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Dates for the 2023 4chan Winter Cup will be as follow:

Team List Finalized: January 13th, 23:59:59 UTC
Aesthetics Export Deadline: January 20th, 23:59:59 UTC
Tactical Export Deadline: January 21st, 23:59:59 UTC
Draw: January 22nd
Group Stage: January 27-29, February 3-5
Knockouts: February 11-12

Reminder that the Team List Finalized date is when the list of teams participating in Winter will be determined and locked, is the last day that any new managers or caretakers will be able to sign onto teams, and is also the deadline for new valid POI to be submitted for teams that will be required to do so.

Rules, Patch, Etc.:
Winter 2023 will continue to use the same ruleset and patch as Autumn 2022. That is, it will continue to use PES 2021 and Righetti 0.06.4 (which can be downloaded HERE). If you have not done so already somehow, please download it, unzip it, and overwrite the 4cc_06_gameplay.cpk that should already be in the download folder of your PES21 directory at this point.

Here is a repost of the rule changes that were implemented in Autumn that will continue to be used in Winter:

  1. Green Height Bracket
    1. 194cm players are now 191cm.
    2. The number of 191cm players is now reduced from 6 to 5, and the number of 180cm players is now increased from 6 to 7.
  2. Red Height Bracket
    1. All players set to a height of 175cm now receive a +5 stat boost in all stats.
  3. Medal System
    1. The number of silver medal players per team has been increased from 2 to 3 (GGSSS).
  4. Formation Usage
    1. For the duration of the usage of PES 2021, all formations that constitute 3 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 3 strikers (i.e., 3-4-3, 3-2-2-3, 3-3-1-3, and 3-1-3-3) are no longer be allowed, including within any fluid formations. Deadline exports and nightlies will be rejected if any such formation is found within them, so please be aware and mindful.

Proof of Interest:
The following teams that are eligible to play in Summer do not currently have valid POI due to it having expired:
Ck icon.png /ck/, Co icon.png /co/, D icon.png /d/, Gd icon.png /gd/, H icon.png /h/, M icon.png /m/, Pol icon.png /pol/, S4s icon.png /s4s/, Sci icon.png /sci/, T icon.png /t/, U icon.png /u/, V icon.png /v/

The teams listed above must contact QD before the Team List Finalized deadline in order to provide valid POI acquired within the last six months to participate in Winter. Eligible teams not listed above currently have valid POI for Summer, but managers and caretakers for these teams may send more recent POI if desired but are not required to do so.

Minor EDIT: A reminder that Mu icon.png /mu/ currently do not have a manager or caretaker. They will be allowed to play in Winter as is, but they will need someone to take them over in order to play in whichever cup they are eligible for afterward.