn't help that /t/'s non-working kits forced a delay and usage of pirated >/co/ kits before their first match; despite drawing first blood, /t/ took a completely unsurprising 3-1 loss to /mu/. Next match, /g/ put 3 on the pirates before the first half even ended, but /t/ fought back to embarrass /g/ with a 3-3 draw and keep their faint hopes of advancing alive. Of course, /tv/ didn't feel like fucking around, and destroyed /t/ to the tune of their worst loss ever and a quick relegation back to the fetus.

2017 - Back to Culled from the Elites

/t/ entered the new year as hopeless as they had entered the last one; despite a fetus format that made it almost impossible to fuck up and one of the worst group draws possible, /t/ were expected to do so anyway. It looked like they would after an embarrassing 1-0 loss to /y/, the latter's first win in over a year. However, /t/'s defense came back to life and got PES to gift them a 1-1 draw against /a/, keeping them afloat. Needing only a draw to secure another uninspiring advancement, /t/ were dominated early by /i/, but a controller fuckup by >Sou caused a restart of the match. It took a penalty to give /t/ their spot in the Spring Babby Cup, but /t/ still managed to get through their second straight fetus.

In the actual cup, /t/ got into a group of small teams, with /p/, /po/ and /adv/. The pirates started off with a tense 3-2 win over /p/, a win that prove to be costly for /p/ at the end of the group stage. At the Cutting Mat, /po/ beat /t/ 2-0, leaving them with 3 points after two matches. A second win would send /t/ directly into the 2017 4chan Summer Cup, but they had to beat /adv/, who were desperate to avoid being sent to the Fetus Cup. /t/ had to be careful as well, since losing to /adv/ would have sent them to the Fetus, but in the end, /t/ came out looking stronger than they have in years, with a 4-1 win. With 6 points, the pirates ended up topping the group by goal difference, and would play in a major cup for the first time since the 2015 4chan Winter Cup get fucking culled due to complete lack of interest.

As the 2017 Autumn Babby Cup was about to begin, it seemed that the complete lack of interest would stay. It was looking like a permanent death for the pira/t/es as almost every other team affected by The Cull came back for this cup revamped in some form. Nobody seemed to care about /t/, that was until the following year something did happen.

2018 - Free at last, free at last! (For a while anyway)

After much discussion about whether /t/ did have legitimate interest in competing in the 4chan Cup again, eventually it was decided that the interest did exist to allow them to compete for one cup. /t/ has finally been freed from culling with a much needed revamp and is set to appear in the 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup as an autopilot.

In the group stage, /t/ were drawn into a very weeb themed group with /a/, their little sister , their other sister who was expelled from their board and a board owned by two of the former teams. The first game was against fellow Cull victim /c/ was a solid defensive effort from /t/, particularly from red condition keeper Bukkake, with >99.8% getting a squat toilet midway through the first half. /c/ did equalise in the second half, with /t/ holding out for a point in their return to the cup. Next up for the /t/yrants was the nice board of /s4s/. /t/ got on the board first with the first goal for the new JAV player 50 threads of Pure Japanese Titties scoring midway through the first half, while somehow not getting the stream banned. Patrick Bateman equalised just before the end of the half. Newly promoted to medal status TPB scored his first goal for /t/ too shortly after the break, /s4s/ again equalised late on in the game but /t/ got the kekoff abuse for >uTorrent at 89 minutes, with his new keygen goalhorn being heard too. All three of the scorers also got assists in a rare event, a goal and assist for 3 separate players in one game. This put /t/ in a pretty good position at second place in the group.

Next up was the NEETs of /jp/, with /jp/ playing a surprisingly good formation with only 2 defenders. /jp/ were dominant in the first half, with get out of /jp/ scoring about midway through the second half. /t/ made some changes after conceding this goal, playing a far more aggressive offensive playstyle, which paid off as shortly after Mixtapes scored a blooter to equalise a few minutes. /jp/ held firm to hold on to a point and held out the late /t/ surge. This result combined with a win for /s4s/ in the following game put /t/ in second in the table, and in a position to finish in the top 2 if they beat /a/.

