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Sign-ups for the 2023 4chan Spring Babby Cup are now open until 11:59:59pm UTC on April 1st.

Read the rules and follow the instructions posted on the top of the page for signing up and providing POI in order to be approved for participation. Please also read the previous Manager News post regarding the changes in PES version and patch that will be used. Dates and format will be confirmed after sign-ups close.

The following teams still do not currently have valid POI handed in:
F icon.png /f/, Fit icon.png /fit/, Jp icon.png /jp/, N icon.png /n/, P icon.png /p/, R9k icon.png /r9k/, Tg icon.png /tg/, X icon.png /x/

Please hand in POI to a member of /admin/ as early as possible in case of issues so they can be potentially resolved before sign-ups close.

Additionally, both Fit icon.png /fit/ and P icon.png /p/ are currently without a manager or caretaker and will need at least one of either option alongside new POI in order for either team to be able to play in Spring.