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Hello managers.

The Aesthetic Exports for the Spring Fetus Cup will be due on April 22nd, 23:59:59 UTC.
The second deadline valid for all the teams, including those that qualified, will be on May 6th, 23:59:59 UTC.
Both of these deadlines have been set one day after the Tactical Export deadline.

Even if your aesthetics aren't complete by then, please upload at the very least a preliminary export with some working kits and most importantly a proper Note txt file. If possible, include any faces you have and will use, and some portraits.
Any faces that still have to be made can be submitted later, though any new content will have to be submitted through the Mid Cup Aesthetics page after the deadline has passed (and until the last matchday is over, in the case of the Fetus Cup).
This also goes for any teams which haven't submitted anything by the deadline. The team pages will only be checked once per deadline, shortly after each.


  • The aesthetic export must follow the new format introduced in the Winter 17 Cup, as described in the AET page.
    You can also find there the compiler used for making the cup DLC and check your export for errors with it.
  • Make sure that every face folder in your export has the player name written in its name next to the player ID, for easier troubleshooting.
  • Don't submit blender face folders for players that were sacked.
    Should the players replacing them end up using faces made ingame, the blender faces will be given priority, and removing them will require remaking the whole DLC with the cup faces.
  • Use the face preset randomizer in the player customization menu on any placeholder faces you may still have.

Fixed exports

The following exports have the latest content submitted by every team, have been converted to the new export format used in Winter 17 and have also had the player names added to the face folders.
Please get your own and use it as a base for your future exports, adding any new contents to it.

Exports for teams which have not competed in Winter 17

Exports for teams which have competed in Winter 17
(Includes the teams that have qualified to the Summer 17 Cup.)

Deadlines for midcup contents

These are only valid for teams which have already submitted a proper export, and are just sending simple stuff like new faces, portraits or extra kits.

  • Up to 8 hours before kickoff: Guaranteed to make it in.
  • Up to 3 hours: Likely to make it in. No guarantees.
  • Up to 2 hours: May only make it in if important, for example a fix for a broken face.
  • From then on: Will not make it in.


Feel free to join the new /AesCo/ discord server if you have any questions.