The penultimate game in the group meant that /t/ had to win as /jp/ won their game, and /s4s/ had a superior goal difference in the event of a draw, while /a/ needed a win, a big win at that. At half time neither team really looked like pressuring in the game, 50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties getting the best shot of the half. It was early in the second half /t/ struck the first blood as the former player scored. Lelouch scored for /a/ late after kick off, however changes were made by both sides as a draw killed both of them, /t/ shifted to a more offensive style, while /a/ shifted to try and score 3 goals they needed. All these changes helped the Pira/t/es as >uTorrent scored at 75 minutes. /a/ then panicked as they needed 4 goals to advance, which let /t/ in again, letting the superior 3DPD Japanese Titties score again. Bebop knocked one goal back, but The Pirate Bay scored again to rub salt in /a/'s wound, and sent /t/ back into the knockouts, but most importantly the 2018 4chan Summer Cup and topped Group B in the process.

Topping their group resulted in them being the home team in the knockouts, playing in the JAV bowl against /gif/, another recently revived team after a long absence, with the two reaching the [funky stars] of the elite cup at the first attempt of revival. /gif/ struck first with their JAV player JAV. Midway through the half Mixtapes scored to equalise, leaving it at 1-1 at the half. In this half the superior JAV player, the Japanese Titties scored for /t/, however Sauce got a late goal in a deserved draw, making the game go to extra time. The /gif/ players in particular were tired after the match, which meant advantage /t/, and they took it, with TPB scoring in extra time, which resulted in /t/'s first knockouts win in their history, and meant they'd play in Pot 3 in the upcoming Summer Cup.

In the Quarter Finals, they met up against fellow autopilot team /soc/. Moji scored early for /soc/, with TPB scoring shortly after, and /soc/ took the lead again, all within 15 minutes. /t/ held in throughout the game and challenged, and eventually got the goal they needed in the second half, with >uTorrent going into [overdrive ] and becoming /t/'s top scorer in the process. The autopilots fought throughout the match to end 2-2 at the end of regulation. Nothing much happened in extra time other than /t/ getting a shitload of yellow cards to bring the game to penalties.

And then TPB fucked up his benuldy, the first for the team, hitting the bar. /soc/ sank all of theirs to keep /t/ on the backfoot, that was until Skype fucked his penalty up. It was then up to Welcome To My Klub to keep his team in the shootout, which he did not score. While this was heartbreak for /t/, this was their greatest ever finish in the Babby Cup, finishing 5th overall, and they still had a ticket to the elites.

/t/ managed to avoid getting culled again, while their opponent in their last match wasn't as lucky. This left /t/ as the only autopilot in the 2018 4chan Summer Cup. Things were finally looking up for the team, they were given new tactics and were drawn into a group of the current holder of the Thrid place trophy, and two of the FLGS teams.

And then it went to shit. /t/ faced /n/ in their first game, hoping that /n/ might have fallen to the Third place winner. /n/ looked like they fell to the curse, as they played horrifically against the pira/t/es, unfortunately for them /t/ didn't look much better. Late into the second half /n/ finally broke the deadlock as 90's Rigid MTB scored, however /t/ managed to score off the kickoff with >uTorrent directly after, leaving the game to finish 1-1. Neither team looked great after this, but at least /t/ didn't lose.

Next for them was /m/, who managed to destroy /co/ in their last game, so this looked like it would have been a tough game too. Against all the odds >uTorrent scored after about 20 minutes, and things were looking up for them. /m/ had different plans though, changed up their gameplan a bit and managed to dump 5 goals on /t/, resulting in a 5PA1NFUL loss. Further salt was rubbed in the wound as /n/ started to actually look like a decent team again and also managed to destroy /co/ 4-1. This left the pira/t/es in a pretty bleak situation as they needed to win against /co/, hope /m/ could beat /n/ and hope for a 7 goal swing. /t/ played first and there was a glimmer of hope that they could at least get something against /co/ who hadn't looked great all cup. Unfortunately /t/ were completely lethargic this game and lost 5-0 to a team who was already out, putting a quick stop to faint hopes of reaching the Elite KOs for the first time. /t/ bottomed out the group with a -9 GD, and things were looking bleak for them as one of the worst teams in Summer.

