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Hello managers.

The Aesthetic Exports for the Winter Cup will be due on Friday 3rd of February, 23:59:59 UTC, the same as the Tactical Export deadline.
There will not be a second deadline. Any new contents will have to be submitted through the Mid Cup Aesthetics page after the deadline.
No guarantees of stuff working properly will be given in this case, but we'll do our best so that everything goes fine.

As previously announced, the format for the Aesthetic Exports has changed to a simpler one, the same that was tested on VGL7.
It should make adding new faces easier and quicker, and minimize the risk of naming folders wrongly.

In addition, a Portraits folder is now available for adding your team player's icons, the ones displayed on the tactical screens.
The same rule as for blenders and kits is valid here: Please don't submit blatantly NSFW stuff, or anything that could get the channel banned.

To make the transition to the new format as simple as possible, the latest available export from every team in Winter has been converted to the new format.
Please get your own from this folder and use it as a base for your future exports, adding any new contents to it.
4cc Aesthetic Exports in Winter 17 format

Make sure to check the updated page about Aesthetic Exports.
You can also find there the compiler used for making DLC and check your exports for errors with it.

Regarding Mid-Cup Aesthetics, please submit any files two days before the team's next match starts to guarantee it will be added. Files may be submitted up until the last hour until matchday, but there will be no guarantee anything past the two day deadline will be added.

Please do not leave players as Placeholders if they are not expecting any facial Aesthetics.
At the very least, use the face preset randomizer in the player customization menu.