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2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies

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The 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies will be played through the dates of March 6th-8th, 13th-15th, 20th-22nd and will be played on PES 2019. All match days will begin at the standard cup time of 17:00 UTC.

The rules for the friendlies are as follows:

  • Each team is limited to three friendlies.
  • Each match is set to 10 minutes match time
  • There are no subs beyond starting lineups
  • All Orange Conditions
  • Feel free to use this article's talk page to arrange friendlies for your team.
  • Matches played with non-standard 4CC rules should be noted down as such on this page.
  • It's also possible to submit a unique export for each friendly. Please have friendly exports and musical exports submitted by the thursday before. (March 5th/March 12th/March 19th)
  • Please note that while these are official friendlies they do not count towards any official statistics.


Save Editor/ATF



tactics vs /mu/ aesthetics vs /mu/ music


Note: some terms below are from the UK English version of the game. The US English version sometimes uses different terms (e.g. 'condition' instead of 'form').

Squad Composition

  1. Each team must have exactly 23 players in their squad
    1. A squad must contain at least one player with Goalkeeper (GK) as Registered Position with the Playable Position of GK set to 'A', all other Playable Positions must be set to 'C'.
    2. Outfield players will have their Playable Position set to 'A' to match their Registered Position. All their other Playable Positions must be set to 'C'.
  2. A single player of each squad must be assigned the role of Team Captain and should be designated as such in-game.
  3. Players are categorized as regular, silver, or gold as follows:
    1. 19 of the players must be designated regular players. All regular players including keepers must be rated 77 in all stats.
    2. Two outfield players must be designated as silver and be rated 88 in all stats.
    3. Two outfield players must be designated as gold and be rated 99 in all stats.
  4. Silver and gold players are collectively referred to as medal players.

Player Abilities

  1. All players 175cm and below in height may have their Weak Foot Usage and Weak Foot Accuracy settings set to any amount. For non-medal players 180 cm and above, their usage and accuracy stats are both capped at 2.
  2. All medal players may have their Weak Foot Usage and Weak Foot Accuracy settings set to any amount regardless of height.
  3. All players are allowed to have a lower Attacking Prowess and/or Defensive Prowess, but not higher.
  4. The Form setting is set to 8 for medal players, and 4 for the remaining regular players .
  5. The Injury Resistance setting is set to 3 for all players.
  6. A player cannot have more than a set amount of 'cards', known in the game as Player Skills and COM Playing Styles, under the following restrictions:
    1. Each registered goalkeeper can have at most 2 cards.
    2. Each regular outfield player can have at most 3 cards.
    3. Each silver player can have at most 4 cards.
    4. Each gold player can have at most 5 cards.
  7. Medal players may have free trick cards and/or COM Playing Styles, with the conditions shown below. See the trick card section for a list of permitted trick cards. Note that in the event a player has more than the designated trick card/COM Style limit, all but cards under the limit will be counted in their total.
    1. Each silver player can have 1 trick/COM card.
    2. Each gold player can have 2 trick/COM cards.
  8. The Team Captain is allowed (but not required to have) a free Captaincy card. This card does not count towards any previous limits. All additional Captaincy cards do count towards any previous limits.
  9. Outfield players may have 1 less card in exchange for an additional player position set to 'A'. This extra position may not be 'GK.'
  10. Each player in the squad may be attributed a Playing Styles.
    1. Playing Styles do not count towards the card limit.

Trick Cards

The following cards are the current legal trick cards.

  • S01: Scissors Feint
  • S02: Double Touch
  • S03: Flip Flap
  • S04: Marseille Turn
  • S05: Sombrero
  • S06: Crossover Turn
  • S07: Cut Behind & Turn
  • S08: Scotch Move
  • S23: Rabona

Height Rules

There are two options managers have for distributing team heights, named for their traditional colouring in height charts.

