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A version of The Standard Heights System for people too daunted by the concept of an excel sheet.

The general idea here is that instead of players having a specific number of heights to give out there are "standard heights" which are always sane.

The standard heights are biased to slightly stronger defensive lines and vary by registered position:

  • Keepers: 185 cm
  • Backs: 190 cm
  • Midfielders: 185 cm
  • Forwards: 180 cm

Your team of 23 players can have any combination of these players at these height (you still need at least two keepers).

You can add 5 cm to the height any player you want by removing -5 cm from four other players (cannot be keepers). You can do this as many times as you want.

There are no height limits beyond the limits of PES (210 cm) except for keepers, which cap at 200 cm.

There are no nerfed stats for HA players.

You can only reduce the height of a player four times (-20 cm) before you can no longer do so to make another player taller. You can still run even shorter players strictly for the memes though.

Any player reduced to 175 cm or lower gains AA and 4/4 weak foot usage. You can give this bonus to at most 6 players (but you can have additional players at or below 175 without it).

The Medal System is unchanged (or turned to G SS BB to taste because that sounds fun too). Stat changes from medals and height changes are completely divorced.

Oh shit I lied here's an excel sheet if you enjoy them as much as I do