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This Manager News post was written for some (minor) clarifications for the 2015 4chan Summer Cup.

  • Aesthetics
    • The first is that the rules regarding delivering aesthetics have slightly changed. These can now only be linked on the team's page by a verified manager of that team. It is still possible to link to it on the Exports page, but the team page is still leading.
    • Secondly all aesthetics to be added after the second deadline have to be submitted through the Mid Cup Aesthetics page. It is no longer possible to have someone else upload them for you while you sign them off, all team aesthetics have to be added by a verified manager of that team. This should make sure that all aesthetics are always uploaded by the manager of the team itself. We do not want to encourage managers to blindly signing aesthetics made by other people without reviewing them, even if it happens in good spirit.
    • After the first deadline has passed all uploaded aesthetics exports will be checked the same way tactical exports are checked. You can then find (almost) everything wrong with your export on the spreadsheet to be linked on the 2015 4chan Summer Cup Save Fixes page. Another News post will be released when the checking is done.
    • All teams that have already played in the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup will have to make a complete Aesthetics Export as if it is their first cup in PES15, too. All aesthetics have to be submitted again. This includes kits, stadiums, faces, and so on. You can just take your old export of the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup and update it where necessary, but keep in mind the Aesthetic Export Template has been slightly updated, too. This is done so the aesthetics of the teams not in Summer will not be clogging all the DLCs for Summer. So the Helper will not have to try to find, check and copy old stuff from Spring for use in Summer and he only has to work with the new exports.
  • Other
    • Another reminder to all managers that the first deadline for the 2015 4chan Summer Cup is now two weeks before the cup starts. So the first deadline will be on Friday 17 July at 23:59:59 UTC; there is also timer for this on the wiki front page.
    • After the News post of the 2015 4chan Summer Cup was made which stated that the same rules of the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup would be used for the 2015 4chan Summer Cup, the rules were changed an hour later. In case you were not aware of this the updated rules can be found here: Appendix:Rules. Only the height rules have been slightly updated. Gold players of 190 cm and above have all their stats reduced by 5, Silvers by 4 and 77s by 3.
    • All managers who will be playing in a cup in PES15 for the first time are advised to read up on the Day before export rules here: Appendix:Rules#Chapter V: Tactical . Keep in mind that you cannot send in a special export for your first game.
    • For secret reasons the standard black and white PES Heritage boots will be switched for the 2015 4chan Summer Cup, this means that if you choose the black boots they will become white during the actual cup and vice versa.