  1. The "green" heights, giving more total height:
    1. Six non-medal players of height exactly 194cm.
    2. Five players of height exactly 185cm.
    3. Six players of height exactly 180cm.
    4. Six players of height exactly 175cm.
  2. The "red" heights, giving bonuses to shorter nonmedal players:
    1. Ten players which are either:
      1. Outfield players of height exactly 185cm.
      2. Goalkeepers of height exactly 189cm.
    2. Seven players of height exactly 180cm.
    3. Six players of height exactly 175cm, with non-medals receiving a +5 bonus to all stats.
  3. The six players that are 175cm may be set to lower (155-174cm) heights, but they still count as 175cm for height brackets and their "lost" cm cannot be used to make other players taller.
    1. Players who are 175cm may also have one additional card.
  4. Players of height 175cm and below may have 4/4 weak foot accuracy and weak foot usage.
# Height Advantage Total Height (cm)
6x 194cm 1164cm Non-medals only
5x 185cm 925cm If GK, increase height to 189cm
6x 180cm 1080cm
6x 175cm 1050cm Players in this category may use 1 additional card
Players in this category may have 4/4 weak foot accuracy/usage
Total Height 4219cm
# Stat Advantage Total Height (cm)
10x 185cm 1850cm If GK, increase height to 189cm
7x 180cm 1260cm
6x 175cm 1050cm Non-medal players in this category receive a +5 stat boost in all stats
Players in this category may use 1 additional card
Players in this category may have 4/4 weak foot accuracy/usage
Total Height 4160cm


March 6th

6 March 2020 /wg/ Wg icon.png 5–4 B icon.png /b/

Helios Goal 24'
Cunt Destroyer Goal 52'80'
Comfy Goal 69'76'
Goal 18' #REKT
Goal 34'56'78' ▲ ▲ ▲
Booked 17' Trolled 2 Death
Rose Park Stadium
Attendance: 90

6 March 2020 /bant/ Bant icon.png 3–1 Int icon.png /int/

Queen Goal 19'86'89' Goal 40' Spurdo Spärde
Booked 75' Gondola
Attendance: 94

  The History Channel  
6 March 2020 /tv/ Tv icon.png 2–1 His icon.png /his/

Kinoplex Robert Goal 71'
Brendan Fraser Goal 76'
Goal 13' Charles II
Booked 45' More Wives, your Grace?
Booked 59' Maoist Worst Nightmare
Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 101

  Magnetix Bowl  
6 March 2020 /toy/ Toy icon.png 3–0 Sci icon.png /sci/

Optimus Prime Goal 36'
Nubs Destiny Goal 56'
WoodyGoal 89'
Booked 81' Homo Engineer Konami Stadium
Attendance: 100

6 March 2020 /lit/ Lit icon.png 2–3 P icon.png /p/

DFW Goal 45+0'
Start with the Greeks Goal 90+3'
Goal 7' Gearfag
Goal 13' Crush the Blacks
Goal 49' Fuck with the Sliders
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 93

6 March 2020 /gif/ Gif icon.png 1–1 Cgl icon.png /cgl/

Big Black Cocks Goal 80' Goal 31' Telephone-chan
Booked 90+0' >tfw no /cgl/ gf
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 87
Sauce Missed
Lesbians Scored
The Goose is Loose Missed
The Cook Missed
Deep Fakes Scored
2–3 Missed Mana-sama
Scored Telephone-chan
Scored Pixyteri
Missed Costhots
Scored Usakumya

6 March 2020 Backup 1 TBD icon.png 2–1 TBD icon.png Backup 2

Placeholder #780 Goal 23'
Placeholder #523 Goal 68' (pen.)
Goal 78' Placeholder #523 Ülker Stadyumu Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Spor Komplek si
Attendance: 92

6 March 2020 /adv/ Adv icon.png 3–4 S4s icon.png /s4s/

Toaster Bath Goal 18'
Red Flags Goal 22'76'
Goal 51'90+0' Keksandra
Goal 67' Topkek
Goal 72' ses
Booked 82' Bavi
Attendance: 95

March 7th

7 March 2020 /gd/ Gd icon.png 3–0 Bant icon.png /bant/

Kerning Goal 21'31'
Minimalism Goal 64'
Attendance: 92

7 March 2020 /ck/ Ck icon.png 0–0 Wsg icon.png /wsg/

Estadio de Escorpião
Attendance: 110
Cock Clam Bukkake Missed
Surly King of the Egg Fort Scored
>Tasty Missed
Japanese Jigglecake Scored
Cast-Iron Skillet Missed
2–3 Scored Ricardo Milos
Scored To Be Continued
Missed Big Man Tyrone
Scored Why are you Gay?