And it only got worse. A number of currently competing teams were put in stasis after this cup after looking at the support of various teams, these few were found to have no or questionable support. /t/ were found to have questionable support to play in Autumn, and fell victim to this stasis. The so called Dead /po/e/t/ /soc/iety /trv/eled off to join a bunch of other dead teams and teams in stasis, left to potentially compete again in the future. It remains to be seen if the pira/t/es will compete again anytime soon.

/t/ Match History

Official Matches

Date Opponent Competition Result Scorers Video
October 18, 2014 B icon.png /b/ 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 1-0 W Limewire Goal 71'
October 24, 2014 K icon.png /k/ 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 2-1 W Yellow Fever Goal 62'
Limewire Goal 78'
October 26, 2014 D icon.png /d/ 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 2-2 D Free Brokep Goal 29'
Censored Porn Goal 61'
October 31, 2014 3 icon.png /3/ 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 4-0 L
November 8, 2014 Sci icon.png /sci/ 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 1-1 L
(2-3 PK)
Limewire Goal 86' Penalty Kicks
February 14, 2015 Gd icon.png /gd/ 2015 4chan Winter Cup 3-2 W uTorrent Goal 51'
Yellow Fever Goal 56'
Limewire Goal 75'
February 20, 2015 E icon.png /e/ 2015 4chan Winter Cup 2-1 L Limewire Goal 59'
February 22, 2015 U icon.png /u/ 2015 4chan Winter Cup 1-4 L H33T Goal 66'
April 25, 2015 Pol icon.png /pol/ 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup 3-3 D Limewire Goal 34'
DMCA Goal 89'90+'
May 1, 2015 Co icon.png /co/ 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0-3 L
May 3, 2015 M icon.png /m/ 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup 2-3 L DMCA Goal 52'
Censored Porn Goal 83'
May 10, 2015 Gif icon.png /gif/ 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup 2-2 D Limewire Goal 7'
uTorrent Goal 30'
October 3, 2015 Out icon.png /out/ 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 1-4 L uTorrent Goal 83'
October 3, 2015 Diy icon.png /diy/ 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 0-2 L
October 3, 2015 Adv icon.png /adv/ 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 3-4 L DMCA Goal 12'80'
Limewire Goal 63'
April 15, 2016 Trv icon.png /trv/ 2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 3-4 L DMCA Goal 20'
Limewire Goal 67'90+5'
April 16, 2016 P icon.png /p/ 2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 3-4 L uTorrent Goal 31'41'79'
April 17, 2016 Y icon.png /y/ 2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 1-1 D Limewire Goal 23'
October 8, 2016 Co icon.png /co/ 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 1-3 L Limewire Goal 8'
October 8, 2016 Po icon.png /po/ 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 3-3 D uTorrent Goal 51'
Limewire Goal 63'
Mixtapes! Goal 77'
October 8, 2016 Y icon.png /y/ 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 5-3 W uTorrent Goal 30'74'
>>696969 Goal 55'
Limewire Goal 62'
Mixtapes! Goal 87'
October 29, 2016 Mu icon.png /mu/ 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 1-3 L Limewire Goal 13'
November 4, 2016 G icon.png /g/ 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 3-3 D Limewire Goal 64'
Mixtapes! Goal 76'
uTorrent Goal 81'
November 6, 2016 Tv icon.png /tv/ 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 0-5 L
April 28, 2017 Y icon.png /y/ 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0-1 L
April 29, 2017 A icon.png /a/ 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 1-1 D Mixtapes Goal 77'
April 30, 2017 I icon.png /i/ 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 2-2 D uTorrent Goal 55'74' (pen.)
May 12, 2017 P icon.png /p/ 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup 3-2 W uTorrent Goal 19'89'
Limewire Goal 68'
May 14, 2017 Po icon.png /po/ 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0-2 L
May 20, 2017 Adv icon.png /adv/ 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup 4-1 W uTorrent Goal 20'
Limewire Goal 61'
Legal Loli Goal 85'90+1'
May 27, 2017 Tv icon.png /tv/ 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0-2 L
May 6, 2018 C icon.png /c/ 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 1-1 D >99.8% Goal 24'
May 11, 2018 S4s icon.png /s4s/ 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 3-2 W 50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties Goal 24'
TPB Goal 55'
>uTorrent Goal 89'
May 13, 2018 Jp icon.png /jp/ 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 1-1 D Mixtapes Goal 72'
May 19, 2018 A icon.png /a/ 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 4-2 W 50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties Goal 52'78'
>uTorrent Goal 75'
TPB Goal 83'
May 26, 2018 Gif icon.png /gif/ 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 3-2 W Mixtapes Goal 26'
50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties Goal 73'
TPB Goal 101'
May 27, 2018 Soc icon.png /soc/ 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 2-2 L
(3-4 PK)
TPB Goal 6'
>uTorrent Goal 69'
July 28, 2018 N icon.png /n/ 2018 4chan Summer Cup 1-1 D >uTorrent Goal 77'
August 3, 2018 M icon.png /m/ 2018 4chan Summer Cup 1-5 L >uTorrent Goal 22'
August 5, 2018 Co icon.png /co/ 2018 4chan Summer Cup 0-5 L

