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Dates and deadlines for the 2021 4chan World Cup will be as follows:

Team List Finalized: June 4th, 23:59:59 UTC
Aesthetics/Tactics-less Exports Deadline: June 26th, 23:59:59 UTC
Tactical Export Deadline: July 3rd, 23:59:59 UTC
Draw: July 4th
Group Stage: July 9-11, July 16-18, July 23-25, July 30-August 1
Round of 32: August 7-8
Round of 16: August 14-15

Team List Finalized refers to the date when the roster of participating teams in the World Cup will be determined and announced with no further changes. It will be the deadline for any potential new managers or caretakers that would like to assist in the revival or creation of any dead or new teams to do so. Teams revived by 4CCC in order to fill the required number of team slots for the cup's format (discussed later) may still have new manager(s) or caretaker(s) be verified for those roles after this deadline up to the Aesthetics Deadline.

Tactics-less Exports refers to a new requirement for teams. Due to the increased number of teams participating in this cup, when posting your team's aesthetics export, you will also need to provide a tactical export without any tactics intended to be used alongside it. This is to give those that will be helping to check and fix aesthetics access to every team's finalized rosters and player IDs that will be used in the cup. The deadline is also a week before the final tactical deadline in order to give an extra week's worth of time to compensate for the increased number of teams and amount of reviving teams.

The cup will be played on PES 2021. The patch and ruleset to be used will be determined and announced in the near future.

The cup will have 64 teams participating in a four-week group stage composed of 16 groups of 4 teams each. The two top-placing teams in each group will then advance to a two-day Round of 32 held the following week. Those who advance from the Round of 32 will then compete in the final weekend in a standard knockouts round consisting of a Round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, third place match, and final.

To reach the required 64 teams needed for the cup's format, priority for eligible teams will first be given to all living teams in the cup with a manager or caretaker, which currently includes 51 teams. These teams will not be required to provide updated Proof of Interest for this cup, but are free to submit any if they wish. These teams are:
3 icon.png /3/, A icon.png /a/, Aco icon.png /aco/, Adv icon.png /adv/, An icon.png /an/, Asp icon.png /asp/†, B icon.png /b/, Bant icon.png /bant/, Biz icon.png /biz/, C icon.png /c/, Ck icon.png /ck/, Cm icon.png /cm/, Co icon.png /co/, D icon.png /d/, Diy icon.png /diy/, F icon.png /f/, Fa icon.png /fa/, Fit icon.png /fit/, H icon.png /h/, His icon.png /his/, I icon.png /i/, Int icon.png /int/, Jp icon.png /jp/, K icon.png /k/, Lit icon.png /lit/, M icon.png /m/, Mlp icon.png /mlp/, Mu icon.png /mu/, N icon.png /n/, O icon.png /o/, Out icon.png /out/, P icon.png /p/, Pol icon.png /pol/, R9k icon.png /r9k/, S4s icon.png /s4s/, Sci icon.png /sci/, Sp icon.png /sp/, Tg icon.png /tg/, Toy icon.png /toy/, Trv icon.png /trv/, Tv icon.png /tv/, U icon.png /u/, V icon.png /v/, Vg icon.png /vg/, Vp icon.png /vp/, Vr icon.png /vr/, W icon.png /w/, Wg icon.png /wg/, Wsg icon.png /wsg/, X icon.png /x/, Y icon.png /y/

Next in priority will be any teams that potential new managers or caretakers intend to assist in creating or reviving.‡ These teams must provide valid Proof of Interest in order to participate. Three new teams have already been approved and will be eligible to participate, which are:
Vm icon.png /vm/, Vrpg icon.png /vrpg/, Vst icon.png /vst/

Finally, a number of teams that have not recently played in a cup and have not found a manager or caretaker by the team list finalization deadline will be temporarily revived by 4CCC to fill any remaining team slots. As stated before, those interested in managing or caretaking these teams after the Teams List Finalized deadline are free to become verified for those roles up to the Aesthetics Deadline. New POI will not be required to play in the World Cup for teams in this situation, but will need to be gathered in order to play in their next eligible cup.

† This will be the final cup that Asp icon.png /asp/ will participate in, as the board was split into two new boards earlier this year, Pw icon.png /pw/ and TBD icon.png /xs/. /asp/ is being allowed participation in one final cup before being retired, and /pw/ and /xs/ will be treated as brand new teams eligible to first play in Autumn 21.
Vt icon.png /vt/ will be considered eligible to participate as a new team in the World Cup provided they are able to find management or a caretaker as well as provide valid POI.