  The Gundam Hammer Breasts Derby  
7 March 2020 /u/ U icon.png 0–2 M icon.png /m/

Goal 13' Alteisen Riese
Goal 44' Gridman
Sports Park
Attendance: 121

  Oekawaii Bowl  
7 March 2020 /i/ I icon.png 1–0 C icon.png /c/

No'Body Goal 10' Booked 72' Kongou Desu Anfield
Attendance: 118

7 March 2020 /tg/ Tg icon.png 1–1 D icon.png /d/

Swedish Musketeer Goal 59' Goal 13' H*nd H*lding
Booked 15' Mom!
Booked 59' Cuteanari
Booked 90+2' Stuck in the Wall
The Magial Realm
Attendance: 125
Doomrider Scored
Jace Scored
Mork or Gork Missed
The Book of Groodges Missed
2–4 Scored H*nd H*lding
Scored Monster Girl Encyclopedia
Scored No Cock Like Horsecock
Scored Futa/Alternative

7 March 2020 /mlp/ Mlp icon.png 1–0 An icon.png /an/

Best Pony Goal 76' Booked 39' Salt Lick
Booked 52' Therapy Horse
Sports Park
Attendance: 151

  Combine Fitness  
7 March 2020 /fit/ Fit icon.png 2–4 Sp icon.png /sp/

Oatz Goal 34'
>That 30 Years Old Boomer Goal 90+0'
Read the Fucking Sticky Booked 65'
Goal 6' Punished Messi
Goal 15' Gimi
Sports Park
Attendance: 117

  Corona Virus Bowl  
7 March 2020 /trv/ Trv icon.png 4–5 Pol icon.png /pol/

Real Traveller™ Goal 8'82'
Sex Tourist Goal 59'87'
I'm gay, if that matters Booked 50'
Goal 17'25'45+1' Epstein didn't Kill Himself
Goal 35'51' Boris Mad Lad Johnson
Booked 26' Hitler
Burg Stadion
Attendance: 114

March 8th

8 March 2020 /tv/ Tv icon.png 3–3 Vr icon.png /vr/

FOR YOU Goal 7'71'
Brendan Fraser Goal 36'
Goal 31'86' Doomguy
Goal 90+3' CRT
Camp Nou
Attendance: 101
However Missed
Brendan Fraser Scored
FOR YOU Scored
Real Human Being Scored
3–1 Missed Haggord
Scored Doomguy
Missed Powerglove

8 March 2020 /f/ F icon.png 4–8 A icon.png /a/
Note: 2-3-5 locked formation, perma +2, all sliders set to 10, Benuldies ON, ET OFF
Van Darkholme Goal 63'
DA HOOD Goal 67'70'81'
Goal 5'12' Truck-kun
Goal 25' Legendary Yamada Tae
Goal 42'86' SAIDO CHESTO
Goal 47'73' Cowboy Bebop
Goal 52' Yotsuba
Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 109

  The Ol' War Song  
8 March 2020 /k/ K icon.png 0–1 Mu icon.png /mu/
Note: Eggsdra dime OFF, Benuldies ON
Joint anthem in the /mu/ music export

Goal 84' MC Ride Sports Park
Attendance: 104

8 March 2020 /gd/ Gd icon.png 0–2 Diy icon.png /diy/

Goal 31' Shipping Containers
Goal 42' Bunker Anon
St. Jakob-Park
Attendance: 107

  Fucked up Doujins Bowl  
8 March 2020 /b/ B icon.png 3–1 D icon.png /d/
Note: PES crashed at 30:28, causing the match to be restarted and played on aggregate
▲ ▲ ▲ Goal 5'
#REKT Goal 33'88'
Goal 30' Monster Girl Encyclopedia Arena Corinthians
Attendance: 112

