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This is the current installation guide for installing the 4cc version of PES14.

Keep in mind that this will very likely change for Winter 2015.

Step 1: Base Game

Use one of the following serials when requested in the installation process:
WR92 - PN7U - Y9YV - EYC3 - R2U2
HNY6 - JD2U - 3CXK - 4UC6 - FUC2
JPL4 - CNTS - J5XS - SNMD - 3FV3
FKWL - F2C6 - DTX6 - 7VE5 - R93A

Step 2: Append DLC to That
Download the DLC from the link above. Grab all the files in it and move them to C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download. Note: that is ProgramData, not Program Files nor your installation directory. ProgramData may be hidden in your Windows Explorer, just manually enter the address in the address bar. If you've done it correctly, PES will show you a bunch of shoes on next startup.

(much faster torrent file here: )

Step 3: Mod That
So there's an offical 4CC modpack. Extract and copy all the files into the main PES14 folder and overwrite everything.
Note on the executables: if you want to import or export teams ingame you need to run 4ccx.exe. If you aren't doing import/exports, you just run 4cc.exe. You might need to check File Loader Config.exe in the 4cc folder and make sure that on the general tab Improve perf., Increase resp. and Fast Start are checked. At the Gameplay tab only 'Remove Bad AI script' should be checked.

Step 4: Install the save

Download this: , extract it and put it in the PES14 save folder which probably will be: \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\save. If the folder is not there, you might have to run the game once and have the game make the folder for you.

Optional aesthetics: , this is the latest public release version of all 4cc (team) aesthetics. Just extract it and copy and overwrite the 4cc folder in your main PES14 folder.

If you have a weaker PC, it might be a good idea to install this smaller aesthetics pack. It only fixes the team names and adds all the team logos:

Step 5: Interact With That Using Third-Party Programs

If you plan to do anything with your copy of PES 2014, an editor program will probably make your life a lot easier. Be on the look out for updates though: