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Cm ft sc19.png /cm/ - Cute/Male Cm icon.png
Ranking: 1st
Key Players: Len-kun!!! Captain, Kaworu Nagisa, Suicidal Hooni, All Silvers Die
Recent Form: L W W W W
What a ride it has been for /cm/.

Flashback to the 2019 Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers: /cm/ is in Pot 3; an absolute unknown, and "just an autopilot" -- one that hasn't seen any success since Dragongate. But after drawing their first match, /cm/ then cutely devastated the competition, finishing with a +7 goal differential and a teal and purple ticket to the 2019 Spring Babby Cup.

So as the cup began, all eyes were on cm/, many expecting Len-kun!!! and Nagisa to carry the team through on another powerfully cute run; the power duo did exactly that. In three matches, the pair scored all 7 goals for /cm/, including 4 in a win-or-go-home match against /mu/. While the two would once again fetchingly carry them through the Round of 16 against /x/, /cm/ would be shocked in the quarterfinals at Benuldy’s Pub when a penalty kick by Nagisa was denied by Captain Meido. Among this and reports that Nagisa had drunkenly yelled “Shinji is a bitch-ass motherfucker”, /cm/ missed out on Babby glory, but qualified for their first Elite Cup in almost two years. But this team of heart-melting boys would be up against stiff competition, as their first match was against defending champions and aesthetic debonairs /gd/ -- or so the 4CC thought -- as /cm/ would make quick work of them in a charming 3-1 win, making a statement to the 4CC that this team was not going away. However, after a shock draw to /x/ and a loss to /wg/, some viewers began to believe there was a chink in /cm/'s cute-yet-strong armor.

Then, in a finish for the ages, /cm/ were paired against /diy/ in the Round of 16, where hope looked lost after an 82’ go-ahead goal by /diy/, except that Nagisa was not quite ready to let go. Scoring at 85’ to dab on the /diy/nosaurs, /cm/ ultimately advanced when their fellow autopilot overheated and committed an own goal; possibly the cutest spaghetti end to a game the Elites have seen in quite a while. The very next day, /cm/ then went on a destructive run unmatched in 4chan Cup history: across the span of the quarters, semis, and the final, they went on to win the cup with a total aggregate score of 11-1. With 12 goals across the entire cup, 9 alone in the final 2 matches, Kaworu went on to take the Boot from under Summer's noses, with Len-kun!!! taking the Ball as his cute second.

Proving that you can be cute, and a boy, and yet a monster on the pitch, it is thanks to Kaworu and the rest of the boys that /cm/ are now undeniably the best, with a star to prove it.

And who knows? Maybe when they fly to the moon next Winter, they can make it back-to-back as they play among the stars.

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