  The Pape Bowl  
8 March 2020 /w/ W icon.png 6–8 Wg icon.png /wg/
Note: +2 whole match, benuldies enabled if possible, waive texport rules: players intentionally have violating cards; both exports are tactically identical. /wg/ manager has uploaded on behalf of /w/ manager.
Joint anthem, closing anthem, and goal horn are in the /w/ music export. Use our respective goal horns when the joint horn runs out

Powerlevel Goal 24'56'82'
Kurimu Goal 26'
Waifu Walls Goal 55'65'
Goal 14'21' Cunt Destroyer
Goal 28'50' Descartes
Goal 34' Nudes
Goal 37'84' Boss Nigger
Goal 90+2' Helios
El Monumental
Attendance: 107

  The Chick Magnet Bowl  
8 March 2020 /cm/ Cm icon.png 1–2 Asp icon.png /asp/

Len-kun!!! Goal 32' Goal 23' Kwab
Goal 49' Undercarder
Burg Stadion
Attendance: 102

8 March 2020 /s4s/ S4s icon.png 1–2 Co icon.png /co/

Patrick Bateman Goal 90+0' Goal 42' Hope Corgi
Goal 75' Aku
Sports Park
Attendance: 101

March 13th

  Friday the 13th Bowl  
13 March 2020 /x/ X icon.png 1–3 Tv icon.png /tv/

/x/-tan Goal 73' Goal 8'43'63' FOR YOU Konami Stadium
Attendance: 112

  The Gays Derby  
13 March 2020 /cm/ Cm icon.png 1–1 Y icon.png /y/

Suicidal Hooni Goal 15'
Piggy on Ice Booked 33'
Goal 13' Traps Konami Stadium
Attendance: 104
Len-kun!!! Scored
Kaworu Nagisa Missed
Suicidal Hooni Missed
Lonely Gay NEET Missed
My Cute Idol Boys Have Unionized Scored
>tfw no alien fish bf Scored
Not Nude, Lewd Missed
3–4 Missed Yaranaika
Scored Gerudo Link
Missed Kawaii Neko ~*~
Scored My Husbando
Missed Bert is a "Friend"
Scored Drawfags
Scored Yankee Roommate

  Misclicking derby  
13 March 2020 /u/ U icon.png 1–3 V icon.png /v/

Purest Form of Love Goal 26'
Befriending Booked 44'
Goal 56' SANIC
Goal 86' Dante
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 114

  Vidya Bowl  
13 March 2020 /vg/ Vg icon.png 1–3 Vr icon.png /vr/

Git Gud Goal 3'
W I D E Booked 6'
King Harlaus Booked 35'
Goal 7'35'54' KIRBY'S FUCKING PISSED Konami Stadium
Attendance: 114

  Wack Ass Crystal Prison Bowl  
13 March 2020 /g/ G icon.png 1–1 T icon.png /t/

No Time for Love Goal 51' Goal 19' TPB
Booked 62' Welcome to my Klub
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 118
Install Gentoo Missed
Terry A. Davis Missed
Botnet Scored
No Time for Love Scored
Punished Stallman Scored
3–1 Missed TPB
Missed >uTorrent
Scored 50 Threads of Pure Japanese Titties
Missed Mixtapes

  World War I 2: Electric Boogaloo  
13 March 2020 /k/ K icon.png 1–2 His icon.png /his/
Note: Benuldies ON, ET OFF. Joint anthem and victory anthem in the /his/ audio export.
Hickok45 Goal 6'
Goal 24' Charles II
Goal 71' >Holy >Roman >Empire
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 114

  comfy voyage bowl  
13 March 2020 /n/ N icon.png 1–1 Trv icon.png /trv/

I Like Trains Goal 16'
>a circular runway Booked 13'
Memebike Booked 85'
Goal 63' Real Traveller™ Konami Stadium
Attendance: 117
I Like Trains Missed
Bepsi Missed
90's Rigid MTB Scored
Blimp Train Scored
Memebike Missed
2–1 Missed Real Traveller™
Missed Sex Tourist
Missed Is it safe?
Scored Couchsurfer Rapist
Missed Desperate Weeaboo