Unofficial Matches

These are results from unofficial events and they're not counted in the W-D-L record.

Date Opponent Competition Result Scorers
November 28, 2014 Sp icon.png /sp/ Thanksgiving Bowl 2-1 W Limewire Goal 9'53'
November 29, 2014 S4s icon.png /s4s/ Thanksgiving Bowl 0-1 L
January 10, 2015 Y icon.png /y/ Jenkey Memorial Cup 1-4 L μTorrent Goal 56'
January 10, 2015 Diy icon.png /diy/ Jenkey Memorial Cup 0-4 L
January 11, 2015 Vr icon.png /vr/ Jenkey Memorial Cup 2-3 L μTorrent Goal 2'35'
January 16, 2015 M icon.png /m/ 2015 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies 2-1 L μTorrent Goal 44'
January 23, 2015 D icon.png /d/ 2015 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies 2-1 L H33t Goal 17'
February 27, 2015 Po icon.png /po/ 2015 Winter Loser Ball 2-1 W Limewire Goal 2'
μTorrent Goal 58'
February 27, 2015 Toy icon.png /toy/ 2015 Winter Loser Ball 1-2 L Limewire Goal 90'
February 27, 2015 An icon.png /an/ 2015 Winter Loser Ball 2-2
(4-5) L
H33t Goal 6'57'
July 18, 2015 B icon.png /b/ 2015 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies 6-1 W Yellow Fever Goal 8'75'
Limewire Goal 33'61'90+'
uTorrent Goal 66'
July 19, 2015 V icon.png /v/ 2015 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies 2-1 W Yellow Fever Goal 76'
Limewire Goal 82'
August 21, 2015 Vp icon.png /vp/ Lark's Madness 2-1 L uTorrent Goal ??'


Player Goals
>uTorrent 20
Limewire 18
Mixtapes 6
50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties 4
Censored Porn 2
Legal Loli 2
Yellow Fever 2
>>696969 1
Free Brokep 1
H33T 1
>99.8% 1
Player Assists
Limewire 13
uTorrent 13
Mixtapes! 5
H33T 2
Legal Loli 2
Magnets 2
>>696969 1
Censored Porn 1
Free Brokep 1
Legal Age Petite 1
Seeds 1
White On Jap 1
Yellow Fever 1
50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties 1
NotAVirus.exe 1
Player Saves
Bukkake 87
Shemales 16


Individual Honors