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This news message contains several points of importance to all managers in the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup.

Day Exports

The first thing about this is that the deadline is now only 2 hours prior to the start of the matchday. It was found that the process of importing and checking the exports can be done relatively fast, so this will give you an extra hour to test. Also, the exports email should now send you an auto-reply if your email text (not the subject) contains the word export and was received correctly. If you did not receive anything please contact any cup admin and he will check if your export was received correctly or not. Keep in mind that you can only set up your team instructions in the export and not send them to the commissioner of that day right before the pre-game of your match. Also make sure that you use the newest save here: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015#Official. Otherwise you might accidentally send an export which contains some rigging and you might risk disqualification.

Delivering Aesthetics Mid Cup

If you want to deliver aesthetics for your cup mid team please add them to this page here: Mid Cup Aesthetics. This page has been made because several people would always try to send all stuff personally with the chance of it being forgotten or lost. This page should prevent that. Keep in mind that although you are not required to use the Export Template it is still advised to sort everything nicely in the export. Because everything trash will be treated as trash. At this moment only /m/ is required to send in a correct export following the Aesthetic Export Template.