13 March 2020 /out/ Out icon.png 1–5 H icon.png /h/

Anon's Happy Floote Goal 50' Goal 7'75' Lightsaber Dick
Goal 11' Faceless Fatguy
Goal 27'55' Can't Beat the Cock
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 112

March 14th

14 March 2020 /h/ H icon.png 2–2 Jp icon.png /jp/

Lightsaber Dick Goal 45+1'63'
Blowjob Face Booked 41'
Goal 43' sage
Goal 85' Cirno
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 108
Can't Beat the Cock Scored
Lightsaber Dick Scored
Faceless Fatguy Missed
Liru Scored
Unwilling Elf Scored
4–5 Scored Cirno
Scored Get out of /jp/
Scored sage
Scored Japanese Bird
Scored Fumos

14 March 2020 /biz/ Biz icon.png 2–1 R9k icon.png /r9k/

BOGGED Goal 28'
Goal 64' Sadfrog Konami Stadium
Attendance: 134

  Deer Derby  
14 March 2020 /an/ An icon.png 2–1 K icon.png /k/
Note: Benuldies ON, ET OFF.
>outdoor cat Goal 38'52' Goal 48' Cheeki Breeki Konami Stadium
Attendance: 142

  Anamanaguchi Derby  
14 March 2020 /i/ I icon.png 2–2 Aco icon.png /aco/
Note: +1 the entire match and Benuldies if there is a draw
Bait-chan Goal 58'
Beardanon Goal 89'
Taking Requests Booked 16'
Midfield GF Booked 48'
/i/rene Booked 85'
Goal 18'62' Bowsette
Booked 29' >Zone
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 143
Midfield GF Missed
/i/rene Missed
Beardanon Missed
Bait-chan Scored
Minus8 Missed
1–2 Missed Bowsette
Missed Shygal
Scored Jenny Wakeman
Scored Demencia

  Purity Derby  
14 March 2020 /c/ C icon.png 1–1 U icon.png /u/

No Lewding Goal 80' Goal 49' Purest Form of Love
Booked 65' Feito-chan
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 163
Do it for Her Scored
Yui Scored
No Lewding Scored
Every Girl Best Girl Scored
4–1 Missed Homucifer
Scored Purest Form of Love
Missed Feito-chan
Scored Befriending

14 March 2020 /mlp/ Mlp icon.png 5–0 Pol icon.png /pol/

Jambo Anon Goal 33'54'77'
>rape Goal 52'
Best Zeeb Goal 62'
Racist Barn
Attendance: 225

  Not-Sports Derby  
14 March 2020 /sp/ Sp icon.png 1–1 Asp icon.png /asp/

Board Man Gets Paid Goal 59'
Tony Kornheiser Booked 25'
La Abominacion del Norde Booked 76'
Goal 64' Hollywood John Konami Stadium
Attendance: 146
Kobr Scored
Punished Messi Missed
My Boy JLingz... Scored
Tony Kornheiser Scored
4–3 Scored Undercarder
Missed KWAB
Scored Dimes
Scored Hollywood John
Missed DEAN
Missed Boomericho

  Seventeen Bowl  
14 March 2020 /cm/ Cm icon.png 3–5 N icon.png /n/

Kaworu Nagisa Goal 82'
>fujo's first husbando chart Goal 86'
Len-kun!!! Goal 90+0'
Goal 10' Memebike
Goal 48'66'90+1' Bepsi
Goal 87' I Like Trains
Booked 67' I Like Trains
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 116

