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See also if you hate MATH: User:Incoming/Standard Heights System/Simplified Version

The standard heights system is an attempt at a new unified height bracket to replace what currently is used.

Everything here is very open to change and is just a suggestion

Interactive Roster Height Builder (File -> Make a Copy)

The general idea here is that instead of players having a specific number of heights to give out there are "standard heights" which are always sane. Moving from these standards give (if taller) or remove (if shorter) cost and ultimately the team budget must have a 0 or lower cost.

The standard heights are biased to slightly stronger defensive lines and vary by registered position:

  • Keepers: 185 CM
  • Backs: 190 CM
  • Midfielders: 185 CM
  • Forwards: 180 CM

If you want to use these heights you can have any combination of players. If you want to raise the heights of some players other players must lose height. The difference between a player's expect height and their actual height is a deviation.

Currently here are the weights for gaining or losing heights. (Using the sheet listed at the top of this page makes this far easier to work with).

Losing height (lowers cost)

  • Up to 10 CM shorter: -0.5 cost per CM (-5 cost for -10 CM)
  • Up to 20 CM shorter: -0.75 cost per CM past the first ten (-12.5 cost[-5 + -7.5] for -20 CM)
  • Past 20 CM shorter: No further benefit, but can be done for the memes (-12.5 cost for < -20 CM)

Gaining height

  • Up to 10 CM taller: 3 cost per CM (30 cost for +10 CM)
  • Up to 20 CM taller: 5 cost per CM past the first ten (80 cost[30 + 50] for +20 CM)
  • Past 20 CM taller: 10 cost per CM past the first twenty

Costs for a 210 CM player varies because they have further to go to reach 210:

  • Keeper: 130 cost
  • Back: 80 cost
  • Midfielder: 130 cost
  • Forward: 210 cost

As you can see getting a extremely tall player is hard to pay for, to the point of having more than one or two is straight up impossible.

Other Rules

  1. You can't gain points by manleting Goal Keepers
  2. Any player with a deviation of less than -10 (turbo manlet) must actually play at least one game in the group stage (can be subbed on/off)
  3. Variable stat nerfs are no longer a thing, but double AA memes (4/4 weak foot too) are still a thing for players with a deviation of less than -10 in their Registered Position
  4. Medals are also still a thing, and they still get the normal benefits

The general idea of this system is it creates an environment where certain tactics require stronger sacrifices than currently exist, but does not hard ban any specific tactic. It also shakes the meta a bit to try and keep PES17 fresh.