March 15th

15 March 2020 /gd/ Gd icon.png 2–1 Fa icon.png /fa/

Glitch Art Goal 3'
Minimalism Goal 64'
Goal 82' Sleazecore Konami Stadium
Attendance: 100

15 March 2020 /a/ A icon.png 7–6 O icon.png /o/
Note: LOCKED 2-3-5, DOUBLE gegen forced, all 10 sliders, Perma +2, ET OFF, Benals ON
Yotsuba Goal 21'24'
Cowboy Bebop Goal 31'35'
SAIDO CHESTO Goal 73'90+0'
Truck-kun Goal 82'
Goal 22'41'75' Takumi
Goal 57'69' Miata
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 117

15 March 2020 /diy/ Diy icon.png 1–1 M icon.png /m/

Shipping Containers Goal 56' Goal 20' Alteisen Riese Konami Stadium
Attendance: 122
MacGyver Scored
Bunker Anon Scored
Shipping Containers Missed
Imitation Crab Meat Missed
Anonormale Scored
3–2 Missed Gridman
Missed Space Battleship Yamato
Scored Alteisen Riese
Scored Mazinger Z
Missed Alphonse

15 March 2020 /wsg/ Wsg icon.png 7–6 W icon.png /w/

Ricardo Milos Goal 4'
Big Man Tyrone Goal 14'42'86'
Dissin' your Flygirl Goal 68'
Duane Goal 90+2'90+4'
Goal 55'61'66'88' Powerlevel
Goal 76' IMT
Goal 84' >>>/wg/
Booked 89' Anotehr Holo Thread
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 121

15 March 2020 /fit/ Fit icon.png 1–4 R9k icon.png /r9k/

Zyzz Goal 23' Goal 6'45+0' Plagued Guangzhou Kid (a city in China)
Goal 42' Sadfrog
Goal 66' Elliot Rodger
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 120

15 March 2020 /vp/ Vp icon.png 2–1 Vg icon.png /vg/

Fug Goal 14'
Citizen Snips Goal 80'
Goal 86' Hope Konami Stadium
Attendance: 117

15 March 2020 /tg/ Tg icon.png 5–7 Out icon.png /out/
Note: glass cannon match, keepers must have lowest stats, 7 bears forward
Jace Goal 20'85'90+2'
Geopooper Scored 35'
Doomrider Goal 89'
Goal 10'14'68'84' Smokey the Bear
Goal 44'59' Anon's Happy Floote
Goal 53' Want Some Chips
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 121

  Segata Sanshiro's Memorial Derby  
15 March 2020 /vr/ Vr icon.png 1–1 F icon.png /f/

Powerglove Goal 64' Goal 24' DA HOOD Konami Stadium
Attendance: 106
Doomguy Missed
Powerglove Scored
CRT Scored
Haggord Missed
2–3 Scored DA HOOD
Scored Lolicatgirls
Scored ~~~Osaka
Missed EDDIE!

March 20th

  No Mercy Derby  
20 March 2020 /asp/ Asp icon.png 1–1 V icon.png /v/

Hollywood John Goal 6' Goal 21' SANIC The Sand Casino
Attendance: 85
Undercarder Scored
KWAB Scored
Dimes Missed
Hollywood John Scored
Dean Missed
Vacant Scored
Tarps Scored
Paul Levesque Scored
6–5 Scored Todd Howard
Missed SANIC
Scored Dante
Scored Loss.jpg
Missed JC Denton
Scored Mr. Bones
Scored No Way Fag
Missed Bing Bing Wahoo

  Gachi Bowl  
20 March 2020 /jp/ Jp icon.png 1–1 Y icon.png /y/

Fumos Goal 41'
Cirno Booked 84'
Goal 49' Gerudo Link
Booked 66' Sea Turtle
Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 92
Cirno Scored
Get out of /jp/ Missed
sage Scored
Japanese Bird Scored
3–1 Scored My Husbando
Missed Kawaii Neko
Missed Gerudo Link
Missed Yaranaika

  /b//adv/ibes Bowl  
20 March 2020 /b/ B icon.png 1–6 Adv icon.png /adv/
Note: N O O S E B A L L O N
▲ ▲ ▲ Goal 4'
Delicious Loli Booked 74'
Goal 23'37' Suicide
Goal 42' Toaster Bath
Goal 58'61'76' Femanon
Booked 81' >Tinder
San Siro
Attendance: 101

20 March 2020 /tg/ Tg icon.png 1–1 His icon.png /his/

Doomrider Goal 79' Goal 17' Charles II
Booked 82' Bismarck
Attendance: 100
Jace Scored
Doomrider Scored
Mork or Gork Missed
The Book of Groodges Missed
Tankred Missed
2–3 Missed >Holy>Roman>Empire
Scored Charles II
Scored Bomber Harris
Missed Gaius & Aulus
Scored 9th Battle of the Isonzo

20 March 2020 /vp/ Vp icon.png 2–4 Wsg icon.png /wsg/

Citizen Snips Goal 9'90+1'
Masuda Booked 66'
Goal 45+1'65' Ricardo Milos
Goal 70'82' To Be Continued
Estadio de Escorpiao
Attendance: 103

20 March 2020 /n/ N icon.png 1–4 P icon.png /p/

F40PH Goal 52'
F40PH Booked 47'
Goal 40' Fuck with the Sliders
Goal 66' Ken Rockwell
Goal 80' Gearfag
Goal 89' 8 Years of Globetrotting in the Trash
Booked 76' Film General Thread
Booked 90+3' Fuck with the Sliders
Attendance: 92

20 March 2020 /ck/ Ck icon.png 1–3 Gif icon.png /gif/

Cock Clam Bukkake Goal 86'
Big~ Meaty~ Sausage~ Booked 74'
Goal 28'83' The Goose is Loose
Goal 75' Savior of /gif/
Attendance: 87

  /urbex/ derby  
20 March 2020 /trv/ Trv icon.png 7–2 X icon.png /x/

Denied Visa Goal 22'45+2'90+0'
Is it safe??? Goal 26'36'
Real Explorer™ Goal 57'80'
Goal 29' Goatman
Goal 81' /x/-tan
Attendance: 89

March 21st

  The East vs West Lewdoff  
21 March 2020 /h/ H icon.png 2–2 Aco icon.png /aco/

Lightsaber Dick Goal 48'56' Goal 71' Bowsette
Goal 84' Shygal
Red card 80' Late Brexit
Attendance: 128
Can't Beat the Cock Scored
Lightsaber Dick Scored
Faceless Fatguy Missed
Stopman Scored
License to Fuck Scored
Delicious Flat Chest Scored
5–4 Missed Bowsette
Missed Shygal
Scored Demencia
Scored Jenny Wakeman
Scored Buenos Dias, Mandy
Scored >Cutesexyrobutt
Missed Chad Shad

21 March 2020 /jp/ Jp icon.png 2–3 D icon.png /d/

Cirno Goal 4'26' Goal 6' Monster Girl Encyclopedia
Goal 59'82' H*nd H*lding
Booked 43' No Cock Like Horsecock
San Siro
Attendance: 139

21 March 2020 /c/ C icon.png 1–2 Vg icon.png /vg/

Yui Goal 32' Goal 19'88' Git Gud
Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 151

  Lonely Driver's Derby  
21 March 2020 /o/ O icon.png 1–1 R9k icon.png /r9k/

Takumi Goal 56' Goal 88' Plagued Guangzhou Kid (a city in china) KONAMI Stadium
Attendance: 172
Takumi Scored
Twingo Scored
WAT Racing Missed
Miata Scored
Black Ice Tree Scored
4–2 Missed Elliot Rodger
Missed Plagued Guangzhou Kid (a city in china)
Scored Sadfrog
Scored Kissless Hugless Handholdless Eye-Contactless

21 March 2020 /mlp/ Mlp icon.png 6–5 Mu icon.png /mu/

Best Pony Goal 3'
>rape Goal 15'27'80'
I Want to Come Inside Rainbow Dash Goal 73'
Good as Hell Goal 78'
Best Pony Booked 29'
Goal 30' Yeezus
Goal 44'60' Jeff Mangum
Goal 84' MC Ride
Goal 86' Talentless Hack
Booked 36' Viper the Rapper
Cirrus Maximus
Attendance: 207

21 March 2020 /toy/ Toy icon.png 3–2 I icon.png /i/

Danbo Goal 8'26'71' Goal 18' Nikki
Goal 69' Bait-chan
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 140

21 March 2020 /co/ Co icon.png 2–2 Ck icon.png /ck/

Doom Goal 56'68' Goal 10' Juicy Morsel
Goal 13' Eggplant Emoji
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 136
Aku Scored
Doom Missed
Hope Corgi Missed
/co/lette Scored
Gaston Scored
3–1 Scored Juicy Morsel
Missed Cock Clam Bukkake
Missed Surly King of the Cock Fort
Missed Eggplant Emoji

21 March 2020 /adv/ Adv icon.png 4–1 Fit icon.png /fit/

Toaster Bath Goal 12'
Suicide Goal 31'41'82'
Depression Booked 77'
Goal 28' Gigachad
Booked 3' Rich Piana
Booked 20' Jeff Cavaliere
Booked 88' Gigachad
Booked 89' Squat Rack Cringe
Advice Dog Arena
Attendance: 126

March 22nd  
22 March 2020 /fa/ Fa icon.png 3–2 Mu icon.png /mu/
Note: ET off
Benuldies on

Rick Owens Goal 14'60'78' Goal 26'69' MC Ride KONAMI Stadium
Attendance: 114

  Science vs Engineering  
22 March 2020 /diy/ Diy icon.png 5–0 Sci icon.png /sci/

Shipping Containers Goal 5'74'
MacGyver Goal 14'44'
Bunker Anon Goal 85'
PES League Stadium
Attendance: 116

  Lambo Derby  
22 March 2020 /o/ O icon.png 5–1 Biz icon.png /biz/

God Machine Goal 29'41'
Takumi Goal 45+1'
Miata Goal 61'
>another fucking crossover Goal 68'
>another fucking crossover Booked 57'
Shitbox Booked 83'
Booked 28' Monkey Skeleton 2.0
PES League Stadium
Attendance: 127

22 March 2020 /a/ A icon.png 7–10 X icon.png /x/
Note: 235 locked, perma +2, all 10 sliders, all eldrich abominations forward, no ET, Benals only
Cowboy Bebop Goal 7'22'90+1'
Semen Demon Goal 44'
Yotsuba Goal 45+2'58'
Goal 9' This Man
Goal 21'60'72'80'87' Christ Cuck
Goal 36' The Grey
Goal 56'65'90+2' /x/-tan
Booked 43' Self-Induced Mental Illness
Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 136

22 March 2020 /m/ M icon.png 2–2 V icon.png /v/

Gridman Goal 10'
Space Battleship Yamato Goal 37'
Goal 42' SANIC
San Siro
Attendance: 123
Gridman Scored
Space Battleship Yamato Scored
Alteisen Riese Scored
Mazinger Z Missed
Godmars Missed
3–4 Scored Todd Howard
Scored SANIC
Scored Dante
Missed Loss.jpg
Scored No Way Fag

22 March 2020 /f/ F icon.png 2–1 Y icon.png /y/

Lolicatgirls Goal 47'
Drawfags Scored 76'
Goal 88' My Husbando San Siro
Attendance: 121

  Is Pokemon Training a Sport?  
22 March 2020 /sp/ Sp icon.png 2–0 Vp icon.png /vp/

Punished Messi Goal 45+2'68' Booked 9' OMP OMP OMP Sports Park
Attendance: 124

  Bog Bowl  
22 March 2020 /biz/ Biz icon.png 4–1 Pol icon.png /pol/

Sminem Goal 34'83'
Punished Prophecy Goal 58'
Goal 72' Epstein didn't Kill Himself Sports Park
Attendance: 137